In practice, each person in his life faced such a “problem” as the appearance bruises under the eyes . The causes of their occurrence can be very diverse, ranging from a disease of internal organs, and ending with heredity, insufficient amount of sleep, overwork, or lack of vitamins.

If you are sure that you devote a sufficient amount of time to sleep, lead a healthy lifestyle, do not undergo stress, and do not suffer from chronic fatigue, and those that appear dark circles under the eyes do not pass, we advise you to consult a doctor. Indeed, very often, with the disease of one of the internal organs, the first symptoms are well-marked bruises under the eyes. Other symptoms of the disease may not appear for some time.

If you don’t have any health problems, dark circles under your eyes appear quite often, think about what is the reason for this. This may be an elementary lack of vitamin C, try to eat more citrus, or drink a course of vitamins. Or maybe you smoke a lot? In this case, do not be surprised at the presence of bruises under the eyes, since during smoking vessels are narrowed, and the skin is poorly enriched with oxygen, in connection with this, its bluish color is formed.

D residual long sitting at the computer, and eye strain also lead to the almost inevitable appearance of dark circles under the eyes the next morning. Try at least once every half hour to break away from the monitor, and give your eyes a little rest.

In many cases, bruises under the eyes appear from an elementary lack of sleep. This is due to the fact that from an insufficient amount of sleep, the skin of the face becomes a paler shade, and against its background, the blood vessels under the eyes become even more noticeable. Also, try not to get drunk at night with tea or coffee, if you really want to drink so much, drink some cool mineral water.

And sometimes, dark circles under the eyes result from allergies to certain foods, or to other substances, such as pet hair, poplar fluff, dust, and pollen. About ry often bruises under the eyes appear due to nervous overstrain and stress. At such times, the skin slows down the process of removing toxins, and is not saturated with the necessary amount of moisture and oxygen.

Other reasons may include heredity and age. For example, if any of your blood relatives have very thin skin around their eyes, then they can be inherited. And, as you know, through the thin skin all the wreaths and vessels are very translucent, which leads to the effect of dark circles under the eyes. As for age, the older we get, the thinner the fatty layer under the skin of the eyelids becomes, which again leads to a good lumen of the blood vessels. In this case, you can try natural collagen-based Liqiuskin masks that do an excellent job with this problem, and in particular, eliminate bags and facial wrinkles in the eye area.


Puffiness of eyelids may also cause bruising under the eyes. This is due to the expansion and blood pouring of blood vessels, due to impaired fluid metabolism in the body. Alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of spicy and salty foods, side effects of some medicinal drugs, kidney and liver, thyroid and cardiovascular diseases are the main factors that cause swelling of the eyelids.

In home cosmetology, there are many popular recipes that help remove dark circles under the eyes, or make them less noticeable.

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