Blood Type Diet Chart

The flow of questionnaires from visitors to the Planet Health continues, and the statistics are slowly growing. The results, however, do not change much, so I cannot say anything about the connection between the blood group and the sign of the zodiac. At the moment, all the results are presented in the report. And for clarification of those issues that remained unexplained, statistics is still not enough.

But the processing of the results already obtained in another aspect made it possible to draw quite interesting conclusions in terms of the impact on health. blood type. What I mean?

In various forums on the Internet, the issue of nutrition by blood group is quite lively discussed. If we put aside the statements like All this is nonsense, because there can never be such a thing, then basically the points of view are reduced to two opposites: 1. Just those products that are suitable for my blood type, I like and help my health. 2. Just those products that do not fit my blood group, I constantly use, and nothing is done to me.

Blood Type Diet Chart

Obviously, if you love sausage since childhood, and at the age of 30 you will find out that something is unkind to you, what else can you say? Health is in order (thanks to charging), and no one knows where it will be there in 20-30 years, and if there is anything, it is not yet known for what reason. I will only remind you that Dr. D’Adamo made his own conclusions about the best way of nutrition in accordance with the blood group not only according to his personal preferences, but according to the results of 20 years of research, which his father began. And besides the D’Adamo family, many other nutritionists also received similar results.

So, if you want to make sure that it is better to eat by blood type, without waiting for the end of your personal experiment, probably the best tool is still statistics. For Adamo, this statistic is huge, which gave him the opportunity to reliably substantiate his theory.

Of course, I am not Adamo, but somehow, I also scored statistics, with the help of the visitors of the Health Lodge, to whom I will be grateful for this. But, since this study is mainly devoted to the relationship between the blood group and the signs of the zodiac, the results about the nutrition in the blood group turned out to be on the sideline, so they concern only one aspect – overweight.

In the questionnaire, which I propose to fill with everyone, along with the issue of blood type, there is also the question of body type, which is medium, dense or thin, as well as the preferred type of food. I do not claim that all the questions were put correctly, and did not expect 100% objective answers, but simply took and stupidly processed the questionnaires. And since the questionnaires have already exceeded a thousand, the results give food for thought.

So, what happened?

Meat consumption and overweight

In order not to get confused myself and not to confuse you, I investigated only the attitude to meat. Why? Well, firstly, meat is the most controversial product in terms of its effect on health, right? Secondly, it is like a marker separating two polar blood groups – 0 and A, which together make up 66% of all my statistics. Since meat is considered a necessary part of the diet nulevik, and ashnikov is contraindicated, then its effect on overweight should manifest itself here most strongly. Let’s see if this is so.

As one would expect, basically everyone eats the same, regardless of blood type. For, in the main, eating habits are founded not by nutritionists, but by father and mother from early childhood. Therefore, the differences in the diet of different blood groups turned out to be almost insignificant.

Almost, but not quite!

If among those who consume meat often, rarely or generally avoids, there is practically no dependence on blood type, then among those who said that they eat chops daily, blood group 0 clearly prevails – more than one and a half times than in groups A and B! (diagram A). Is this fact important or not? I believe that it is important, purely for psychological reasons. If you are not a fan of meat, then I think you are equally likely to put a tick in the “often” or “rarely” box, but if you don’t think of having dinner without a steak or sausage, then with a guarantee, check the box “daily”. So your body makes its choice in favor of your blood type, and the statistics confirm this.

Although in group A, 20% of respondents eat meat daily. Why is that? Well, probably because, why children (and not only) love sweets: taste habits prevail over the requirements of the body. Or maybe because the body wants amino acids in the first place and takes them from any available source.

But what does this lead to (diagrams B, C).

Of those who eat meat daily, 63% of people with blood group A are overweight and only 36% are with blood group 0. The difference is more than one and a half times! Conversely, among people with blood type A who eat meat rarely, only 18% are overweight. 63% and 18% – is there a difference?

Note that the percentage of people who are overweight for blood group 0 does not depend on whether they eat meat often or rarely. So what – for them, meat is a useful product. However, among those who eat meat every day, thin is twice as much. (Again, meat is different from meat. In the Adamo diet we are talking about natural meat, not sausage and smoked meat, in the questionnaire this question is not detailed). But in group A, for which meat is a harmful product, the difference is indicative. The more you eat it, the more harm it is to health. In this case, the fat mass.

Personally, I am a supporter of the blood type diet, not because I have the first group, and I love meat. Just the argument of Dr. D’Adamo convinces me. And this little research I started out of pure curiosity, spurred, as I said, by some of the statements I saw on the Internet. But here, as they say, you will not throw a handkerchief on someone else’s hand. You can, of course, say that you personally do not adhere to the diet according to the blood group, which means that this theory is wrong. Well, they say, even the high-school student Ulyanov had a three in the certificate according to logic.

Overweight depending on age

Even in this generalized version, statistics on the effect of meat consumption on overweight gives quite distinct results. But you can take the next step – to track the dynamics of age.

Indeed, the age of participants in the survey is in the limit from 10 to 70 years. It is clear that, for example, in adolescents, the effect of nutrition on overweight may manifest itself less clearly, due to a higher metabolic rate and increased motor activity. In old age and metabolism slows down, and the lifestyle of most people becomes more settled. This is manifested in the increase in the percentage of people who are overweight.

The graph shows the statistics of weight gain, regardless of blood type, so to speak, the base curve. If we take the percentage of overweight people separately for blood groups 0 and A, we get an interesting picture.

Blood Type Diet Chart

The left graph shows statistics on blood groups without taking into account meat consumption, on the right – only those who consume meat daily. As you can see, the pictures are significantly different. For comparison, in both graphs, the dashed line shows the base curve for all blood groups. It is clear that eating meat dramatically increases the rate of weight gain in people with blood type A. After 40 years, among meat-loving ashnikov, overweight is found 18% more often. And 21% more often than people with blood group 0.

I will also note that the percentage of nulevik, who are overweight after forty, is practically not affected by meat consumption. In principle, it should be so, because, as already mentioned, meat does not inhibit their metabolism.

For illustration, I also give diagrams of changes with the age of the percentage of people of different bodily configurations with blood groups 0 and A who consume meat daily. It turned out pretty visual diagrams.

It remains to explain the difference in the graphs for blood group 0 in the left and right pictures of the dg_E diagram. There are some considerations here, but they are still damp. For their specification it is required to continue the collection of statistics.

Therefore, I decided to close the project Communication of blood type and zodiac sign as successfully completed within the framework of the task. He acted exactly 5 years – from August 2006 to August 2011, and during this time 1429 questionnaires were processed. Not God knows what, of course, but thanks to the visitors of the site and for that.

A new Internet project Your weight and blood type opened in October 2011. I invite everyone to participate in this project. Your help is invaluable to me!

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