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So, to begin with, let me remind you that the MRI of the brain caused me to have bad symptoms that did not stop for three months. I will try to describe the symptoms:

Systemic, almost never ending slight dizziness, almost imperceptible, but very unpleasant.Permanent “blurred” perception of the surroundings, “nailed down” and retardation in the head – I cannot describe better.Sometimes it “bore” when turning, it could “not fit” into the door jamb, touch the corner of the table and

Now the results. Conclusion MRI (2007) reads: MR-picture of a single focus in the white matter of the brain – probably of vascular origin. Signs of moderately severe outdoor hydrocephalus. For the overall picture, here is a scan of the full text of the research result:

The doctor who wrote the conclusion did not find anything “military” in the study, did not see any tumors and neoplasms. He didn’t make round eyes in connection with the “Single focus in white matter”, said that most likely the result of a hypertensive crisis or congenital in general is not particularly threatening and can hardly be the cause of my dizziness.

Later, when I looked at the MRI results stored at home on DVDs, I found this “black hole” in my head:

At the reception with a neurologist, the picture could not be clarified, in general. I have not received any specific comments on the single focus, on hydrocephalus, or even on the “black hole”. Everything in general terms, like “nothing deadly”. General recommendations and

No changes, let alone improvements in my condition, followed. Passed the designated courses – for nothing. Over the years, he has done another 4 MRI examinations of GM. The picture almost did not change. I will cite the findings of the MRI (2012):

Somewhat strained wording single,

Here is the latest research, I give its full results,

Yellow point highlighted the point that made me jittery. On the first MRI, single foci were

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In addition, an interhemispheric lipoma appeared. Just some pipets …

The last visit to the neurologist ended with another course of cerebrolysin (now intravenous) and mexidol intramuscularly. Plus 20 days of taking the drug Tagista. Plus, we are again talking about antidepressants. But more about that later …

On my last visit, I asked the doctor a question about multiple sclerosis. The neurologist categorically denied the diagnosis of MS, but I still tell you why I did an MRI again and why I got an appointment with a neurologist again.

I think that many VSD shniki went through similar anguish and doubts, so in the next post we will talk a little about the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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Well, if you are already so urgent and you are frightened by the wording “GM vasogenic foci” (it sounds so right), then this is nothing but “foci of vascular genesis”, which were mentioned in this post in the comments and they are not so rare. Again, in my personal experience, neurologists hardly pay attention to their presence, especially if they are “few”

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