Candles for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

What kind of candles for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases to choose. Currently, there are many medications on the pharmacology market. An honest review of popular remedies for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases!


Candles for chlamydia: what to choose for this disease?

Chlamydia is a venereal pathology, which is accompanied by purulent and slimy discharge from the vagina. It is possible to treat this disease, including with the help of special suppositories, which have a fairly rapid effect.

Candles for sexually transmitted diseases – is the main method of therapy.

What to choose with this pathology? At the moment there are a lot of drugs on the pharmacology market (for example, Hexicon, Betadine, etc.). The exact remedy is chosen by the venereologist, taking into account the names of pathogens and the individual characteristics of your body.

Candles for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Chlamydia are parasites that you need to get rid of!

Pathology is transmitted sexually, and parasites can seriously affect male and female health. Untreated venereal disease leads to serious complications, including infertility. That is why at the first symptoms of chlamydia, it is important to turn to a venereologist, who, after diagnosis, will prescribe an effective treatment for you. You should not try to cure the indisposition yourself, in this case, you can make the parasites insensitive to one or another medicine, which means the treatment will become much more complicated. Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases at home should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist!

Chlamydia Candle Species

The most common type of suppository is vaginal, but sometimes the rectal version is also released. The first type is prescribed for the detection of pathology in female patients, the second can be used by both women and men. In addition, candles are divided depending on their pharmacodynamic action. There are drugs with antiseptic effect.

Such drugs slow down the development of parasites, and also prevent the emergence of new ones. Another option – drugs with immunomodulatory effects. These suppositories are aimed at activating the immune system, to increase the body’s ability to resist such pathogens. In most cases, specialists prescribe at the same time two types of drugs that are taken together to achieve maximum results.

The names of popular chlamydia candles

Can venereal diseases be cured?

In identifying this diagnosis, the body must be cleaned from pathogens and bacteria. Otherwise, there may be complications of the reproductive system, such as endometriosis, infertility, problems with potency in men and so on. Pathology, which has assumed a chronic form, is difficult to treat. In addition, you will be a peddler of the disease, so chlamydia is a danger to others. Cure pathology is important

Candles for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Betadine: features of the drug

Such suppositories are an antiseptic drug, which has antifungal and antiparasitic effect. Suppositories are effective in the treatment of pathologies that are sexually transmitted, in addition, the tool is often used before surgery for antiseptic purposes.

The composition of this drug does not include harmful components, so the tool has practically no contraindications, with the exception of hypersensitivity to the components. In addition, suppositories should not be used in the pathologies of the thyroid gland, as well as in renal failure. During pregnancy, treatment with this medication is discussed with the doctor on an individual basis.

The scheme of use of such drugs

The exact scheme is set individually, depending on the characteristics of the organism and the stage of the disease, but in most cases the drug is administered every day for a week or longer. If there is no improvement during this time, another medicine is prescribed.

Candles for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases

Instructions for use of the drug

Suppositories are introduced vaginally or rectally after preliminary hygienic procedures (the introduction process is painless, the medicine will quickly dissolve upon contact with the mucous membrane). It is advisable to carry out such a procedure at night.

During the period of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse, as this may aggravate the condition and slow recovery.

Remember that the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in men and women includes thorough sexual hygiene, as well as the use of personal protective equipment for casual sex.

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