Brewer’s yeast tablets

A popular dietary supplement today is brewer’s yeast. They have a bunch of useful properties for the human body: they have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body and have a lot of useful properties. Depending on the general condition and depending on the desired result, the reception of such a means will be assigned.

Brewer’s Yeast: Composition

Brewer’s yeast tablets contain many vitamins.

In general, brewer’s yeast is a plant single-celled organisms. They belong to the class of mushrooms and in their composition they carry many useful enzymes and some other components.

These organisms are able to accelerate the processes of fermentation, oxidation of carbohydrates (and other organic compounds). Substances that are present in almost all of these mushrooms:

  1. Amino acids;
  2. Natural protein;
  3. Vitamins D, H, PP, E, B;
  4. Minerals (zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium).

It is because of its extraordinary and useful composition that these additives are often applicable in medical practice as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent. This medicine can increase performance, improve tone and general well-being, increase resistance to various diseases, increase resistance to stress.

At present, there are enough funds, in which brewer’s yeast is the main active ingredient. But for an additional component in such tools are often used: succinic acid, magnesium, zinc. Depending on the problem of the person, it is customary to choose and accordingly the necessary dietary supplement.

Brewer’s yeast: the benefits

Brewer’s yeast improves the digestive tract.

Brewer’s yeast is so beneficial to the body that its role is simply invaluable to the human body.

That’s what these supplements are ready to give us: improving overall functioning, removing toxins, maintaining normal pancreas functioning, restoring the digestive tract.

  • They improve the gastrointestinal tract, increase appetite, improve the processes of food digestion and improve the processes of digestion, normalize metabolic processes (protein, fat, carbohydrate), maintain the acid-base balance of biofluids.
  • Brewer’s yeast – a means to replenish the supply of vitamin B.
  • Benefits for the cardiovascular system and the nervous system: help in dealing with physical and emotional stress.
  • For skin: improves the condition of the skin, especially if the skin is problematic (oily with enlarged pores, with acne, acne).
  • For hair: condition of the hair improves, the roots are strengthened, dandruff passes. Perhaps the use of beer yeast and as masks, but there will be one drawback. The whole thing in the smell, which comes from the drug and wash it will not be so easy.
  • For immunity benefit: able to strengthen the immune system, to show antioxidant properties in a high percentage, previously warned against aging, a prophylactic agent against liver cancer.

Frequent intake of brewer’s yeast can be indicated both for the case of weight gain, and for its dropping, and depending on the case, each technique may differ.

More about the benefits of the drug: brewer’s yeast in its composition also contain special substances that can affect cholesterol levels (reduce its overall level in the body, but still increase cholesterol).

During early cuts, taking this supplement can speed up the regeneration process and the person will quickly recover.

Enriched Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast with additives is even more beneficial for the body.

Enriched brewer’s yeast in its composition also carries some additional component. In the pharmacy you can find such supplements with selenium, zinc, magnesium, succinic acid.

  • If the composition of succinic acid: increases muscle elasticity (it is very useful for athletes and for people with increased physical activity).
  • If the composition of magnesium, the benefit of the benefit is his participation in the synthesis of protein and in maintaining energy reserves.
  • If the composition of zinc, the additive will solve problems that may occur as a result of zinc deficiency (high cholesterol, prostate diseases, decreased sexual activity, infertility, skin problems, problems with nails and hair). If you take brewer’s yeast simultaneously with iron, then this will be the best treatment for anemia.
  • If brewer’s yeast contains selenium, then the drug can be used as a prophylactic agent against premature aging.
  • If the composition – calcium, the drug can be used to strengthen the teeth, hair, nails.
  • If there is potassium in the composition, then the nervous system will benefit (restore), increase muscle tone.
  • Sulfur in the composition of dietary supplements will bring skin elasticity and will be an excellent tool for the prevention of aging.

Iodine in brewer’s yeast will restore the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.

Brewer’s yeast: indications for use

With diabetes, you can use brewer’s yeast as a dietary supplement.

Among the indications for the use of beer yeast as a biological additive it is worth noting the following diseases and conditions:

  1. Problem and oily skin;
  2. Neuralgia;
  3. Prevention of CVD diseases;
  4. Intense loads (mental, physical);
  5. Hair fragility, dry hair and nails;
  6. Metabolic disease;
  7. Radiation and exposure to chemicals;
  8. Anemia;
  9. Psoriasis, eczema;
  10. Dermatosis;
  11. Furunculosis;
  12. Diseases of the digestive tract;
  13. Obesity;
  14. Improper nutrition;
  15. The presence of cracks in the corners of the mouth;
  16. Prevention of hypovitaminosis-B;
  17. The recovery period for weight gain and vitamin deficiencies;
  18. Diabetes.

Brewer’s yeast: the right technique

Brewer’s yeast is often taken by special courses from one to two months. During the year, appoint no more than 3 receptions with the obligatory observance of intermediate periods (from 2 to 3 months).

Prescribe this food supplement to children from 12 years and adults, one tablet 3 times a day. Be sure to take after meals after an hour. Large dosage should always be agreed with the doctor. If the reception is scheduled for a child under 12: children of 3-7 years old should be prescribed 0.25 grams once a day, from 7 years old – 0.5 grams twice a day.

Brewer’s yeast: side effects

Brewer’s yeast can cause an allergic reaction (itching, hives). Other side effects of the drug is not given.

Brewer's yeast tablets

What is useful brewer’s yeast, will tell the video:

Brewer’s yeast: contraindications

You can not take this dietary supplement in such cases:

  1. With gout;
  2. During pregnancy;
  3. Children up to 3 years old;
  4. In cases of fungal etiology;
  5. With atrophy of the optic nerve;
  6. Older people (due to the content in the composition of the drug nucleic acids);
  7. People with kidney disease;
  8. In the presence of hypersensitivity to some components of the drug.

Brewer’s yeast and other drugs

Reception of beer yeast should be discussed with a doctor.

If a doctor prescribes any medications for treatment and at the same time it is necessary to undergo a course of intake of beer yeast, then it should be discussed in advance with him how permissible it is. Perhaps the reception of beer yeast should be postponed for some time.

Most people are confident that taking such a dietary supplement leads to an inevitable weight gain.

But actually it is not. If there are no metabolic problems in the body, no endocrine disruption, there will be no weight gain.

The drug on the contrary is aimed at restoring metabolic processes and assimilation of nutrients by the body. Often, brewer’s yeast is the main drug for the program to normalize weight.

Consult a doctor before taking and get all the benefits of a useful dietary supplement. And do not forget that the combination of beer yeast with other medicines should also be discussed in advance with your doctor.

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