Candles for the treatment of thrush

Diseases of the reproductive system in women are always associated with the risk of infertility, which is why it is important to start treatment in time when there is the slightest suspicion of the development of the urinary system disease.

Candles for the treatment of thrush

Thrush is considered the most common inflammatory disease of the reproductive system. The disease has another name candidiasis – a fungal infection caused by yeast-like microscopic fungi of the Candida family.

Reasons for provoking the disease include a decrease in immunity, an imbalance in the vaginal microflora, medications that have a side effect. As a result, the pathogenic flora multiplies, the mucous membrane of the vagina becomes inflamed, and the symptoms of thrush appear.

The patient experiences painful feelings during intercourse, discomfort, burning, itching and heaviness in the lower abdomen. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to pass a smear on the flora to determine the causative agent of infection.

Possible co-infections occurring against the background of candidiasis. These include chlamydia, trichomonads, gardnerella, bacteroids, fuzobakterii and

How to treat vaginal candidiasis? There are three directions:

  • elimination of negative factors;
  • treatment with antifungal agents;
  • restoration of microflora.

For the treatment of vaginal candidiasis, use pills, suppositories, creams – a list of names, as well as how much specific medicines cost, is presented just below.

The best candles from thrush: effective and inexpensive

Let’s take a closer look at which candles from thrush are the cheapest, but at the same time effectively cope with their task. Before using any medication for thrush consult your doctor, as the drugs have contraindications and side effects!

Candles for the treatment of thrush

Inexpensive, but at the same time effective candles from thrush, because fungi are sensitive to the active components of this drug. Destroys fungi, but is not active against viruses and bacteria. It is used in chronic form and has no side effects. The cost of the drug is low. Contraindications – pancreatitis, pregnancy and liver problems. However, the disadvantage is that the normal microflora is suppressed and its restoration is required (see nystatin – instructions for use). Price: from 50,00 rub.

Candles Pimafucin

Price 460.00 rub. A rather effective remedy against thrush recommended for pregnant women, since it does not pose a threat to the health of the woman and the unborn child. The tool is quite expensive. The components of the product are not absorbed into the blood; therefore, it is safer to use. The feedback is mostly positive.

The tool perfectly helps patients who are sick for the first time and do not have a chronic form. This remedy is effective and does not cause allergies. Price: from 450,00 rub.

Effective remedy for the fight against candidiasis, has a large amplitude of action, eliminates the infection in a short time. Not recommended for pregnant women, because it affects the fetus badly. Price: from 250,00 rub.

The preparation contains povidone, iodine, which has an antimycotic effect on the infectious agent. Apply during menstruation in the event of candidiasis, as well as successfully used for obstetric interventions and prophylactic purposes. Price: from 350,00 rub.

The drug is combined with nystatin. A high result is achieved in the case of treatment of both partners, and at the time of treatment it is better to refuse sexual intercourse. Price: from 650,00 rub.

Gino – Dactanol

Candles affect only harmful microorganisms, without disturbing the natural background of the microflora. An effective remedy that eliminates the repetition of the disease.


It is used to treat not only thrush, but also other infections. A popular drug, however, has the disadvantage of side effects. These include headache, decreased libido, dizziness, nausea. The course of therapy should not be more than five days. Pregnancy is a contraindication, since the drug has a negative effect on the unborn child. Price 399 rubles.

The drug eliminates candida quickly enough, has no side effect. It is not recommended to take alcohol during treatment, otherwise the result of treatment is reduced.

Gino – herbal agent

Candles have an active action not only against fungal, as well as viral infections. Well tolerated, has no side effects.

It is recommended for use in pregnant women, as it does not cause side effects and is easily tolerated by patients. This remedy is effective in the case when several infections are found at once. Price from


Inexpensive and very effective candles from thrush according to many patients gynecologists. Women note a significant allergic reaction from the use of these candles. But the drug is effective because it kills not only the fungi that provoke thrush, but also many other bacteria and microorganisms. Clotrimazole tablets are considered more effective – it is a substitute for candles. Price 49,00 rub.


An effective drug, but not widely used because it has a number of side effects on the body. The average price of 350 rubles.


It is used to treat chronic thrush. Occasionally there are unpleasant side effects in the form of dizziness, bowel disorder, skin rashes. Exceptionally copes with the disease. May be used by pregnant women. The drug is used up to 6-7 days. Price 34,00 rub.


Candles from thrush are best used at night, then they turn into a therapeutic mass of soft consistency. During the treatment process, it is better to avoid sexual contact. During the period of menstruation, not all suppositories can be used, but only those recommended by the doctor. The gynecologist makes a decision and chooses the tactics of treatment depending on the age, degree and form of the disease.

Candles for the treatment of thrush

Symptoms of thrush in women are quickly eliminated with adequate treatment. In order for the disease not to become chronic, it is necessary to properly cure as much as the instruction requires and advises the doctor. Otherwise, the microbes quickly adapt and become accustomed to the active substance of the drug.

In complex treatment, syringing with ordinary soda is effective. For this procedure, necessary pear-syringe. It is sterilized, it is better to boil the pear.

Water at room temperature of approximately 250 ml is prepared in advance. A solution of soda (1 teaspoon per glass of water) must be introduced into the vagina for 15 minutes, while lying in a horizontal position. Before douching, consult a gynecologist.

The prognosis is favorable, subject to the rules of hygiene and doctor’s recommendations. It is known that thrush develops with adverse factors. These include hypothermia, vitamin deficiency, weakening of the body, improper compliance with sanitary hygiene rules.

To exclude the appearance of candidiasis, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to increase the protective functions of the body and the genitourinary system with the help of immunomodulating agents.

They do not recommend changing partners, because the microflora each time adapts to new conditions, the protective functions of the reproductive system are reduced and there is no barrier to infections. With sexual hygiene, you can use ordinary tar soap. This is a natural product to get rid of the manifestation of the disease!

Which doctor to contact for treatment?

If, after reading the article, you assume that you have symptoms characteristic of this disease, then you should consult a gynecologist for advice.

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