Arthritis Pain Relief

Rheumatoid arthritis has long been known. Feature – severe pain in the joints. Many suffer from the disease, newborn children are at risk. The disease is inherited, acquired during life. Arthritis pains are characteristic at any stage of development, have a different character.

If arthritis of the legs is not treated in time, it will lead to disability, loss of chances to move independently. Severe pain occurs when arthritis is in acute form. The effect of inflammation that occurs in the body. Bones, joint tissues are destroyed. There is no medicine that cures the disease. Complex exercises are used, drugs that help to recover, stop development. Requires consultation with your doctor. Fighting the disease begins with the elimination of symptoms, pain is the primary symptom.

Arthritis Pain Relief

Relieve arthritis pain can be in ways that depend on the symptoms of the disease. Causes of arthritis, methods of dealing with pain:

  1. If a person with overweight suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, it is worth eliminating those extra pounds. When moving, the load on the legs increases – there is an increased load on the joints; Recommended special gymnastics, diet.
  2. Help in the fight against rheumatoid arthritis – physical activity. Do not do the exercises quickly – complicate the condition, the nature of the flow of inflammation in the joints. Exercises are selected by a doctor. It is permissible to do exercises lying down, sitting, standing. When changing positions, the main thing is movement. Muscle load of the legs is increasing, it is safe to say that the pain subsides, inflammation decreases. There are exercises that help to overcome the disease – swimming, walking, yoga. Exercises for the legs, the body will not restore the joints, improve mobility, soothe pain.
  3. The ability to relax. If you constantly think about pain leads to depression. It is recommended to relax, apply breathing exercises, trying to forget about the trouble. Relieve fatigue, pain will help a warm bath. Doctors prescribe trips to the bath, sauna.

These methods will remove the pain, this is a small help. A doctor who treats a patient from the beginning can make a diagnosis, prescribe the correct treatment.

How to eat with arthritis to reduce inflammation and pain

It is worth staying on nutrition for rheumatoid arthritis – it is directly related to pain. It is required to reduce the use of spicy and salty foods. It is recommended to include in the diet the following products:

    Every day, eat 100 grams of cod liver to provide the body with essential vitamins. Thanks to vitamins A and D, the destroyed bones are restored and the inflammation goes away, muscle pain is relieved. Doctors often use cod liver oil instead of cod liver.

Making a diet is easy, you first need to consult with your doctor.

Treatment by Evdokimenko system and folk remedies

The problem of pain in rheumatoid arthritis has been studied for a long time. More and more people turn to Dr. Evdokimenko for help. He treats the disease and wrote a scientific textbook about the problem. You can get rid of the disease in a number of ways, if the pathology is not deep. If the disease proceeds in a serious form, the use of active agents and methods is required.

Arthritis Pain Relief

In the book, Pavel Evdokimenko tells how to overcome the pain of arthritis, without resorting to surgery. The doctor treats both with traditional methods and medical preparations, and selects an effective complex of therapy. Evdokimenko says metabolic arthritis is common, so treatment is directed toward eliminating the primary problem – destruction of bone and cartilage of the joints.

Folk remedies and methods will help relieve pain even if arthritis is acute in nature. In rheumatoid arthritis, treatment is used to eliminate chronic pain in the joints. Hitting areas of the legs, the disease makes dependent on expensive drugs. Glucosamine heals cartilage and helps them recover – the predominant component of the tissue component, it is prescribed for the disease. Among the folk remedies emit:

  1. Apple cider vinegar helps relieve inflammation. Drink one teaspoon in the morning. When the inflammation is relieved, the pain goes away, the muscle tissue of the legs returns to normal.
  2. Curcumin. Often used as a spice, but the nature and composition suggests that turmeric has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Eat, you can make medicinal compresses.
  3. Eating nutmeg grapes and cherries. Contains a lot of nutrients that help overcome pain.
  4. Treats arthritis gold with silver if the cause is a virus.

Arthritis Pain Relief

There are many ways and methods to deal with arthritis pain, but treatment should be coordinated with a doctor.

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