Barnabas before and after surgery

About the apparitions and the help of St. Seraphim of Sarov in our days

What is our power to become like Reverend Seraphim of Sarov, and how to acquire the joy with which the saint met every person? About this on the day of his memory these stories.

“These are my powers. Believe, do not doubt, pray to me

– When the relics of Reverend Seraphim were found in St. Petersburg for the second time, I was doubted: was it really his relics? He began to pray. But I cannot calm down internally.

Then one day in the city of Cheboksary Reverend Seraphim himself appeared to me in a dream. I went out to the salt of the left side chapel in the Epiphany Yelokhovsky Cathedral in Moscow – there is still such a niche … And addresses me directly:

– This is my power. Believe, do not doubt, pray to me.

And suddenly became invisible. I woke up and believed!

And soon I was in Moscow, I went to the Epiphany Cathedral … And what did I see ?! Precisely where Reverend Seraphim appeared to me, his relics have just been re-found the second time! They have already been transported here from St. Petersburg. This strengthened my faith even more.

Since then, I have even more honored the wonderworker of Sarov, and I try to visit Diveevo twice a year, worshiping his relics.

The fulfillment of the prophecies of the miracle worker of Sarov

– In the family of my parents – Archpriest Nicholas and Mother Claudius – Rev. Seraphim of Sarov was revered especially. The house has always had a lot of his icons. Every week we tried to read him akathist. We have established a family tradition to read akathists by the days of the week: on Monday – to the Archangels and Angels, on Tuesday – to John the Baptist, on Wednesday – to the Holy Cross and further, depending also on the days of the commemoration of the saints. But the akathist to St. Seraphim was read constantly, as a last resort, if it was not possible weekly, once in two weeks, necessarily. And then Rev. Seraphim called us one by one — the three brothers-priests — to serve in Diveevo. Among the prophecies of the priest Seraphim is, by the way, and this: The time will come when Diveevo will be saved by families.

Unforgettable delight of the first days, years of service in Diveevo. I remember how in the winter of 1990/1991 we learned about the greatest event: in the Leningrad Museum of Atheism the relics of Rev. Father Seraphim were found! Began preparing for the transfer of relics. It was necessary to put in order the temples, the cell corps, the territory of the monastery. In just one year, a tremendous work was done: the Trinity Cathedral was plastered completely outside and inside, reinforced with a stone stylobate at the base, restored its domes, installed crosses, laid a granite floor inside, placed an iconostasis barrier, made a shade over the relics of the monk. The premises of the bell tower were repaired, to which, a little later, on arrival, the first prioress of the revived monastery settled, Mother Sergius, settled. Also on the territory of the monastery built a temporary guest refectory of glass.

The celebration of the meeting of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov was the greatest celebration. Then several prophecies of the saint were fulfilled. Father Seraphim, during his lifetime, promised the Diveyevo sisters that he would rest with them. So it happened. When they gained power, it became clear that they could not be transported to Sarov – a closed zone, all of Russia would not be able to get there. The only way out is to transfer the relics to Diveevo. So Father Seraphim, as promised, came to his beloved Diveevo children.

And they met the monk with that candle, which, before his death, he presented to the Diveyevo sisters

Barnabas before and after surgery

Also, before his death, the monk handed a candle to the sisters, saying that with this candle they would meet him in Diveevo. In Soviet times, she was kept by the last nun of the pre-revolutionary monastery of the monk Margarita (Lakhtionova). This candle was inserted into the big deacon’s candle, which was carried by my elder brother, Protodeacon Vladimir, now deceased.

Another prophecy, the fulfillment of which I also witnessed: Easter will sing in the middle of summer. The relics of the priest Seraphim met about 100 bishops, hundreds of priests, thousands and thousands of laity at the walls of the Diveevsky monastery. When the hierarchs, accompanied by His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II, began to bring cancer into the monastery’s territory through the bell tower, they began to sing: “God be resurrected, and His enemies be squandered …”, “Holy Easter seemed to us this day …” and burst out: “Christ is Risen!” And all these the days of His Holiness the Patriarch and all clergy and laity met each other with the words Christ is Risen! – and answered: Truly Risen! The Easter joy is constantly felt today in Diveyevo.

Let us be like the Rev.

Hegumenia Sergius (Konkova), Mother Superior of the Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevo Monastery:

– When I was still in the world, Archimandrite Seraphim (Shinkarev), a resident of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, was the confessor of our family. He was from Kursk and was named just in honor of the Reverend Countryman. He even looked like Seraphim of Sarov, externally bent over, with a shock of gray hair.

Then, when I was tonsured, I really wanted to be called by the name of a confessor, but I was called Sergiy, because I spent all my childhood and youth under the patronage of St. Sergius in Sergiev Posad. But Reverend Seraphim himself esteemed the hegumen of the Russian Land, even asked that the “Appearance of the Mother of God to St. Sergius” be put in his coffin.

Barnabas before and after surgery

I think that through my confessor the Rev. Seraphim led me through life. And already in hegumenism helps in everything. So just such a large herd – where more than 500 nuns – not to manage.

I constantly remind the sisters: We are all servants of the Queen of Heaven and Father Seraphim. Just imagine, I say, if you are the servant of the Queen of Heaven and Father Seraphim, can you let go, for example, of an inconsolable person, is it somehow wrong to deal with him? You can not, should not. Pray to the Mother of God and Father Seraphim – teach.

Contrary to meteorological forecasts

“Without a prayer, to Father Seraphim in a monastery and in hermitages, not a single thing is done. Once our sister begged us:

– Father Seraphim! Well don’t you see? In our garden everything dries …

And after two hours, contrary to all meteorological forecasts, it rained heavily.

But the winter story. Once on a snowy road near Nizhny Novgorod a respectable car stalled. Time passes, no one. It’s cold, winter, everything is white around … Soon it will get dark, the cell phone does not catch. The driver-sybarite already does not know what to do. Looking around. Suddenly he sees: a man in a “white canvas robe to toe” (as the driver described him). – Ed.) and in sandals. “Easy dressed,” the chillman just managed to think how Father Seraphim disappeared. And the car suddenly started up. This astonished Muscovite reached Diveev and recognized the “muzhik” on the icon. He took off his newfangled sheepskin coat and left for lightly dressed.

Sister prayed: Father Seraphim! Everything dries up in the garden … ”And soon, torrential rain poured

“Yes, Batyushka is sunny, he does not need a sheepskin coat,” the nuns answer. – Read his conversation with Nikolai Motovilov.

– And you read, read their story with Nikolai Alexandrovich, the conversation on the forest winter edge …

As father Seraphim does not give us discouragement

Nun Theophania (Udaltsov), resident of Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevsky monastery:

– In the early 1990s, we arrived at the now well-maintained St. Nicholas Skete in Avtodeevo. Then there was a completely uninhabited place. We have one sister arrived, went to get settled in the sister building, and there instead of the floor there was a hole (the floors were replaced) and such a thin plank … She walked along it, sat on the bed – and wept.

But we still did not lose heart; the realization of the goal of monastic life as the rejection of ourselves and the crucifixion of the Lord came. Father Seraphim was encouraged by the words: “My joy, Christ is Risen!” We constantly prayed to the monk. The sisters lived in love among themselves. And joint overcoming of difficulties always responded with joy.

“What have you got here?” – comes out of her master.

“Diveevsky skete,” we reply.

– And I’m just in Diveevo food, I carry tools. What do you want?

“Barrel, we don’t know how to open …” we are dumbfounded.

Barnabas before and after surgery

He took out a chisel, hammer, other inventory, he opened the barrel to us …

And there are many such stories. The Lord through the prayers of Father Seraphim does not leave those who pray to His venerable saint.

Secrets of gaining Seraphim joy

– How glad to be with God! Rev. Seraphim fasted, prayed, read the Gospel every day. For the week – the entire New Testament. Entirely lived by God. And could not rejoice.

Here we are fasting now Christmas fasting. Non-church people do not understand: why? And why did Rev. Seraphim fast? It is necessary that the soul was clean. It is said: Wisdom does not enter into a wicked soul and does not dwell in a body guilty of sin (Prem. 1: 4)

Why pray? After all, if we want to learn something, even quite earthly knowledge or craft, we go to the teacher, communicate with him. It is the same with the Lord in prayer.

But first you purify your soul in order to come closer to Christ. More precisely, if a person aspires to the Lord, He Himself every rod, the fruit of Him, cleanses him, that he may bear more fruit (cf. John 15: 2).

If we are constantly with God, all our sorrows and mischief will dissolve into the joy of feeling that the Lord is with us.

If, as Reverend Seraphim, we are constantly with God, all our difficulties, sorrows, illnesses, and mischief will dissolve into this joy when we feel that the Lord is with us.

The mind, as Reverend Seraphim of Sarov said, should swim in the Gospel. Without Christ, the heart is empty. Only the Lord Who is One way and truth and life (John 14: 6), gives the soul peace in this vain world. And the joy in the Holy Spirit, like Seraphim, which no one takes from us (see: John 16: 22).

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