Bay leaf treatment

Adam’s apple: photo, short description

This fruit of maclura orange, besides the above, has a few more names: Indian or Chinese orange, green pimply citrus, false orange, God’s gift and others.

Bay leaf treatment

Maclura belongs to the mulberry family and grows mainly in southern latitudes, it grows without problems in the Crimea. Its homeland is considered to be South America. On the territory of Russia, this fruit was first introduced back in 1833.

The leaves of this tree are very similar to the leaves of an apple tree. The plant is distinguished by male and female flowers, which differ from each other. The flowering period lasts up to 10 days.

Fruits maklyura ripen somewhere until mid-autumn. This fruit is not edible. Its main purpose is the manufacture of ointments and tinctures for therapeutic purposes.

Tincture Adam’s apple on alcohol, use for the treatment of various diseases

Diseases of the joints are treated with tincture from the fruit of maclura, cooked in alcohol or vodka. Such tinctures on alcohol restore the water-salt metabolism, relieve pain, nullify inflammatory processes. They do an excellent job with osteochondrosis, radiculitis and gout.

Adam’s apple tinctures can be consumed both inwardly and outwardly. The main thing is not to forget that tinctures should not be taken by people with diabetes.

Types of tinctures

Adam’s apple is suitable for making tinctures, ointments and oils. You can buy them in some pharmacies or cook at home.

Having decided to make the tincture yourself, you should select for it only fully ripe fruits, the peel of which is not damaged. The best season for making tinctures is the harvest period,

Tinctures can be consumed inside or for external use.

The ointment is used to eliminate muscle pain, soothe diseased joints and relieve inflammation from the lymph nodes. Very often even hemorrhoids are treated with ointment.

The oil extract obtained from Adam’s apple shows good results in treating skin diseases, relieves fungi, eliminates itching after insects bite. The extract is also used as an oil for massage and a component in the manufacture of anti-aging facial mask.

Maclura recipes with photos

Today, treatment with Adam’s apple is becoming more and more popular, but traditional medicine does not use these remedies. Therefore, buying a finished product or making it yourself, it is recommended to be extremely careful.

It is very important to understand for yourself that the juice of the maclura fruit is poisonous, and its contact with the mucous membranes or the skin may be fraught with a burn. In addition, it is absolutely contraindicated to take the juice of the fruit inside undiluted.

Refusing treatment with an Adam’s apple is recommended for people who have allergies and diabetes, as well as for women during pregnancy and young children.

Below are some of the most popular recipes for the preparation of drugs based on Adam’s apple.

To make a compress infusion, you will need to take 1 maclyura fruit, clean it thoroughly. In addition, medical alcohol will need 50%, but if it is not, then you can take regular vodka, only pure, without flavors and dyes.

Bay leaf treatment

The method of preparation of the tincture is as follows:

  • A liter jar should be thoroughly washed and put into the oven for a couple of minutes, so that it is heated.
  • Cut the fruit into small pieces, rinse the gluten from them, put in a prepared jar.
  • To bank to fill up to the top with spirit (vodka) so that air bubbles were not. Close tightly with lid.
  • Put for insisting in a dark place, every day for two weeks, the bank must be shaken.

When the tincture is ready, you can start doing compresses on the affected joints. To do this, lay down several layers of gauze, slightly squeeze, put on the joint.

Wrap the top with something warm – with a scarf or scarf. Keep the compress you need only half an hour, no more.

The effect is not long in coming.

Tincture for compresses of maclura leaves

As mentioned above, not only the fruits of this tree have healing properties, but also young shoots with leaves. The leaves are able to relieve a person from inflammation and pain in the joints, as a result, the person not only stops feeling pain, but also discomfort in the joints, because they again become mobile.

Leaf tincture is prepared in the same way as fruit tincture:

To rub the affected joints with the resulting tincture, wrapping something warm – with a scarf or scarf.

Grinding ointment

The ointment is prepared from fully ripe fruit maclura and pork (fresh) fat. If there is no possibility to take the fat or for some reason you do not want to use it, then you can replace the mixture of vegetable oil with beeswax or coconut oil as a substitute.

Prepare the ointment as follows:

It is not for nothing that Maklyura Orange is called the gift of God, for it successfully heals all hopeless ones. Tincture Adam’s apple on alcohol is used mainly for the treatment of tumors of various nature and systemic diseases.

  • Mastopathy, dermatitis, eczema, fibromyoma – outwardly in the form of lotions and compresses;
  • Prostate, Throat, Lip, Lung Cancer – inside, by the accordion method, excluding alcohol and antibiotics during the reception;
  • Intervertebral, inguinal and other types of hernia – externally in the form of rubbing 2-3 times a day;
  • Osteochondrosis, salt deposition, polyarthritis – outwardly, rubbing and compresses, most often at night, warming the sore spot:
  • BPH- outwardly, as a basis for a compress on the crotch area;
  • Polyps – outwardly, 1 tsp of tincture is mixed with the same amount of any oil (sunflower, olive). Turunds are soaked with this mixture and laid in the nose for 30 minutes. After 2 hours, the procedure is repeated.

Using the fruits of Adam’s apple for treatment, it is important to follow a few rules. First, collect the fruit no earlier than September.

Secondly, the collection is better to make gloves. Thirdly, you need to beware of pricking with dry spikes.

Fourthly, to observe the rules of taking and dosage of medication, and in no case do not combine the treatment of maclura with antibiotics and the use of alcoholic beverages.

In case of unpleasant symptoms, stop treatment immediately.

Here it is, the maclura is a sweet round fruit that can both heal and harm when misused. That is why it is so important to know all the subtleties and rules for the use of Adam’s apple in traditional medicine in order to avoid undesirable and life-threatening consequences.

Where to buy drugs containing maclura (Adam’s apple)

However, not everyone has the opportunity to buy fresh fruit. And today, some local regional pharmaceutical manufacturers have already begun the production of preparations containing pulp, juice or extract from the fruit of Adam’s apple.

You can buy a pharmaceutical preparation of maclura tincture, you can find out detailed application instructions in the online store SHOP NOT ACHIEVED.

Everyone who used Maclura in the treatment of orange or products from it, share your results, I will be grateful to you. Be healthy!

Maclura: a recipe for healing ointment

In alternative medicine, Adam’s apple is used not only to make tinctures. Ointment from this fruit has no less healing properties. It is prepared as follows:

Bay leaf treatment

The use of the ointment is effective in the treatment of swollen lymph nodes, pain relief in stretching the muscles and joints, in the treatment of osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids. Prepared in advance according to the recipe described above, the tincture should be mixed with melted pork interior oil or homemade butter at the rate of 1 cup (250 grams) of tincture 0.5 kg of interior fat.

It is better to make the ointment less, how it will end – repeat. Tincture is stored better than ointment.

Tincture of maclura. Home Cooking Recipe

Recipes for ointments, rubbing or tinctures for each treatment are different, there are many of them. There is no strict composition of these tinctures, just as there is no uniform scheme for their use. This again emphasizes how recently the Adam’s apple has been used in treatment, but very successfully and effectively.

I will cite here only one of the options for making alcohol tinctures.

Collect maclyura fruits in ecologically clean areas, wearing gloves (remember the poisonous properties of the fruit), chop the fruit into small pieces and put it into a glass jar, filling it completely, pour it with 70% alcohol, if there is no alcohol, it is forbidden to replace it with moonshine.

There should be no air in the jar as it oxidizes polyphenols and other substances.

Tightly close the lid and insist up to six months in some cases up to a year in normal conditions. Infusion takes an amber-brown hue.

However, you can start the reception after 2 months, when the tincture has a yellowish-orange color. Stored tincture up to 10 years.

The regimen: three times a day, half an hour before meals, starting with 3 drops at the reception, a week later, increase the dose by 1 drop and

If the age is less, then the maximum number of drops is equal to the age. Then we go to the decline, diminishing 1 drop every week until the full course is completed – 60 weeks.

It is possible to combine treatment with maclura preparations with other tinctures, collections and herbs, with the exception of the parallel intake of strong poisons (hemlock, aconite, prince, wolf’s lip and

Such a long course is recommended for severe forms of chronic diseases of the lymphatic system, joints, tumors, heart problems.

After the course of treatment, you need to take a break for two months, then you can again take a course of treatment, depending on the condition of the patient and the results of treatment.

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