Breast cyst

Quite a few women are faced with such a problem as a breast cyst. A photo of this neoplasm makes it possible to understand the causes of anxiety about this disease for women. Given the fact that this problem can not be called very rare, it should pay attention and figure out what the possible consequences and what is the actual treatment.

What is this about

Before talking in detail about the cyst, it makes sense to decide what it is. This term is used to describe a cavity that is located in the mammary gland and is filled with liquid contents. It can not cause inflammation, and, therefore, the discharge of pus with this problem either.

Breast cyst often appears in young women and disappears after menopause. Such a pathology may be disturbed by a longer period of time in the case of the passage of hormone replacement therapy.

The size of the cyst can be completely different – from a few millimeters to 2 centimeters. During palpation, it manifests itself as an education that has a flat surface and an average density. With respect to the adjacent tissues, the cyst can be defined as sedentary.

Breast cyst

Sometimes the appearance of such a tumor in the mammary gland may not have obvious signs. Negative feelings will be reduced to pain and a weak burning sensation in the chest area before the onset of menstruation.

Cyst in the mammary glands – is it dangerous?

Such a question arises immediately after the discovery of such a formation. Fortunately, the answer does not carry extremely negative predictions: the cyst does not pose a threat to life. But this does not mean that this problem can be ignored.

Breast cyst

It should be understood that if the resulting cavity is left without attention, then over time there will be a risk of infection in the fluid. This, in turn, will lead to suppuration, with all the ensuing consequences. It is necessary to take into account the possibility of cyst growth, as a result of which the mammary gland can be deformed. The following information cannot be ignored: according to some doctors, a cyst in the chest can eventually lead to the development of a cancerous tumor.

Therefore, trying to answer the question: “A cyst in the mammary glands is it dangerous?”, You need to understand that in the future you can face very unpleasant consequences if you do not affect the problem in any way. But you should not be afraid, because with the current technologies such formations are detected at the earliest stages and neutralized without problems. The main thing – do not ignore the professional diagnosis.

Causes of

A breast cyst is a problem that is caused by several factors. The most important of these is hormone imbalance.

Now is the time to recall the increase in estrogen levels. This problem can occur for several reasons:

– constant stress and significant nervous tension;

– thyroid disease;

– inflammatory diseases related to the urogenital system.

There is every reason to expect the appearance of cysts when using hormonal contraceptives for a long period of time (with a large number of pregnancies, performing operations on the breast and mastitis).

As for the process, as a result of which a breast cyst is formed, it has a fairly simple algorithm. The structure of the gland itself includes 15 lobes of glandular tissue. These shares are divided into smaller areas responsible for the production of milk both during the childbearing and in the postpartum period. Milk comes to the nipple from a special reservoir, and initially goes there through special ducts. Sometimes some areas of tissue can grow so much that blockage of the ducts occurs. This moment is the beginning of the formation of a cyst in the breast. The reasons for this growth were discussed above.

How are the symptoms

Sensations can vary greatly, depending on where the cyst is located and what size it has. Small formations can actually not cause discomfort and are detected by the doctor during the next check-up. If there are several cysts, they grow and become the cause of the deformity, then, of course, it will be difficult not to notice them. In this case, the following complaints can be heard from patients:

– pains that were temporary, become permanent (actual for rounded cysts);

– chest tightness and tightness are felt immediately before menstruation, for several days.

You should also know the symptoms indicating inflammation and suppuration:

– change in temperature of one breast, the appearance of heat in a particular place;

– general signs of intoxication (malaise, fever) are given to know about themselves;

– pain in the sternum and extending beyond the breast;

Breast cyst

– redness and cyanosis observed on the skin;

– axillary nodes increase.

Types of formations

It should be understood that a breast cyst can have several types. First of all, we are talking about single and multiple formations. Moreover, it is possible to increase several cameras, which divides the cysts into multi-chamber and single-chamber. Atypical formation is called if the capsule has growths from the inside. But this classification is not limited. Other forms are possible:

– Solitary. This formation has an elastic consistency and a rounded shape.

– Fatty. This type is fixed in the sebaceous glands and often becomes the cause of inflammatory processes. The positive side of this education is that it does not affect the lactation process.

– Ductal. Often with such a diagnosis women who are in the premenopausal period. If the ductal cyst is not understood, then there is a risk that over time it will grow into a tumor, and a malignant one.

Diagnostic methods

Obviously, this is a bad idea – to ignore such a problem as a cyst in the breasts. It is dangerous to leave a potential cause of suppuration or a malignant tumor in the body. Therefore, at the first symptoms need to undergo a diagnosis.

The first and simplest method is professional palpation. An experienced doctor will be able to detect small formations. To clarify the situation will help breast ultrasound or mammography.

In the event that the accuracy of the diagnosis is still dubious, an MRI of the breast should be done. If necessary, the doctor can take a biopsy. A test fence is needed in order to accurately determine the nature of education.

Breast cyst: treatment

You can effectively influence this problem if the patient’s condition is completely clear to the doctor. Therefore, before the appointment of specific procedures, the endocrinologist and the gynecologist jointly determine whether the patient has a violation of the endocrine glands and genitals. Correction is made only after the cause of hormonal imbalance is clarified.

If the education is small, the choice can be made in the direction of conservative therapy.

The essence of the traditional treatment of cyst is reduced to the use of a fine needle puncture, through which a cavity is punctured, followed by extraction of fluid. As the next step, sclerotherapy can be called: in the cavity of the mammary gland, which is already freed from the fluid, means are introduced that promote obliteration of the cyst.

After all the procedures are completed, the patient will have to be examined by the mammologist and constantly carry out an examination of her breasts. For these purposes, as a rule, ultrasound is used. Such measures allow you to avoid re-formation of the cavity with the liquid inside.

Surgical intervention

An operation is a method of influencing a cyst that is used when absolutely necessary. Surgical treatment may be relevant if the formation contains bloody forms of fluid or has large sizes.

Multiple or multi-cysts are also sufficient reason to recall the scalpel. There are other reasons for which surgical intervention can be prescribed:

– the presence of an atypical epithelium in the cavity of growth;

– cancer, which was recorded earlier in history.

With these two factors, a sectorial resection of the breast is performed, as a result of which the cyst is completely removed. Upon completion of the operation, the surgeon puts on a cosmetic suture, which after the rehabilitation period will be virtually invisible. On the breastfeeding and milk production, the fact of the operation will not adversely affect.

Alternative Techniques

If a cyst was found in the mammary glands, folk remedies should not be taken as a complete method of treatment. Initially it is better to abandon the idea of ​​solving a similar problem on your own. But in addition to the prescribed treatment, with the permission of a qualified doctor, you can pay attention to several proven recipes.

  1. You need to take a few pieces of beets, boil them, peel, then grind, using a large grater. Selecting 200 g of warm porridge, you must add 2 tbsp. l vinegar (suitable 9%). Compresses are made from the resulting mixture and must be used for two weeks.
  2. Attention should also be paid to melted butter and celandine. They need to be mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 and rub the area of ​​the breast that bothers. This ointment is left on the body for 3-4 hours, then washed off.
  3. Infusion of Hypericum. Another good way to influence education in the breast. Dried St. John’s wort (25 g) is poured with hot water (0.2 l) and then cooled to a warm state. Next, you need to dip a tampon into this decoction and attach it to the problem area of ​​the breast.

Do not forget that the treatment of breast cyst folk remedies – This is a method that makes sense to use in the absence of access to professional medical care. In addition, effective treatment is possible only with proper diagnosis.


There are things that in the presence of a cyst to do is strictly prohibited. For example, you do not need to try to massage the area where the formation appeared to squeeze the liquid through the nipple. It is also worth protecting the chest from any damage and hard impact, so it is better to refuse from underwear with stones.

This does not end there. If a cyst was found in the mammary glands, the symptoms of which are quite obvious, then for the time being it is necessary to bypass the side of the sauna, solarium and beaches.

The essence of the prohibitions is that significant heat exposure increases the risk of a cyst becoming a malignant tumor. This principle is also relevant for thermal physiotherapy procedures.


As a result, it is worth recalling that the cyst itself is not dangerous. But if you ignore and eventually run this problem, you can face extremely unpleasant and even serious complications. Therefore, if obvious symptoms of formation in the area of ​​the mammary gland become noticeable, one should immediately go to the doctor.

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