Belching rotten egg treatment

Belching rotten eggs symptom of a disease?

In order to understand what diseases can cause rotten otryzhkuyaytsami, it is recommended to seek the help of gastroenterologists. Such a state is possible in a number of diseases, among which stand out: irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, deterioration of the function of gastric secretion, inflammation in the intestine. In addition, the hydrogen sulfide released during belching can be evidence of the growth of a colony of bacteria in the intestine. They are part of the normal microflora of a healthy organism, however, with their rapid reproduction, abdominal distention, belching, flatulence are possible. Doctors diagnose a symptom of excessive bacterial growth. The reason for its occurrence and subsequent development is the rejection of the digestive system of fructose and lactose.

Belching rotten eggs: causes, treatment

In the bulk of the cases in question, the cause of belching is the inhibition of the digestive processes in the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, the absorbed food stagnates and begins to ferment; this process proceeds against the background of the release of a significant amount of hydrogen sulfide. It is this gas that gives the smell of rotten eggs.

The following possible causes of burping with rotten eggs are highlighted:

  • the presence of salmonella in the digestive tract;
  • chronic pancreatic inflammation, which is the cause of disorders in the process of enzyme production;
  • difficulties with the separation of bile, resulting in disrupted digestion of food and fat;
  • the process of inflammation of the inner walls of the intestine and stomach;
  • disturbances in normal gastric motility.

In addition, belching rotten eggs can develop as a result of poisoning. The release of hydrogen sulfide can be triggered by the action of certain bacteria that live in the intestines. Treatment of this condition should be carried out after consultation with a gastroenterologist.

Belching rotten eggs and diarrhea: treatment, possible causes

Belching, combined with diarrhea, can occur with disorders of the functioning of the digestive system. The result is the release of gases characterized by an unpleasant odor that passes from the intestine into the oral cavity. The causes of this phenomenon may be different.

Gastroenterologists note that this may occur due to the occurrence in the stomach of putrefactive processes that are localized in the stomach and intestines. In addition, this can be triggered by diseases of the intestine and stomach, in which there is a slowdown of gastric motility, as well as the production of digestive enzymes. As a result, food does not have the ability to digest in time and leave the cavity of the stomach.

Treatment of burping with rotten eggs, combined with diarrhea, is carried out on an outpatient basis and is prescribed depending on the severity of the condition that is observed. Depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, medication therapy, the use of a special therapeutic diet, or physiotherapy can be prescribed.

Belching rotten eggs and gases: treatment

Belching and gases occur when there is an excess concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the body. This occurs as a result of increased activity of sulfur bacteria, which provoke enhanced production of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, stagnation of the food lump in the stomach is possible due to the lack of produced digestive secretions. Belching rotten eggs in combination with the release of gases can occur during pregnancy and its causes are purely physiological.

Treatment of burping with rotten eggs, accompanied by the discharge of gases, can be carried out after diagnosis and the appointment of a course of treatment by a gastroenterologist. In determining the diet should limit the use of products that contain in their composition of fats and sulfur. The treatment involves the use of both medications and folk remedies to eliminate this situation.

Nausea and belching rotten eggs: treatment

Nausea and belching with rotten eggs can occur in the initial stages of poisoning. In addition, individual intolerance to patients of certain foods may occur. This may occur when lactase intolerance is manifested in the occurrence of discomfort after eating some dairy products. Belching may be accompanied by pain in the abdomen, unpleasant sensations of heaviness in the stomach. Also in such situations, there may be bouts of diarrhea.

Treatment in such cases should be applied purely symptomatic, depending on how this condition manifests itself. It involves a combination of traditional methods of treatment with traditional medicine.

Burping rotten eggs and temperature

The combination of belching and temperature can occur in cases where there is a violation of the digestive process in a patient. In such situations, the stomach is unable to digest food on its own. Getting rid of such an unpleasant condition contributes to the use of activated carbon for the treatment. It is also recommended to visit as soon as possible the specialist for this kind of disease. An increase in body temperature suggests. That the human immune system has enhanced resistance to external effects. This should not be disturbed in order to avoid more serious consequences.

Belching rotten eggs in a child: causes and treatment

Most often, belching in a child occurs due to the violation of the body’s normal function of protein breakdown, resulting in the formation of hydrogen sulfide. The development of pathology is also often associated with the immaturity of the child’s digestive system and various functional and psychosomatic disorders. The result is a violation of the function of the outflow of bile and its entry into the stomach.

Prescribing treatment in a similar situation is the responsibility of the pediatrician. As a rule, the treatment process combines the use of medications in compliance with dietary procedures to achieve a mild effect on the children’s body.

Belching rotten eggs during pregnancy

Causes of burping with rotten eggs during pregnancy may be as follows:

Belching rotten egg treatment

  • eating disorders, in particular overeating;
  • ulcers, as well as inflammatory processes in the large intestine;
  • toxicosis characteristic of pregnant women.

In addition, this may occur during sharp turns and bends to the side. Independently treat belching during pregnancy should not be necessary to consult a doctor.

Treatment of burping with rotten eggs in adults

Treatment of burping with rotten eggs in adults involves a number of activities, which are discussed below.

Burping rotten eggs: drugs

Treat this type of belching should be only under medical supervision. If overeating is the cause, the use of enzyme preparations such as Festal, Mezim Forte is recommended. If additional diseases are detected, enveloping preparations should be used, in particular, Almagel. If we are talking about the stagnation of bile, the patient is shown the use of Allohol and Kholosal. In any case, the prescribing physician should prescribe drugs.

Belching rotten eggs: treatment of folk remedies

Some simple folk methods of eliminating this problem are recommended:

  • each time before a meal, a chalk solution should be taken, involving the use of a teaspoon of honey per glass of water;
  • Before eating, you can drink an infusion of rosehip or mint, it can be replaced with a compote of dried fruit;
  • A mixture of honey and butter in the same ratio is also recommended, contributing to the improvement of food digestibility and the improvement of the digestive tract.

Belching rotten egg treatment

You can apply one of the recommendations, as well as several of them in combination.

Burping Diet with Rotten Eggs

A diet in this situation involves the complete exclusion from the diet of foods that can cause belching. These include fashionable meat and canned products, as well as plant foods, which can cause the development of fermentation processes in the stomach. It is recommended to limit the consumption of dairy products, sour cream and whole milk. The compatibility of products used in the preparation of a diet should be carried out by trial and error in each case.


Preventing belching with rotten eggs involves the appointment of a number of drugs that can improve intestinal peristalsis. These are sorbing agents and enzyme preparations. If the intestine is affected by parasites, their elimination is indicated.

In addition, in agreement with the attending physician, the nutrition system should be agreed upon, which implies the exclusion of food from the diet, with a high content of sulfur and fat, as provoking the appearance of a belching. Reliable its prevention is possible only as a result of compliance with a number of doctor’s instructions, combining a set of measures aimed at eliminating both the factors that trigger the eructation and preventing their subsequent occurrence.

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