Candles from rectal fissures

According to the instructions for use, the drug Methyluracil for hemorrhoids is aimed at rapid recovery of the affected rectal lesions.

Moreover, due to the wide therapeutic spectrum of action, candles with Methyluracil can be used to treat all kinds of rectal pathologies, such as fissure in the anus, constipation and

It should be noted that with the running form of hemorrhoids, the image of which can be viewed on numerous photo reports of doctors, Methyluracil rectal suppositories can not only simplify the process of defecation, but also remove the inflammatory process.

According to statistics, more than 55% of adults today suffer from all kinds of proctologic diseases, therefore, the use of various medications, such as candles for hemorrhoids with methyluracil, should be given special attention and this issue of treatment should be considered as thoroughly as possible.

The basis of the composition of candles with Methyluracil includes the substance methyluracil at a dosage of 0.5 g. Paraffin, macrogop and alcohols act as additional ingredients in this preparation.

Candles from rectal fissures

Release form

To date, three forms of release of this drug are on sale:

  1. Methyluracil rectal suppositories. One package contains 10 suppositories.
  2. Ointment on 25 g, is presented in aluminum tubes.
  3. Oral tablets of 50 pcs. in one pack.

The price of these funds depends on the specific form of release of the drug, its dosage and place of sale.

pharmachologic effect

According to the reviews of doctors and instructions, candles with Methyluracil belong to the group of regenerating drugs. Thus, this drug has a pronounced healing, antiseptic and analgesic therapeutic effects. Immediately after penetration into the mucous membrane, the drug enhances the process of cell division, thereby achieving a pronounced regenerating effect.

This, in turn, leads to the rapid healing of cracks and wounds in the intestine, as well as preservation from further bacterial damage to hemorrhoids. It is important to note that the use of Methyluracil in gynecology for cystitis and cervical erosion effectively removes the inflammatory process. Also, the drug affects the metabolism in the body, improving it and providing anabolic activity. Due to the activation of protective cellular mechanisms and rapid exposure, the drug has a pronounced analgesic effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

In the blood, the active substance of this drug is detected only an hour after the administration of the suppository. The period of complete removal of the drug from the body on average takes one day. At the same time, Methyluracil is excreted by the kidneys and feces. It is characteristic that such candles have a rather high degree of absorption in the mucous layer of the intestine. The drug reaches its highest blood concentration two hours after application.

It should be noted that regular use of this drug improves the patient’s general well-being, and also strengthens his immunity, due to which a person becomes less susceptible to defeat by various infectious diseases. Moreover, with complex treatment of hemorrhoids, it is possible to completely stop rectal bleeding and get rid of pain during a bowel movement.

Candles Methyluracil: indications for use

Methyluracil suppositories, the indications for use of which are described in the instructions for the preparation, can be used to treat various proctological problems. At the same time, these suppositories will be effective and will have a pronounced therapeutic effect in both acute and chronic diseases in humans.

Unlike ointments, Methyluracil suppositories, the indications for which are quite diverse, can be used in the following cases:

  1. Exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids.
  2. Anal fissures.
  3. Mechanical damage to the rectum, which can occur during anal sex, enema, bowel surgery, or an incorrect diagnostic procedure.
  4. Inflammation of the rectum, which arose after prolonged constipation and digestive disorders.
  5. Exacerbation of hemorrhoids after childbirth.
  6. Inflammation of the rectum due to the influence of bad habits or unhealthy diet.

Candles Methyluracil rather quickly reduces pain in a person, thereby returning the patient to a normal mode of life. Indications for use of these candles can be described in more detail by the attending physician.

This drug can be used only after the resolution of the observing proctologist, because the wrong dosage of the drug can lead to the development of a number of side effects.


Unfortunately, not all patients can use this drug on themselves, since such candles have several important contraindications, the violation of which can lead to a deterioration of the human condition.

There are the following contraindications to the use of suppositories with Methyluracil:

  1. Acute allergic reactions in humans.
  2. Individual intolerance by the patient of active substances of the drug, which can cause him a number of side effects.
  3. Oncological pathology.
  4. Children age up to three years (in this state, the pediatrician must choose a drug approved for children in the form of suppositories for a small patient).

Side effects

As a rule, this medicine is well tolerated by patients and rarely when it provokes undesirable side effects.

Despite this, the drug can cause the following reactions:

  1. Itching and burning in the anal passage.
  2. Redness and rash, which will occur in the form of an allergic reaction.
  3. Dizziness.

If any of the above side effects occur, the patient should stop treatment and consult a doctor. In turn, a specialist can reduce the dosage of suppositories or replace the drug analogue.


According to the observations of doctors, overdose cases of this medicine are very rare. Due to the low toxicity of these suppositories rarely provoke allergic reactions and other negative effects. If a person has used more than five suppositories per day and now feels the negative effects of this, he is recommended to take an enema, take a sorbent and consult a doctor.


Clinical trials on the interaction of Methyluracil with other drugs have not yet been conducted, therefore, information on the combination of such suppositories with additional drugs has not yet been presented.

Methyluracil (candles): instructions for use for hemorrhoids and other diseases

Use Methyluracil candles, instructions for which describes in detail the indications for reception, it is necessary only after permission of the doctor. At the same time, these suppositories and often the analogues of the drug are introduced not only into the rectum, but also into the vagina in women in order to get rid of a number of inflammatory gynecological diseases.

In proctology for the treatment of hemorrhoids suppository, Methyluracil should be used after a bowel movement process or an oil enema. To properly carry out such an enema, you need to collect 20 ml of vegetable oil in a small pear for an enema, oil the tip of the pear and inject it into the anus.

After pressing the pear, oil will enter the intestine, which will simplify and speed up the process of defecation. Next, a person needs to wash the anus and dry it with a clean cloth. After that, you need to take a recumbent position, wet your finger and insert a candle in the anus. For 30 minutes after the procedure, the patient is recommended to lie down. You can wear underwear, which is not a pity to get dirty, because part of the suppository can leak out and contaminate the fabric.

For adults, the dosage is three candles per day. The duration of therapy should be from ten to fourteen days. Children. Apply Methyluracil candles, instructions for which includes the dosage of the drug for children need after the permission of the doctor. The standard daily dosage is half a candle per day for children from three to eight years old and 1 candle per day for children from 8 to 14 years old. The duration of treatment should be determined by the doctor.

During pregnancy and lactation

Women during pregnancy can use the standard adult dosage of these suppositories, since the drug is approved for use during the period of gestation. It does not cause any harm to the fetus.

In the event that the exacerbation of hemorrhoids in a woman is accompanied by severe pain or bleeding, she is recommended to carry out therapy with Methyluracil under medical supervision.

Candles with Methyluracil: price, storage conditions, analogues

Today, you can buy candles with Methyluracil, the price of which is not very high, without a prescription from a doctor. Despite this, this drug should be used very carefully, strictly following all the provisions of the instructions.

Storage conditions

Candles with Methyluracil, the price of which depends largely on the place of sale, should be stored in a ventilated room, away from sunlight. The optimal storage temperature of the drug is 22-25 degrees Celsius.

Shelf life

The manufacturer indicates that the drug can be saved no longer than two years from the date written on the package. After this, the medicine may lose its healing properties.

special instructions

Candles with Methyluracil, the price of which may vary depending on the number of suppositories in a package, cannot be used after the expiration date. Also during therapy, it is important to abandon driving vehicles, because the drug can cause dizziness.

Methyluracil has a fairly large number of analogs with a similar composition and therapeutic effect. The most effective means among them are candles Galavit, tablets Vitan, Estiphan and suppositories Proktosedil.

To better understand how effective these candles are for treating hemorrhoids, let us give feedback from those patients who have already tried them on themselves:

  1. Anna: “I suffered from an exacerbation of hemorrhoids after the birth of a child. Because of severe pain and bleeding, every act of defecation was a real torment for me. Fortunately, I turned to a proctologist, who recommended that I use suppositories with Methyluracil. After a week of treatment, I noticed significant improvements, because the pain was gone, and the inflammation decreased. At the end of therapy, I was able to completely restore the normal functioning of the rectum. ”
  2. Valeria: “For the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures, I tried more than a dozen different drugs. One of the most effective seemed to me the tool Methyluracil in the form of candles. With it, I quickly eliminated pain, burning and inflammation. Now, with every exacerbation of hemorrhoids, I will use only this drug, since it really works and is not expensive. ”
  3. Michael: “By prescription, I started treatment with methyluracil suppositories. While everyone is happy, as the drug gently affects the intestine and does not cause side effects. The only thing I don’t like is the marks on the linen left by the melted candles. ”

Price where to buy

You can purchase this drug today at almost any pharmacy, online store, or request delivery for an order from the manufacturer. The price of such candles depends on the number of suppositories. Thus, on average, for 10 pcs. you must pay 85 rubles.

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