Black discharge before menstruation

In the previous posts of the Ayurveda series, there was enough theoretical information for beginners, which, hopefully, awakened interest in the readers of MartaThai to further exploring Ayurveda. And many may have already begun to think about how to define their natural constitution. Today we will begin to do this on the example of Vata dosha. Let us analyze the main features of this type, give recommendations on lifestyle, nutrition and preservation of health for its representatives.

Next, Tatyana Papsheva, co-author of the MartaThai blog and professional consultant on Ayurveda, writes.

Preface to the description of Vata Dosha

In order to define your constitution, you need to know that there are so-called stable signs of Prakriti. They do not change throughout life. When analyzing them, you should give yourself the most accurate and honest assessment possible. No need to succumb to the temptation to see yourself the way I would like to be. In this study, there is no place for such concepts as right or wrong, better or worse. There is only the reality of an individual constitution. In assessing compliance with one type or another, one should be guided by what is characteristic of a lifetime, and not at present.

Thin, clear and transparent people of air type

Another important point that needs to be considered before studying the signs of Vata dosha is that people usually do not represent the pure type of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. Most s have a dual

Therefore, if you have to face difficulties in self-testing, it is recommended to ignore difficult to understand parameters and concentrate on a maximum on simple ones. For example, Vata is dry, cold and volatile. Pitta – hot, oily and irritable. Kapha – heavy, cold and wet.

Read about the constitution and doshas in Ayurveda here.

Description of Prakriti Vata-Type

Below we give a detailed description of the bodily and mental characteristics of the people of the aerial constitution. If most of this information seems to describe reading this material, he can safely identify himself with Prakriti Vata.

  1. Body type. As a rule, thin. Either tall or short stature. They have narrow shoulders and hips. Often the arms and legs are either too long or too short – there is some imbalance. The fingers and toes are usually thin and long. Nails are fragile, thin and brittle. Legs can be crooked, disproportionate. There may be deviations in the structure of the face: a curved nasal septum, a crooked nose. The skin is usually dry, rough, cool. The hair is dark, curly, dry. The eyes are small, mobile, prone to dryness, often brown or black. The teeth are often crooked, uneven, protruding forward or loosely adjacent to each other. If most of these features are found in the reader, then his physique is clearly Vata, even if there is overweight at the moment.
  2. Body mass. Weight. Usually dryness of Vata contributes to thinness. Some people of this type retain it all their lives, and it is difficult or impossible for them to gain weight. Often, airborne people are typical “skin and bones,” with tendons and veins protruding from the limbs. Appetite is intermittent or low. May skip meals by distraction. And vice versa – so hungry that they will eat a portion for three people. Some watts tend to gain excess weight, which concentrates around the waist and diaphragm. Peristalsis difficult. Physically, these people are more active than others, but quickly spend their energy, feeling empty. Because they can too often resort to using caffeine, sugar or other stimulants, as a way to replenish energy.
  3. Leather. Most of the wat is dark-skinned, and light-skinned representatives strongly and quickly tan. They are very fond of heat and the sun, and this is justified by the fact that the described constitution is by nature cold. Due to poor blood circulation, the skin is usually cool to the touch and may have a grayish tint. It is prone to cracking and can be rough. Often prone to diseases such as psoriasis and dry eczema. There are tendencies to the formation of corns. Moles are present, but in small quantities.
  4. Sweating Sweat at Vata is scanty, even if it is hot, because, due to the peculiarities of the metabolism, their body is cold and has a natural need for external heat sources – the sun, steam room, hot streams and

It is necessary to eat well: fat, hot

  • Appetite. Unstable: strong hunger today may be replaced tomorrow by a complete lack of interest in food. There are dizziness or fainting, when there is no possibility to have a snack between meals. Strict fasting does not bring them joy, as they do not have enough energy to withstand long-term restrictions in food.
  • Breakfast. It is usually difficult, if not impossible, to work effectively without having breakfast. And closer to dinner, the personalities of Air begin to feel anxiety or drowsiness, as sugar falls in the blood, and the vital forces go away. Vata personalities tend to rely on caffeine in the morning and afternoon to wake up and be fit. But this insidious practice leaves them without energy by the end of the day, greatly depleting the adrenal glands. Energy and so replenishes unevenly, jerks, and stimulation in the form of coffee or sugar, fraught with the subsequent reverse effect of depletion and over-stimulation, quickly depletes stocks.
  • Digestion and stool. Some Vats have been constipated all their lives, and their feces are usually dark and hard. Often there are gas and bloating.
  • Menses. Women Vata-type peculiar instability cycles, there are even complete misses of menstruation, especially with heavy physical exertion or too sharp weight loss. Highlight most often scanty and dark color. Immediately before menstruation, abdominal cramps and constipation are possible. Anxiety, restless sleep, nervous tension, mood swings and eccentricity in actions may also occur.
  • Physical strength and endurance. Very active and restless, but the vitality is small. Exercise is fast and tiring. Muscle tone is low, and great attention should be paid to the development of coordination.
  • Sleep. Usually they sleep poorly, often tossing and turning and throwing themselves in bed, having difficulty falling asleep and waking up several times a night for no apparent reason. Walking and talking in a dream, creaking teeth are also characteristic of Vata.
  • Speech and voice. The voice is usually hoarse, breaks on exertion. The tendency to speak quickly, often raising the tone at the end of a phrase and the tendency to deviate from the topic of conversation. Usually Air is very talkative and is able to speak on almost any topic just before any audience, even if it’s just a cat, a plant or a wall. They say because they love to talk.
  • Characteristic emotions. For Vata people, it is natural to show fear or anxiety at first in stressful situations.
  • Personality Features. Sensitivity, tension and a lively reaction to the changes taking place around. Vats are changeable and do not like regularity in their lives, because their active mind requires constant arousal.
  • When their energy is high, they can be the soul of society, but they quickly burn out. Usually they easily make friends, but their friendship is often short-lived. They love to travel for pleasure. It is difficult for them to focus on any one subject, and they often cannot complete the work begun. People of this type are aware of the need for self-development, but are rarely consistent in any program. They may be fanatical followers of cults and esoteric doctrines, but even their fanaticism is impermanent. Their faith often grows out of insecurity.

  • Way of perception. Most often think in words. One reason for this is a keen ear, so keen that sometimes a loud or dissonant noise can be physically painful for them. Such people usually remember sounds first. Man-Vata, who visited the sea, most easily recall the seaside sounds – for example, the cries of gulls or the sound of the surf.
  • Mentality. Good, original theorists, because they are not afraid of the new. However, due to the tendency to flit from one idea to another, it is difficult to achieve a practical application of their theories.
  • Memory. Very quickly memorized and quickly forgotten.
  • Lifestyle. It is difficult for air personalities to adhere to any habits, even if it is food or sleep. Cash thrift is not inherent in them. The money “burns” their hands, and they easily spend it as soon as they receive it.
  • About Tatyana Papsheva, co-author

    Recommendations for the people of the constitution Vata

    What recommendations Ayurveda offers to representatives of Vata dosha:

    • Regular oiling with warm oil – Abhyang massage. We will certainly devote a separate issue to this major ayurvedic procedure.
    • Food should be warm, oily, with the addition of hot spices – asafoetida, ginger, cinnamon, cumin. Avoid overeating. And also not shown raw food.
    • Dress warmly. Favorable visiting the bath, especially with wet steam.
    • Learn not to be afraid, to relax physically and emotionally.
    • Wear soft, silky clothing in bright colors.
    • Representatives of Vata type often need warm, gentle relationships, support.
    • Showing yoga, meditation and

    … and we love to live by the water – it calms us down

    How people live constitutions Air: an example of life

    Next, Martha rolls.

    I will not refrain from commenting, which for certain will be even clearer to someone from the readers who will give an understanding of what we are, the people of Air.

    Take, for a living example, my mortal body of 33 alarming years. My constitution is Vata-Pitt, which illustrates the above statement by Tatiana about the rarity of doshas in its pure form. Usually two doshas are mixed in people.

    My Vatnost mostly concerns the body, and Pittnost – skin. Especially on the face: high sensitivity, susceptibility to infections, redness, long-term struggle with the terrible disease of demodicosis.

    And we will go directly to the above features: that we have brightly air in March Prakriti.

    • Lean and lean body build. Krivulki legs, brittle and uneven nails. Some hook-nosed, wavy hair, prone to curl and push. Small, frankly, eyes. Teeth of different sizes. Already became a little sorry for myself))) But we go further.
    • Appetite often explosive. Despite the love of yoga, the abdomen tends to overgrow with a light fat veil.
    • Caffeine addiction is my cross. Read for yourself if you still do not know.
    • Apparently, from the fact that poor, as Tanya put it, I sweat, I have enough Thai crystal for hygiene. At the same time, I love the warm and even hot climate so much that at the mere thought of temperatures below + 15 and, even more so, below zero, the hair begins to curl and frighten from horror.
    • Always considered breakfast the main meal. Do not eat tightly and varied in the morning, without finishing the meal with sweets – I’m not a man. I can hurt someone who will turn up under a hungry hand.
    • About digestion and, I ask you even more sorry, critical days – that’s right. I will not specify, see above))
    • With physical energy, it’s like a textbook: here I’m shining with life forces, infecting everyone in the radius of a calimeter. And after a couple of hours already lying on the bed a limp rag, squeezed by intense mental activity – the text writing takes a lot of energy from me. The mind is tired.

    Black discharge before menstruation

    without yoga, man is vata – and not man

    Below, I’ll just give you a few solutions that I have already implemented to improve my troubled Vatov life with the help of my insignificant knowledge from Ayurveda.

    1. Anxiety and nervousness are my main enemies. It took a lot of effort to stop worrying about typical human issues: relationships with my husband, mother, sisters, friendship, in which I am so inconstant, and

    Summing up, life in the body of Vata is full of anxieties and fears – this is our huge minus. Above, I described how, in practice, I try to live with him relatively harmoniously, if this is even possible on our planet. But then we are creative and flexible – this is our plus. We feel not only bad, but also good. And because our wadded task – to be able to tune in to this good: to see and pay attention to the positive in themselves, others, situations … Then you can get off the razor’s edge, on one side of which – paranoid syndrome. For on the other is another version of the same life. In it, the joy of simple things is more than average, the happiness of being here and now is deeper, and the pleasure of relationships with loved ones is fuller and more serene.

    Hmm … Well, learn Ayurveda! I sincerely thank Tatyana Papsheva for her help in spreading Ayurvedic knowledge through ours.

    In the next issue, we will similarly become familiar with the stable signs of Pitta dosha.

    All notes for self-study topics, see the tag Ayurveda for beginners.

    Find all reviews about Ayurvedic products on this site by tags herbs and spices.

    With wishes of good health, your Ayurvedic consultant Tatiana and her assistant Martha.

    Sihanoukville – Kurgan, December 2017.

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