Candles from cracks in the rectum

Many diseases require complex and long-term treatment, sometimes surgery. At the present time there are many options for drugs, which are available in the form of capsules, tablets, injections, ointments, sprays, suppositories, etc., which have a corresponding effect on one or another disease. Methyluracil candles – a type of therapeutic drug that is used as a treatment for many ailments, in particular, for the treatment of proctological diseases.

Methyluracil candles, instructions for use

Methyluracil candles. Rectal

Candles have an effective effect in restoring and renewing the cell structure. Thanks to the use of the drug, wound healing is accelerated several times, the protective functions of cells and tissues increase.

Candles have anti-inflammatory effects. The drug is a stimulator of leukopoiesis, as it is able to form white blood cells and red blood cells. The form of release of the drug – candles, which have a white or cream shade. Medications such as Metacil, Kolartek, Stizamet, Meturakol can be used as substitutes. Prescribed drug treatment for such diseases:

  • burns
  • fractures
  • radiation injuries
  • ulcer diseases
  • leukopenia
  • intoxication
  • ulcers and inflammatory processes that develop in the colon.

Candles are not only an effective drug, but also prophylactic. With its use, various injuries and infections of the genital organs in women are treated. Treatment with this medication has a limitation in prescription, which applies to patients suffering from certain types of leukemic disease.

The effectiveness of the drug, its rapid action and the elimination of the cause of the disease has been proven on the real experience of many patients.

Candles are contraindicated in patients with diseases of the bone marrow, malignant tumors of the CTA, who suffer from intolerance to one of the components of the drug, including methyluracil. To date, data on the use of candles for pregnant women and nursing mothers is not, therefore, during this period, it is desirable to refrain from using them or use only as directed by the attending physician.

What can be dangerous, and at what dose they are best used

Methyluracil 10 ointment 25g

On the negative effects of the drug has not yet been heard, so the conclusion is obvious – suppositories are well tolerated. Side effects, though observed, but very rarely and in minor manifestations. Among the few symptoms of a side effect of a medicine, it is possible to single out: dizziness, skin reactions, in the form of a rash on the skin and itching.

While using candles, the patient may feel a slight burning sensation. If similar symptoms are observed, it is better to stop taking the medicine and find a medicine that has a similar effect on the cause of the disease. The tool can be purchased at any pharmacy, because it is sold without the requirement of a prescription. But, despite the fact that there are no restrictions regarding the sale of the drug in pharmacies, it is better to refrain from self-treatment and first pass the appropriate examination by a doctor.

As stated in the instructions, the drug is intended for rectal use. Depending on the age of the patient, a dose of medication is prescribed. Adults are prescribed rectal procedures about 4 times a day using one suppository. Patients in adolescence from 8 to 15 years are prescribed one procedure per day using one candle, children from 3 to 8 years are prescribed one procedure per day using half a candle (0.5).

Application in gynecology

Due to their effective action, they are widely used in gynecology, for the prevention and treatment of various gynecological diseases in women. Candles are prescribed, both rectally and vaginally. They contain the main active ingredient – methyluracil, as well as additional components – alcohol, macrogol and paraffin.

The tool is used as an additional drug for the treatment of diseases such as cervical erosion. Due to the fact that the drug has a fast healing effect, it is prescribed for mechanical injuries of the cervix and vagina. Patients who have undergone surgery. Candles are prescribed in order to avoid infectious lesions and inflammatory diseases.

It should be remembered that treatment should be carried out only under the strict supervision of the attending physician. He should also prescribe a dose of medication per day and the duration of medication treatment. Preferably, before inserting the suppository into the vagina, perform a douching procedure. To do this, use a not too strong solution prepared from baking soda and warm water or medicinal plants such as chamomile, string.

Candles from cracks in the rectum

During the period of menstruation from the use of the drug must be abandoned.

The effectiveness of application in the field of gynecology has been proven by many women who have undergone successful treatment.

How to use the drug in proctology

The drug can be purchased at almost any pharmacy

It would not be superfluous to say that in addition to the treatment of gynecological diseases with the help of candles, diseases in the field of proctology are effectively treated. Most often they are used for hemorrhoids, sometimes for the treatment of colitis, erosive and ulcerative nature, damage to the colon and sigmoid colon.

With the help of candles, injuries and anal fissures, colpitis, rectitis, inflammatory processes of the rectum are treated. The dose of the drug is determined by the attending physician, starting from the patient’s age and the nature of the disease. It is necessary to know that the use of candles is permissible in childhood.

An adult dose consists of taking two candles three times a day, adolescents from 8 to 15 years old are prescribed one candle once a day, children from 3 years and up to 8 are given half a candle once a day. Before conducting the procedure of inserting a candle in the anus, the patient must be emptied, or an enema to clean the intestines. For greater efficacy of the drug immediately after its introduction, the patient should lie down for a few minutes, thereby allowing the candles, completely dissolved and absorbed.

Using the drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids, you can quickly get rid of the disease, which causes a lot of anxiety.

Based on all the positive properties and characteristics, it can be said that they have proven themselves as the main therapeutic, auxiliary and prophylactic agent. They are prescribed to eliminate inflammatory and erosive processes, to treat injuries and many gynecological diseases.

Moreover, the drug is practically safe to use, has no side effects and is well tolerated by patients. The main advantage of the therapeutic drug among other medicines, in addition to its effectiveness, is considered to be a low and affordable price.

It will not be superfluous to remind once again about the causes of the development of such a disease as hemorrhoids. Watch the thematic video:

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