Bruises appear quickly on the body.

Guessing that insects live in an apartment is not so difficult. All living creatures, including parasites, can not leave traces of their vital activity. Symptoms of the appearance of bedbugs in the apartment are very characteristic and will help to detect the habitats of these insects. If you notice them in time, you can get rid of bed bugs much faster and return to a quiet life.

Bedbug bites: the surest sign

The only food for bedbugs is human blood. In order to get it in sufficient quantity and at the same time protect themselves, the bug prefers to hunt in the dark.

He crawls onto unprotected areas of the body, pierces the skin with his sharp mouth apparatus, falling into a blood vessel, from where he drains the necessary amount of blood. At the same time, a special canal in the proboscis allows the bug to isolate a specific substance that makes the skin insensitive for a while by blocking nerve endings. People often do not wake up from bites and do not feel them.

Regular appearance of bite marks on the body is one of the signs of bedbugs in the apartment.

After eating the first portion of blood, the bug moves a little further and makes the next bite. The photo shows that the traces of several bites of the bug are reminiscent of peculiar paths:

“We thought that children are allergic, it’s not clear what. Too many of these red dots were. It looked like chickenpox. They began to sort out the products, look at the plants. But I was embarrassed that many points are clearly along the lines. As if someone is crawling under the skin. So the pediatrician immediately told us that these are bedbugs. They turned over a sofa in the nursery and pumped off with ammonia. I had never seen such horror before. These bugs were swarming there, like in an anthill …

In addition, the bed bug usually does not touch the body parts with hair. He prefers smooth skin that can be quickly and easily bite. A red spot appears at the site of the bite. A sign of a bedbug bite is severe itching and burning, often a severe swelling.

As a rule, traces are found only in the morning and a person can take them for an allergic reaction. However, the corresponding drugs do not provide any relief, and the area of ​​red spots only increases every day.

Bedbugs bite everyone, but women and children are often more bitten. This is explained by the fact that the bug makes it easier to bite through their thin skin, and the blood vessels in women and children are located closer to the skin.

The number of bites depends only on the population of bed bugs in the apartment. There have been cases when, with severe infestation by parasites, there were 300-400 bites per night on the bodies of people.

It can be said with full responsibility that bites are one of the most characteristic symptoms of a bed bug in an apartment. It is only important to distinguish them from the bites of other insects and allergic manifestations.

Smell from bedbugs in the apartment

You can often hear the phrase: The apartment smells like bedbugs. She seems funny, but it is scientifically based.

Both adult bugs and larvae have a special gland that other domestic insects do not have. The gland secretes a special secret that exudes a smell characteristic of bedbugs.

Insect feces, which resemble small black dots, have the same smell. Those who felt it described a slight stench, like the smell of rotten cognac or sour raspberry.

Experts are well aware from experience that the smell in the apartment is a sign of a large number of bedbugs in the house.

The smell of bedbugs will be felt most strongly in the vicinity of their permanent habitats – in the area of ​​the bed, behind the cabinets, behind the window sills, beyond the frames of the paintings.

“I never believed that the bugs in a room could really change the smell. The mother-in-law said that our apartment smells like bedbugs, but my wife and I thought it was just the smell of old furniture. When we arrived from a two-day fishing trip, we were horrified: there really is an alien smell, this is not fiction! They began to carefully review the furniture and found these parasites behind the sofa. ”

Of course, the smell – it is almost one hundred percent sign of the presence of bedbugs, but people do not always feel it, because the smell is quickly accustomed to the constant aromas. The greatest chance of re-sniffing to his own apartment – coming from rest, from the country.

If there is no certainty that the smell really fits the description, you need to pay attention to other signs of bedbugs in the apartment.

Traces of bedbugs on the bed

Sometimes the previous symptoms of bedbugs in the apartment do not give an absolute guarantee, and I want to see the bloodsuckers, as they say, live. To do this, there is such a way: in the evening you should spread a white sheet on the bed (on which dark insects will be clearly visible), turn off the light and wait until 2-3 o’clock in the morning.

Bruises appear quickly on the body.

After that, the light must be sharply turned on. If there are bedbugs in the house, then at least a few of them will definitely be on the bed.

When bed bugs bite a person, they, unlike mosquitoes, do not inject an enzyme into the blood, which helps it to curl faster. Therefore, immediately after the bite of the bug, a few drops of blood are released from the wound. Naturally, during sleep, the person turns in bed and small specks of blood often remain on the sheets.

Bruises appear quickly on the body.

In order to detect them, you need to remove the blanket and carefully consider the sheets in daylight. Blood drops on bed linen – one of the most accurate signs of the presence of bed bugs.

Traces of bedbugs

Bedbugs mark their presence in the apartment not only by the smell or traces of bites on the human body, but also by other symptoms and signs.

  • Like other living creatures, they undergo a process of digestion, which ends with the release of undigested food residues.
  • Highlight bedbug liquid, dark brown. However, in the air, they quickly solidify and become hard.
  • Usually the bedbug secretes feces soon after eating. Therefore, it is possible to detect the products of the life of an insect anywhere, especially there will be a lot of them in the area of ​​the bed and, possibly, on the bed itself – this is also a sure symptom of the bugs hiding somewhere nearby. Bed bugs feces have a characteristic smell of poor-quality brandy.

To identify the population of parasites in the apartment there is another important sign. After hatching from the egg, the bug nymph grows and sheds several times. The insect discards the upper chitinous cover, which each time becomes more and more dense and darker.

If the apartment is inhabited by a large number of bedbugs, then you can find such “skins” almost everywhere.

All signs of the presence of bedbugs in the apartment with a high degree of accuracy will determine the presence of insects. However, the most shocking and surest confirmation of the fact that the apartment has been infected by insects will be to see the parasites with their own eyes.

At the origin of even the slightest doubt, be sure to check all possible habitats for bedbugs. It also needs to be done in the event that the bugs are wound up at the neighbors. It is likely that soon they will begin to settle in the neighboring apartments.

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