Can I drink water before giving blood from a vein

Is it possible to drink water before donating blood – this is the question asked by the overwhelming majority of citizens who are to take this test. At the same time, only a few of them know the objective and reliable information about preparing for blood tests, and the information received from the attending physician is too general.

Preparation for the analysis

This type of analysis is a collection of a limited amount of blood for chemical analysis of its composition. According to the purpose of the study, blood tests are of the following types:

  • biochemical research (biochemistry) – allows you to assess the work of the internal organs of a person, the state of metabolism;
  • general blood analysis;
  • research on sugar – allows you to determine the level of glucose in the blood, which is a decisive indicator in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. Check out current regulations here. If you suspect you have diabetes, we recommend that you study the main signs and symptoms of the disease.

The general rule that every attending physician is obliged to bring to the patient before issuing a referral, states that it is necessary to pass tests on an empty stomach. This implies that before a blood test you can not use any food products, so as not to cause a chemical reaction of metabolism that affects the chemical composition of blood.

To comply with the fasting test rule, the attending physician will always clarify how much you cannot eat and what you can do when preparing for blood collection. Questions “why not” and whether it is possible to drink water, as a rule, are not asked.

Can I drink water before giving blood from a vein

We define the basic rules before donating blood from a vein and from a finger. It is strictly forbidden to use any kind of food, the last meal should be no later than 8-12 hours before blood collection. It is such a period of time that the complete process of assimilation of food takes, after which the chemical composition of the blood comes to its normal state.

This rule also applies to biochemical blood analysis, and the minimum time interval after a meal cannot be less than 8 hours.

Can I drink water before giving blood from a vein

In practice, the attending physician recommends limiting food intake the night before the test. This period of time will be at least 8 hours, and ideally 12 hours. This time is quite enough to bring the state of the blood into a state that allows an objective assessment of the functional state of the body and metabolism.

To prepare for the general blood test, there is a relief regarding the time of meals – the minimum time interval should not be more than 1-2 hours, and the composition of the products should also correspond to the instructions of the attending physician.

When preparing for the blood collection, any food products containing nutrients are excluded. These products even include fruit juices, tea and coffee, so you should forget about doubts whether you can drink tea or coffee once and for all. Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden 1-2 days before the intended blood test, since the residual alcohol content in the blood lasts longer than the nutrients of food.

Is it possible to drink water before taking blood

One question remains – is it possible to drink regular drinking water when you donate blood? Medicine does not contain any prohibitions regarding the use of pure water, since its chemical composition is not able to directly affect the blood test.

We are talking about ordinary drinking water, not enriched with additional ingredients (artificial sweeteners, dyes and

Moreover, some doctors even recommend that you take a limited amount of water with you to the laboratory, since taking it before taking blood allows you to calm the patient’s condition and relieve from excessive nervousness. In the reminder that patients receive before sending for tests, they usually do not write about the use of water, limited to the list of foods and beverages whose use is strictly prohibited.

However, there are certain types of blood tests for which it is forbidden to drink even plain water. Such analyzes include:

  • blood chemistry;
  • blood test for hormones;
  • blood test for AIDS or HIV infection.

This requirement is due to the inadmissibility of even the slightest influence of extraneous factors on the state of the blood for these tests. Water consists of chemical elements, and therefore, theoretically, it can create an error in the study of biochemical or hormonal parameters.

Since chemical blood parameters are directly dependent on environmental factors and the lifestyle of a person, before taking any type of blood tests, you must be in a calm state, completely eliminate physical exertion or a stressful situation. Also, for the blood collection, only the morning time of the day is established, when the blood composition is in the initial state and is best suited for research.

For a clinical study of blood, there is a ban on the use of drugs, except when a blood test is prescribed by the attending physician to determine the effect of the drug on the condition of the patient.

Can I drink water before giving blood from a vein

Thus, instead of following the myths and speculation, preparation for blood sampling should be carried out taking into account the recommendations of the attending physician. If there are questions, they should be asked to the doctor when issuing the referral, and not to the technician when passing the analysis. In addition, for each specific type of blood test has its own specific restrictions on the permissible use of food and beverages.

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