At what age the girls begin menstruation

More recently, it was not customary to speak aloud about menopause, now this is the most pressing issue that concerns the health of the female body. Life expectancy increases from year to year, and, having entered adult life, each person tries to understand his own body in order to improve the quality of his life. More and more educated women want to know at what age the menopause of its symptoms begins.

According to the world data, the average age of menopause in women is 45-55 years, and in five out of a hundred women, regular menstruation continues over 55 years. But do not flatter yourself, according to statistics, every eighth woman in a hundred, menopause begins at 40 years of age. The age of onset of menopause is individual, it depends on the genetic predisposition, and has no relation to when menstruation first began. In order to have, at least, the slightest idea of ​​the age at which menopause in a woman will begin, and what his symptoms will be, one must question the mother, grandmother and the next of kin on the maternal line, how old they are, and how it started. The likelihood of menopause in the same scenario is very high. Except for cases when there are interventions from outside, for example, surgical: on the ovaries, uterus, breast, or taking medications that affect estrogen production and metabolism: cytostatics, chemo and radiation therapy, then this can lead to the onset of menopause in any age Of great importance is the presence of chronic diseases in women and bad habits. It is never too early to find out at what age the menopause will begin, and what its symptoms will be, it is only necessary to understand that this is a biological process of nature, and to treat it with understanding. There are no methods by which you can calculate the exact time of the onset of menopause, there are only assumptions.

Rarely menopause occurs at one time, as a rule, there are three periods after which the woman completely leaves the childbearing age. The first is pre-menopausal, it comes about 40 years, during which estrogen production decreases. This manifests itself in irregular periods, they are abundant and all existing gaskets are not effective, they are too scarce. Such symptoms of menopause can last from 2 to 10 years. Over time, the level of estrogen in the body drops to minimal numbers, and menstruation stops, this is the second period, the actual menopause itself or menopause. A year after the last menstruation, the third period begins – postmenopause.

At what age the girls begin menstruation

What is the climax? This is the time when menstruation ends forever and restructuring takes place, the body of a woman from childbearing to a non-fertile stage of life. The production of female sex hormones is reduced after 30 years, the supply of eggs in the ovaries is almost exhausted, and after forty years a woman has almost no eggs left in the uterus that stimulate ovulation and monthly bleeding. But in the ovaries of the woman, after the start of menopause, there is still not a large supply of estrogen and adipose tissue, but this will not be enough, that monthly periods would begin again, and the chance to get pregnant, bear and give birth to a healthy child is minimized. At the same time in the female body begin the processes that are characteristic of this life period of a woman. This is manifested by the restructuring of the female body and changes in the metabolism under a low level of estrogen in the blood. These transformations are temporary, sometimes lasting for a short time and do not interfere with life, and sometimes they torture to such an extent that the quality of life decreases sharply, their intensity and character can vary indefinitely, but with the right approach these manifestations can be more easily tolerated.

We list the main symptoms of menopause in women

At what age the girls begin menstruation

– Famous hot flashes and night sweats are the most common complaint. They manifest a sharp sense of heat exciting the whole body mainly the upper body, neck, face. The body temperature at this point may rise, the pulse quickens, the skin reddens or stains. In most cases, the tides are accompanied by sweating.

– Concerned about the strong palpitations.

– Sleep disturbances – insomnia or difficult falling asleep.

– Feeling tingling in limbs or trembling.

– Numbness of the arms and legs, crawling creeps.

– Muscle pain, for no apparent reason.

At what age the girls begin menstruation

– Mood swings, irritability, fatigue, feeling of causeless anxiety, loss of memory.

– The feeling of lack of air.

– Unreasonable headaches.

– Dryness in the eyes and mouth.

– Changes in taste.

Apparently, the mechanism for the occurrence of these complaints is associated with a drop in the level of estrogen in the blood. As a result, biochemical reactions in the body are changing, metabolic processes are disturbed, and the production of other hormones is reduced. All these menopause symptoms may never meet all together and not be pronounced. Some happy women do not show any sign, or they are of different nature and intensity, but whatever they are, a woman should remember that this is not a figment of her imagination. The symptoms and signs of menopause are completely safe, regardless of overall well-being, and are likely to disappear completely after the female body adapts to the new hormonal background. It is much more important to know about those changes occurring in the body of a woman, with the advent of menopause. The body begins to age and naturally increases the likelihood of chronic diseases, or aggravated over the existing ones. The recovery processes after illness and

However, with all the advantages of hormone therapy, it is not shown to everyone, there are various limitations – cardiovascular disorders, diseases of the excretory and digestive system, endometriosis. Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to resort to natural non-hormonal treatment.

When and at what age the menopause will begin, what will be its symptoms, no doctor can determine with accuracy. The body of each woman is individual, she must know that life does not end with the arrival of menopause, but only its new stage begins.

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