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Every person during the life faced with burns. They not only cause discomfort, strong pain, but also leave scars and reddening of the skin, which persist from several months to a year or more. In some cases, it may be necessary to seek medical help and surgery to restore the skin and regenerate tissues.

If we are talking about a domestic burn from hot surfaces, spilled boiling water, or prolonged exposure to the sun, the use of special ointments, remedies will quickly relieve pain and help to intensively restore the damaged area of ​​skin in the shortest possible time. In the first aid kit of each person must be funds from burns. On the most effective and proven, we describe below.

Rating of the most effective remedies for burns

There are a large number of drugs designed to combat burns. The task of each manufacturer to emphasize the positive properties and realize the finished product. The rating of the best means took into account all the advantages and disadvantages of drugs, highlighting the most effective.

At the fifth position in the ranking is the drug called Radevit. The manufacturer notes that this is the best remedy for burns based on ointment.


  • it contains substances of the vitamin A, E, D group, which stimulate tissue regeneration and promote rapid healing;
  • the cooling effect relieves pain in the shortest possible time;
  • the drug significantly reduces skin itching and discomfort with dermatosis, moisturizes the skin.

This property eliminates the possibility of infections in the healing process. The list of contraindications stated in the instructions is minimal. This makes it possible to use the tool for pregnant women, children from one year.


  • overestimated selling price with a mass of tuba of only 35 g;
  • short period of use. If you actively use the tool there is a risk of hypervitaminosis.

One of the customer reviews: “Not long ago, I poured myself a cup of tea and received a burn. Used Radevit. The remedy certainly helped, but there was a noticeable speck at the burn site, and the cream is rather greasy and absorbs for a long time. ”

Fourth place was taken by burns Olazol. The manufacturer noted that it can be used both for severe and light household burns.


  • the presence in the composition of the spray of a number of biologically active substances and antibiotics, which contribute to the rapid regeneration, relieve pain and reduce the risk of infection;
  • the tool can be used for local anesthesia of injuries in the absence of the possibility of providing medical care;
  • long-term storage and high efficiency.

Among the shortcomings highlighted on the basis of feedback are:

  • the possibility of personal intolerance in some people of a number of spray components;
  • the tool can not be used for sunburn;
  • antibiotic, which is part of the spray, can be a catalyst for triggering an allergic reaction of the body and the appearance of skin rash.

Buyers write: “Got a severe hand burn at work. Call the doctors was not possible. Used on the site of a bursting blister Olazol. The pain passed very quickly, the wound began to tighten on the second day. Consequences and infections were not. As a result, only a small scar remained. ”

Bepanten plus

On the third line of the rating was burn cream Bepanten plus.


  • dexapentol-based action that creates a cooling effect and stimulates tissue repair;
  • the presence of antibacterial substances;
  • cream is suitable for the treatment of sunburn and thermal burns;
  • a significant reduction in the risk of infection.

By cons means many buyers attributed:

  • the need for manual application to the damaged area, which causes a certain discomfort and may cause additional pain;
  • limited shelf life and watery appearance.

Reviews of the remedy are mainly positive: “I applied this cream in the treatment of burns. Very helpful. The wound healed quickly, no trace even left. The only disadvantages I think is the strong smell and the impossibility of using in a public place. Slowly absorbed.

Sea buckthorn oil

In the second place in the ranking is located natural remedy for the treatment of burns – “Sea buckthorn oil”. Low cost and high efficiency have led to great popularity.


  • use in the basis of the oil natural substances that contribute to the rapid regeneration of tissues;
  • providing high protection against infection of the affected area;
  • possibility of storage over a long period of time;
  • The composition includes additional components to improve the effectiveness and therapeutic properties of the product.


  • inconvenience when covering the affected skin area;
  • the greasy structure of the oil can leave stains on clothes;
  • personal intolerance to a number of components of the composition.

Burn remedies

Buyers say: “This is one of the best tools that I definitely keep in the first-aid kit. For the treatment of domestic and sunburn is best suited!

Panthenol spray

The first place is occupied by “Panthenol Spray”. According to buyers, this is one of the most effective means of treating burns. The structure of the spray is a foam, which is sprayed onto the burn center from the can.

Burn remedies


  • no need for physical contact with the affected area;
  • the possibility of applying the spray for household and sunburn, injuries, scratches;
  • the presence of dexpanthenol, which affects the epithelium cells, promoting intensive regeneration, protection from infection;
  • Panthenol Spray also perfectly relieves pain.


  • overestimated cost of the drug, despite the high efficiency;
  • limited shelf life.

The reviews on the products are positive, which also contributes to the high demand in the market of funds for burns: “I have long bought a spray just in case in my first-aid kit. It is very convenient to store and apply in case of anything. Good help. No need to rub it like a cream. Just putting.

What a remedy for burns buy

1. Burns are not only painful, but also heal long enough. The risk of bacterial contamination is not excluded. It is necessary to choose an anti-burn agent based on the presence of a number of substances useful for regeneration, anesthetic effect and method of application to the affected skin. The best solution in the latter case will be spray. It eliminates the need for direct rubbing.

2. Painkillers contribute to a more comfortable state, eliminate additional psychological stress. Of the funds listed in the rating, they are optimally suited for the given parameters: Olazol and Panthenol Spray. They will be the most effective means in the treatment of burns, removal of pain symptoms, disinfection.

This article is for informational purposes only. Before use, consult your doctor!

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