Blood cholesterol standards

Glucose and cholesterol are an integral part of human life.

Blood cholesterol standards

Despite the negative attitude of a modern person to the listed substances and the persistent desire to lower their blood levels to a minimum, both cholesterol and glucose perform important functions.

The first provides cells with vitamin D, and is also responsible for strengthening their walls and splitting fat in the intestines, the second provides the body with energy. Therefore, to monitor the level of their content in the blood, not allowing the fall and increase of indicators is extremely important.

Norm of sugar and cholesterol in women’s age

Despite the importance of controlling the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, not every adult woman knows about the connection of these substances and the reason for which you need to keep the situation under control.

Increased cholesterol contributes to the development of atherosclerosis

The fact is that after 50-60 years, serious hormonal changes occur in the female body. That is, over time, the glucose and cholesterol levels increase, with the result that the normal values ​​change.

Blood cholesterol standards

It is they who allow specialists to judge how great is the risk of the patient’s vascular lesion with atherosclerosis.

Healthy cholesterol and glucose levels for females at different ages are listed in the table:

Using the data presented in the table, the patient will be able to decipher the blood test for sugar and cholesterol, carried out at home, and in time to ask for help from a specialist in case of repeated detection of pathologies.

Norms of cholesterol and blood glucose in adult men

For the representatives of the stronger sex, control of the norm of glucose and cholesterol in the blood is no less important than for women.

Blood cholesterol standards

Timely detection of abnormalities and the adoption of medical measures will be key to maintaining health and longevity.

Conducting a rapid test for sugar and cholesterol at home or pre-deciphering the results of laboratory analysis without the help of a specialist, you can use the data from the table below.

Table of norms of sugar and cholesterol and blood in men:

Based on the above standards, you can quickly identify deviations, even without a medical education.

The reasons for the deviations of the analysis results from the standard

Failures can cause both external factors and internal disturbances in the work of organs.

In any case, a deviation from the norm is considered a pathology and requires an urgent search for the cause of the appearance of high or low numbers.

An increase in the amount of cholesterol and glucose in the blood can be caused by the development of diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, obesity, disturbances in the functioning of the organs of the endocrine system, as well as the active growth of malignant tumors.

Also, an increase in cholesterol and glucose levels can trigger the abuse of fatty, fried, and sweet foods, smoking, frequent alcohol intake, a passive lifestyle, and the stresses experienced on the eve.

If the figures obtained after studying the biomaterial are underestimated, most likely you had an active physical training the day before.

Increased performance

Elevated performance is a wake-up call. If cholesterol exceeds the established norms, the doctor is most likely to issue a referral for an additional examination, the purpose of which will be to identify high-density lipoproteins that provide the heart with protection against harmful cholesterol.

If, in parallel with high cholesterol, a high level of sugar was also detected, an additional blood test for sugar will be required, allowing to identify the reason for obtaining the exceeded result. After the final diagnosis is made, the doctor will make an appropriate appointment.

In addition to taking medication prescribed by a specialist, the patient will also have to follow some rules:

  • give up bad habits (smoking, alcohol);
  • exclude from the diet fast carbohydrates (sugar, white flour products, white rice and other products), as well as fried, fatty, spicy, salty and smoked dishes;
  • lose weight and constantly monitor body weight;
  • avoid stress;
  • try to take food and medicine strictly at the same time.

Compliance with these requirements will help stabilize the state of health and permanently fix the result, avoiding sharp jumps in indicators.

Low scores

Reduced rates are no less dangerous than elevated ones.

If the patient has been found to have low glucose and cholesterol levels, this may indicate the following diagnoses:

These diseases are usually accompanied by weakness, drowsiness, fatigue and decreased skin sensitivity.

It is also possible an increase in lymph nodes and the appearance of pain during their palpation. In order to increase the performance to the level of the norm, it is recommended to contact a specialist to identify and eliminate the root cause of deviations.

It is also recommended to observe a healthy lifestyle, provide a balanced, fractional diet and load the body with physical exercises.

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Continuous monitoring of blood sugar and cholesterol levels after 50 years is a highly desirable medical event.

Therefore, it is advisable for age patients not to wait for a “personal invitation” from the attending physician, but to independently test for sugar and cholesterol on a regular basis and immediately take steps to normalize the data if the result deviates from the norm.

  • Stabilizes sugar levels for long
  • Restores insulin production by the pancreas
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