Bezel treatment reviews

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Tincture podmor reviews treatment, use, instructions

Familiar treated the joints, lubricating them in the decoction of fir branches. And I am saved only with cream dolgit and bee subdued, insisted on alcohol. Here is this magic means!

This so-called folk remedy. from them decoction is done. I do not believe in favor of such a tool, but I know that many people in winter drink an infusion of bee submarines.

It also very well helps compresses of bee submarine, the pain is removed instantly.

Useful link: Video about the bee’s drowhead

I have a tincture of submarine. Did: 2 cups of submarine per liter of vodka. Insisted, strained. Believed that you can only use externally. I rub my legs.

Bezel treatment reviews

Tincture podmor reviews treatment, application

try to restore (accelerate) the exchange processes!

bee gruel (tincture) to drink, look on the Internet how.

for completeness, this is a clear indicator that metabolic processes are slow!

I was too thin all the time.

I started drinking tinctures to slow down the metabolic processes and began to recover!

and of course sport, so that stretched skin does not hang after you lose extra pounds!))))

Tincture podmor reviews treatment, application

You take podmor (dead bees), pour vodka / alcohol, put cloves to taste, close them tightly and put them in a cool dark place for six months. Like so.

Tincture podmora reviews treatment, use, use, instructions


Let me tell you my method, can someone come in handy

I treat 2 months spur so:

1. In the evening before bedtime and in the morning while still in bed, I give a massage to the arch of the foot. Once 30-40 I am massaging the middle of the foot as much as possible with the phalanx of the thumb or the edge of the palm under the thumb. It is possible and in the afternoon if strongly hurts.

2. Immediately after the massage, 5-6 minutes knock on the entire heel with a flat file. It can be any heavy and flat object. At first it was painful, but patient, now even pleasant. It turns out about 500 blows for one approach. This method peeped in medical treatment methods.

3. Three times a day, 15 minutes before a meal, I take 30 drops of bee submor, infused with vodka. Parted in half with water.

Bezel treatment reviews

My results: the first time I felt the spur on February 22. Everything was terrible – extra weight, flat feet since childhood, long walking in high heels, love to walk at home barefoot – barely reached the kitchen and amenities. The massage and the shock method began to be used almost immediately, and drinking subside on March 7. For 2 weeks I started to walk a little, starting on the whole foot. March 21, even went to the shops, but heel was too hard on us, and it all started again.


At the end of April I began to walk a little bit on the street, now only sometimes I feel pain, I even miss the procedure, although it is in vain. Podmor do not drink, you need to take a break.

And one more tip – do not go barefoot at home, do not go in shoes without a heel (3-4 cm is necessary), do not go in slaps, they are only worse.

Julia, only

You just rub your feet with

Hemorrhagus contains the necessary heparin for the treatment of varicose veins and other problems, olive oil has a beneficial effect on the veins, their elasticity and condition.

I have not tried .. I am helped by another ointment ..

It is recommended for the treatment of diseased joints, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, radiculitis and muscle pain. In the finely pounded bee podmore there is bee venom, chitosan, propolis has a good anesthetic and disinfecting effect, and cedar gum gives me warm heat, which I get from Altai.

Tincture podmor reviews treatment instructions

At the expense of the bees – I was pulled out with their help in 2012, two weeks they put me in the head and spine, ate honey,

All right, Gene, almost convinced – I suppose less harmful than the notorious GMO? By the way, I realized that in some way I had already started eating (it would be more correct to say “drinking” :) – an infusion of submarine is a very good thing, the infusion is not only quite pleasant, but also healing.

Tincture podmora reviews use, instruction

Podmore bee, you can buy on the market in the season. Beekeepers treat themselves willingly. There are recipes somewhere, there is no real infusion yet, but I want to take it with you – balsamic taste!

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