Callus treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of corns with potatoes

Take a potato, rub it, do the same with onions. Mix these ingredients and put the composition in gauze, which is then attached to the corn. In this way, the corn will evaporate.

Callus treatment with folk remedies

For the same purpose, you can use a leaf aloe, which must be cut and put the inside of the corn. Put polyethylene on top and fix the whole compress with a bandage or adhesive plaster. This compress is done at night.

After that, pumice stone carefully remove the steamed part of the corn and anoint the corn with fat cream or camphor oil. Do such procedures until full recovery.

Indian corns

Take dairy Indian mushroom, make a sourdough of it. Then in this composition moisten the bandage and attach to the corn. On top you can also put polyethylene and bandage compress. This method of treatment helps to get rid of corns that have appeared in you not so long ago.

Another effective remedy of traditional medicine for calluses is the needles. Take a coniferous resin the size of a small pea, warm it in your hand, roll it into a plate and stick it to the sore spot.

Corn must first be steamed and wiped with a towel. Apply a plaster over the top. Keep it for three days, and then replace the compress with a new one. Any blisters after this treatment go away forever.

Folk remedy for corns and cracks on the heels

In the warm season, people often rub themselves with corns, cracks form on their heels, but this problem can be solved without much difficulty. And medical ointment according to the following popular recipe will help you.

Take in equal proportions of fish oil and aloe juice. Stir the ingredients and dip a napkin in this composition, then put it on a corn or crack, better do a compress for the night. In the morning, wash your foot with a special decoction of pharmaceutical chamomile. Such compresses and rinsing should be done until complete healing of cracks and corns.

And if you conduct a course of such folk corns treatment all the time — for example, once a week — but without skipping treatment, you will completely forget about the sick legs. This ointment helps to disinfect wounds and cracks in the legs, soften the skin.

A simple method of corns

There are corns, which, whatever you do with them, still grow back. Such corns are called slants. One woman read in a medical journal that corns of this origin can be steamed in a soapy solution, and then simply cut off. But when she tried it, she became disillusioned with the method, since the process was accompanied by great pain and calluses re-formed in the same places as they were.

Callus treatment with folk remedies

But the neighbor she suggested a very simple folk method for the treatment of such corns, which came up with her husband. He, simply buying insoles in the store, cut from them the part that fell just on the corns. He put these insoles into the shoes, and while walking the corn did not rub against the insole, a lumen remained, and after a while the corn began to heal, but there were no painful sensations.

Garlic and onion peel

There are various folk remedies for the treatment of corns. But my recipe for corns is available to everyone: it is an ointment of garlic and onion peel. Take onion peels and garlic, pour them with vinegar so that they are completely covered with it. Put the mixture in the bank to infuse for fourteen days. In this case, the jar should not just close the lid, but put the paper on the neck and tie it up, thus closing the jar. Then open the jar, take the husk, let the vinegar drain off it and it will dry out.

Lay out before going to bed husks on the corn in two or three centimeters thick, anoint the skin near the sore spot with petroleum jelly. Then perebintuyte leg and leave such a compress at night. In the morning, wash your feet and gently remove the callus. Repeat the procedure until you cure your leg.

Dry Callus Treatment

Take one streptocide tablet (powder can be used), one onion, vinegar essence, bandage. Boil the water and place half the onion in it, boil it in this water for three minutes, then remove and let cool.

Callus treatment with folk remedies

Callus legs must be held in very warm water to steam the corns, then remove the upper part of the corns. Carefully put the vinegar essence in the center of the corn and place the onion on the side without the husk on the inside. Secure the compress with a bandage and leave overnight. In the morning, clean the corn and streptocid powder to knead to the state of the powder, if you took a pill. Tie a new bandage.

Camphor alcohol against corn

Also use the following remedies for the treatment of corns. Take English salt, pour it into a small amount of water so that the foot goes into it ankle-deep. Keep your foot in this water for fifteen minutes every day. After that, carefully scrape the corn. For these purposes, you can apply pumice. And then just lubricate the sore spot with a solution of camphor alcohol (the solution should be strong). For these purposes, you can use petroleum jelly.

And here is another simple method for the treatment of corns. Take a raw potato and grate it. Wash your foot for the night, wipe dry with a towel and apply grated potatoes to the sore spot, put polyethylene on top, bandage. In the morning, gently scrape the corn with pumice.

If dry calluses are annoying

Often, especially in summer, dry calluses appear on the little toes of the feet, which are difficult to get rid of. Here is one remedy for the treatment of dry corns. Take raw meat – it can be pork, beef. Meat must be thawed. Put it on a sore point and secure. This compress leave for two hours. If one procedure is not enough, repeat several more times.

You can also take propolis, heated to such an extent that it becomes soft, and a little pork fat, make a flat cake, put it on a sore point and fix everything with a bandage. Corn before this must be steamed. Such a compress is done at night. And the next morning the corn can be removed with the help of pumice.

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