Brown legs

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That summer when I was sent to my father’s house to my aunt, my parents just turned 15 years old. All my thoughts in those days were around sex: I bought calendars with naked women, went to the video salon for pornographic sessions if I had money, I looked at the girls on the beach and my sister in the bathroom (she was almost 17). While I was driving in the bus towards the cottages, all my thoughts were about how cool it would be to turn around: there are plenty of wild beaches where they like to go swimming and there is a sauna with a window and bushes around – what could be better!

My 32-year-old aunt and her children were at the dacha: Dimka, 12, and Lena are my age mate. I haven’t seen them for a long time, and therefore I was very surprised at how great my cousin changed – she had a stunned figure, wonderful breasts could be guessed under a T-shirt, and when she squatted, she stumped her ass so that my dick nearly tore the buttons on her fly.

Aunt also looked great and while we were greeting, I realized that I would have two main objects for observation. Although Dimka was 12 years old, he, too, vymahal well so that I did not even recognize him at first. It turned out that my uncle went to work in the city and would return in 3 days.The first thing we did with Dimka so it rushed to the river, Lena went with us and prevented me from discussing immediate problems with him. But when she undressed on the beach, I realized that it was even good that she went. Her swimsuit was so mini as if it was not there at all. Dimka told me that she wears it already the 3rd year and during this time her breasts increased so much that he barely covered her nipples. Panties almost completely exposed the buttocks that had great time to burn in the sun. Seeing how I stare at her, she immediately ran to the water.Dimka was kind of strange and didn’t really want to talk with me about any subject. Well, the hell with him I decided – still talk.

After the river we had lunch and I began to wander around the garden. I wanted apples from the tree and I climbed on the largest and thickest apple tree. What I saw from there almost caused my fall: on the balcony, Lena was in some panties from a swimsuit and substituted her bare chest with the sun. I held my breath and began to watch, my young man practically didn’t fit in his shorts. Her breasts were the most beautiful in the whole world for me, and then it was obvious that she was not tanning for the first time because the tan was smooth. She moved and spread her legs, her panties almost knit together in a single string, and it was clear that rare hairs glisten in the sun. I could not help it anymore, I took out my friend and began to masturbate him furiously. But it was not fate for me to finish – my aunt stood directly beneath me and looked up at me. From surprise, I almost fell and quickly hid a member.

Brown legs

She ordered to get down when I came down, it was all red as a cancer. I tried to ask for forgiveness but she told me to go after her.We came to my room.- Aunt ask, this does not happen again, – I tried to justify myself.- Stop it, ”to my surprise, she said calmly. – At this age, you boys only think about it.I followed her gaze and almost fell underground — my dick stuck out like a tower of Pisa in shorts.- “I will not tell your mother anything if you do everything as I say,” she said.- Yes, I promise – I was ready for anything.- You see, your arrival somewhat changes our way of life, ”she continued. – We are used to not being ashamed of each other and always sunbathe naked here, not hesitating each other.

– And Dimka with you? – burst out of me.- And he, too, so at least we got rid of the complaints of neighbors for whom he was peeping. Now the female body is not so great a secret to his eyes, – followed the answer that surprised me even more. – Therefore, from now on you should not be surprised if you see me or Lena naked and you can walk quite undressed here quite calmly. Got it?- D. Yes, I could barely say.- “Well, that’s fine,” she said. – Take off the shorts.- N-no, – I mumbled, stunned by such a turn.- We agreed, she raised her eyebrows in surprise. – Or do you want to have an unpleasant conversation with your mother.

It is worth noting that my mother was very strict and would never be able to tolerate anything like this.- But I can not – I squeezed out again. – I am ashamed.- Are you ashamed of me? she asked.- Yes.- But how so. We agreed with you and then you are not shy.- But he stands, – I tried again to fight back.- So what – she smiled. – Soon you will get used to us and you will not react so violently. Take it off or I’ll send you back today. – Good, – I said.

Trying not to look at her, I pulled off my shorts and covered myself with my hands.- Get your hands off, ”she ordered.- Hm Yes, you are really overexcited, – she smiled when she saw my red-headed member sticking 17 centimeters forward. – So you can not go out you scare Lena. Finish what you did on the tree.- Not! – I cried.- Want me to help you? she suddenly asked.- Kaaaaa? – I was stunned.She came to me and knelt down. I almost went crazy with happiness when her hand touched my dick – it was very nice, but at the same time I was terribly ashamed.- “Don’t be afraid,” she said softly.

Her languid eyes leapt into my imagination and, unexpectedly for myself, I said something that I would never have said if I hadn’t been so discouraged and excited.- Take off the swimsuit. You are welcome.- Hm – To my surprise, she grinned. – And you quickly get used to the new environment.- But you said that you would go naked, – I justified myself, blissfully feeling her warm fingers on my penis.- Well, to my surprise, she agreed (.).She got up from her knees, untied the bra and let it out without embarrassing me, as if she was alone in the room. Then, when I recalled this, I thought that the situation would have been if someone had entered the room: I was standing naked with a trembling member sticking out and my aunt was standing in the same swimming trunks opposite me. But then I was not at all before that.

I devoured the eyes of her developed female breasts and dark nipples and my cock involuntarily twitched. She put her bra on the bed and looked at me with a questioning smile.- You want me to continue, ”she grinned.- D..d .. yes, – I breathed out loudly.- “Good,” she said, and completely at ease pulled her panties down.I almost lost consciousness from excitement, I was shaking all over and she caught my mood. Gently sat on the bed opposite me and spread her legs. God I dreamed about it all my life – I saw real female flesh. And then something happened that was about to happen for a long time. My cock jerked sharply and a jet of sperm escaped from it. Then more and more – I dirty the floor. In horror, I grabbed a towel and began to close it. She sat and laughed looking at my muddled manipulations. All red with shame, I rushed into the shower and stood under warm water, which heated up for a day in a tank on the roof of the house.

I washed and dumbfounded recalled what had just happened.Suddenly the door opened and a naked aunt came in with a swimsuit in her hands, I immediately closed my hands.- “Stop it,” she said. – After all, we have agreed with you about everything.Reluctantly, I removed my hands, my cock drooped and hung down.- Well, she smiled. – Now you’re fine.She put on swimming trunks, and the bra hung on the rope and went out without turning around. Now she will walk around the cottage without a bra, I guessed, which is why she has such tanned breasts.I went down to the kitchen after 15 minutes, when I calmed down and put on shorts. Lena came across to meet me, she walked in the same swimming trunks, in which she lay at the top under the sun. Her breasts were so close to me that I could calmly touch them with my hand.

She calmly walked past and, it seemed to me, smiled slightly. In the kitchen, Dimka was eating soup, and the aunt was standing at the stove, she was in only her panties.

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