Bleeding in the intestines symptoms

About 60 new cases of colon cancer are diagnosed in Russia every year. Unfortunately, recently this type of cancer has become the second in terms of mortality among all cancers. Poor nutrition, poor ecology and a sedentary lifestyle contribute to an increased likelihood of developing cancer cells in the large intestine.

You probably know that rectal bleeding is the most obvious symptom, but there are other, more subtle, signs of this ailment. If you want colon cancer not to become fatal for you, then pay attention to them.

The diagnosis of anemia can be the first sign of internal bleeding, even if among other things there are no symptoms of colon cancer. If you eat well but lack iron in the blood, this is not a good sign.

MD Randall Holcomb warns that people with anemia who have a balanced diet should contact the doctor for additional tests: Internal bleeding may appear 6 months before blood appears in the stool. As is well known, early diagnosis of the disease increases the chances of survival.

After intense physical exertion you cannot catch your breath

Another side effect of slow internal bleeding is severe shortness of breath. This becomes possible as your body redirects more plasma into the bloodstream, reducing the production of red blood cells. These changes are necessary to lose blood in large volumes, but one has to pay for it by reducing the ability of the arteries to carry oxygen to the internal organs.

Bleeding in the intestines symptoms

That is why you can literally suffocate by making a small run. The disease makes itself felt with the help of subtle symptoms. Here is one that people most often overlook.

Bloating or cramps

There are many factors that cause bloating, flatulence, cramps or convulsions. But they, as a rule, are easily eliminated with the help of drugs for indigestion or dietary adjustment. In colorectal cancer, all these symptoms are persistent. Therefore, you should consult your doctor for diagnosis, if abdominal distension and unpleasant cramps persist for more than one week.

Bleeding in the intestines symptoms

In addition, you may notice a constant pain in the right side of the abdomen, taking it for inflammation of the appendix. This is not a good sign, as in the late stages of colorectal cancer, metastasis affects the liver.

Severe constipation

Constipation usually does not cause people much concern. You are taking a laxative, and bowel function is quickly restored. However, persistent and severe constipation may indicate the development of colon cancer. This symptom should lead you to the idea that food processed by the stomach encounters some insurmountable obstacle during its movement outside.

Small diameter of feces, chronic diarrhea

In addition to constipation, a malignant neoplasm on the intestinal walls can cause a decrease in the diameter of the feces. Dr. Holcomb warns that there may be no bleeding in the stool. You should also pay attention to the change in the consistency of excrement. For example, if earlier fecal masses were solid, but at one moment they became liquid.

Bleeding in the intestines symptoms

This symptom indicates the formation of polyps on the intestinal walls. Polyps themselves are benign lesions, but they must be removed, since they can potentially provoke abnormal growth of cancer cells. And if the polyposis has already passed into the chronic stage, regular loose stools may indicate the development of colon cancer.

Unusual color of feces

Our expert today warns that bleeding in the large intestine does not always make itself felt in blood clots. Pay attention to a significant darkening of the chair (in the event that you did not take activated carbon the day before) or its resinous color. And although this symptom may be caused by a less serious illness, such as a stomach ulcer, both of these conditions require immediate treatment.

In conclusion, I would like to ask readers about measures to prevent cancer. Do you take deliberate steps to reduce the risk of malignant tumors?

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