Can I Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

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Can I Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Persimmon fruits have high dietary value due to their sucrose and glucose content. However, it is precisely these qualities that make it necessary to limit its use to people who have a diagnosis of diabetes.

Today, not only elderly people are subject to this terrible disease, but sad as it sounds, young people. Diabetes requires a special approach to treatment with the obligatory observance of an appropriate diet.

Can I Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Careful selection of consumed foods in the first place should be based on the choice of dietary and healthy foods.

Since even in the blood of healthy people during the day there are deviations of the sugar level from normal values ​​(especially after eating), then with diabetes mellitus it should be especially careful to introduce into your diet almost all types of fruits containing glucose.

The benefits of a sweet-tart fruit weight. However, endocrinologists recommend to be extremely careful when introducing it into the diet, since persimmon and diabetes, according to the sub-calorie diet, are incompatible. If we are talking about absolute insufficiency of insulin in the body (type I disease), then the sweet-tart fruit must be completely eliminated from the diet, since even 100 grams of the product can give a significant jump in blood sugar. And in 75% of cases, they accelerate the development of associated serious diseases: problems with pressure drops, kidneys and heart.

Can diabetics type 1 and type 2 persimmon?

Patients suffering from type I disease should pay attention to the fact that tart fruit belongs to prohibited types of foods like bananas and grapes, dates. If persimmon is excluded from the diet and diabetes is controlled by maintaining a sub-calorie diet prescribed by the doctor, then the disease will not progress. An exception may be some categories of patients who are allowed to eat the sweet fruit. These endocrinologists include patients with relative insulin deficiency, those who are diagnosed with significant jumps in blood sugar. Persimmon is also allowed for type 2 diabetes – an insulin-independent form of the disease.

However, the word “resolved” should not be taken literally, since if the body cells of the organism are not susceptible to the hormone insulin, the consumption of a “fructose” product should be limited. The rate of consumption of fruit per week depends on the patient’s body weight, its stage of the disease and its clinical picture. According to endocrinologists, in two patients with the same disease forms, a sweet-tart fruit can cause different reactions. That is why persimmon in type 2 diabetes should be introduced into the diet in small portions – no more than 100-200 grams (small fruit).

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As mentioned above, this fruit, when the cells are insensitive to the hormone, is able to support the human body. It will not be able to prevent the development of concomitant diseases, as well as to regulate the amount of sugar in the blood, but to influence the state of the immune system of the fruit for the better. A strong immune system will already be able to take care that there is no progress of problems with the liver, heart and eyesight.

If the patient enters persimmon in the diet and diabetes mellitus is at the stage of type II, then the principle of consumption is the following – crushing the fruit into quarters and halves. The division depends on the human body mass and the size of the fruit. But you need to start small (no more than 50 grams). Having eaten a quarter of persimmon at lunchtime, you should measure sugar. Monitoring its level will determine whether or not to exclude the tart fruit from the diet or increase the dose.

When eating persimmon fruits, the patient needs to understand that the amount of insulin vital for diabetics is calculated based on the amount of carbohydrates and glucose entering the body. Used in the preparation of a special diet table bread units is the basis for the most accurate calculation of insulin doses. For one bread unit, as a rule, 10 grams of carbohydrates are taken. It has an average glycemic index (70), so its use should be treated with caution.

Despite the need to limit the use of persimmon in the presence of diabetes, a small amount of it still can bring great benefits to the body. It is a storehouse of beneficial fibers and substances and contains a large amount of trace elements necessary for the human body. Magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, as well as vitamins of the PP, A and C groups can give strength to a weakened organism.

Almost always against the background of the underlying disease there are many associated diseases. Acceptance of a small amount of persimmon will allow the patient to dispense with the excessive use of chemical drugs. Due to the high content in the fruits of pectin, it will be very useful for problems arising in the process of digestion.

Most patients with diabetes mellitus have such a disease of the cardiovascular system as angiopathy. Persimmon rich in vitamins of groups P and C will help to strengthen blood vessels, and the potassium in fruits will have a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.

Particularly often (in almost every other case), patients with diabetes mellitus are diagnosed with kidney damage.

Containing a large amount of magnesium persimmon will help stop the development of the disease. It is extremely useful in anemia due to the iron contained in its fruits.

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I have type 2 diabetes – insulin-independent. A friend advised me to lower blood sugar with DiabeNot. Ordered through the Internet. Begin reception. I follow a lax diet, I started walking 2-3 kilometers on foot every morning. For the last two weeks, I have noticed a smooth decrease in sugar over the meter in the morning before breakfast from

Can I Cure Type 2 Diabetes?

Margarita Pavlovna, I am also sitting on Diabenot now. SD 2. I really do not have time for diet and walking, but I do not abuse sweet and carbohydrates, I think XE, but due to age, sugar is still elevated. The results are not as good as yours, but for

Thanks for the explanation.

When eating persimmon often check blood sugar. Compare data and eat on health.

I love persimmon, but since I discovered type 2, I try to limit it, but I successfully make masks and advise everyone.

Thanks for the explanation, now you need to adhere to the norm, and then the sugar is too high.

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