Archangel Gabriel Patron

A happy person is one that could take place in life, to bring something into it. The most important and basic one chooses for oneself. For someone, this is a family, for someone, work. And in this and in the other sphere one cannot do without hard work and the desire to learn.

But sometimes desire alone is not enough – it happens that things don’t go uphill, they stop and a series of bad luck begins. What to do? In such cases, people always turn to higher powers. If there is sincere faith, the appeal to the Almighty will be heard.

How to offer a prayer?

The very first rule of prayer is sincerity.. That is, you must sincerely desire what you pray for. You must also believe in the power of your words. Before you read a prayer, you must drive out all evil feelings and thoughts from your heart. Another prayer does not tolerate haste. It is important.

Any case or request to voice begin with a common prayer:

“Our Father, art thou in heaven! Thy holy name be hallowed, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, thou art in heaven and earth. Our daily bread give us dusk; and leave us our debt, as we leave it to our debtor; And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Patron saints

All patrons for professions have long been identified by the church. The patron is chosen by his actions. There are no lists, of course, but after reading and recognizing the lives of the saints, for yourself you can choose a patron who was closer to your occupation.

  • Travelers and people whose work is at risk helps Nicholas the Wonderworker. Everyone who is involved with the movement (motorists, drivers of all types of transport), carrying loads can choose a patron St. Christopher.
  • Archangel Gabriel takes care of diplomats, as well as postal workers and philatelists.
  • The workers of the printed word is patronized by the apostle John the Theologian and saint luke. Also holy Luke, who is considered the first icon painter, patronizes artists.

Archangel Gabriel Patron

  • Artists, singers helps Rev. Roman, who was nicknamed the Sweetheart. Anyone who is somehow associated with choreography can be honored as their patron. St. Martyr Vita.
  • Builders helps Saint Alexy, Metropolitan of Moscow. Realtors – Rev. Alexander Kushtsky and Euthymius of Syanzhem.
  • People whose work is connected with money are under strong protection apostle matthew.
  • Saints Cyril and Methodius patronize teachers. St. Sergius of Radonezh and the martyr Tatiana look after the pupils and students.

  • Military people reserved George the Victorious and Ilya Muromets Pechersky.
  • People associated with jurisprudence, as well as scientists choose the faithful prince as their patron Yaroslav the Wise.
  • People fishing and hunting turn to to the apostles Andrew and Peter.
  • Beekeepers are defenders Rev. Zosima and Savvaty, John the Baptist. Flower growers and gardeners patronizes martyr dorothea.
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    From evil people

    Good relations with the team – the key to successful work. But some people may be negative to you. It may be envy or simply hostility, but working in this atmosphere is unpleasant. Believers in such situations will be rescued by an appeal to the Holy Aides.

    Prayer from the evil bearers:

    “Wonderworker Nicholas, God’s Blessed One. Protect me from those who wish to be grieved, under the guise of kindness that they hide their thoughts. Let them find joy forever, they will not come to the workplace with sin. Thy will be done. Amen.

    Mother Matron is asked to:

    “Oh, Blessed Staritsa Matrona of Moscow. Ask the Lord God for protection against enemy attacks. Cleanse my life’s journey from strong enemy envy and send soul salvation from heaven. Let it be so. Amen.

    Archangel Gabriel Patron

    Strong prayer to the Virgin:

    “Soften our wicked hearts, Our Lady, and the misfortunes of those who hate us fade away and solve all our narrowness of soul. On Your bo holy image gazing, Your suffering and mercy about us are touched and your wounds are kissed, but our arrows, the tormenting ones, are terrified. Do not let us, Mati the Blessed, in our cruelty and from the cruelty of our neighbors perish. You fight si truly evil hearts softening.

    For well-being, good luck in work and earnings

    A prayer to Jesus is said before work every day so that everything will work out:

    “Lord Jesus Christ, the beginningless father, the only begotten son! You yourself said, when you were among the people on earth, that without me you can do nothing. Yes, my Lord, I believe with all my heart and soul with what you said and ask you for my blessing. Give it to me, without interference, to begin and safely complete to your glory. Amen!

    After the end of the work day, it is important to thank God:

    “Who fulfilled my day and work with blessing, O Jesus Christ, my Lord, I thank you with all my heart and offer you my praise. My soul glorifies you, O God, my God, forever and ever. Amen!

    So that the work is always accompanied by luck and avoids all the troubles:

    Archangel Gabriel Patron

    Lord Heavenly Father! In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray Thee for success in all the works of my hands. Whatever I do (a) and whatever I undertake, give me success in abundance. Give me abundant blessings on all my works and on the fruits of my works. Teach me to work effectively in all those areas where you gave me talents and save me from fruitless deeds. Teach me a lot of success! Teach me what and how I need to do to be abundantly successful in all areas of my life. Amen!

    How to pray to the saints in order not to lose their work?

    Reorganization, crisis, downsizing, conflict with the head – how many reasons to remain without means of subsistence. Prayers can help in order not to be fired.

    Ask your angel for help:

    “Holy Angel of Christ, my benefactor and patron, I pray to you, a sinner. Help an Orthodox who lives according to the commandments of God. I ask you about a little, I ask you to help me along the way in my life, I ask you to support me in a difficult moment, I ask for honest luck; and all the rest will come by itself, if the will of the Lord be so. Therefore, I do not think of anything else, except for success in my life and in all sorts of things. Forgive me if you are a sinner in front of you and God, pray to my Heavenly Father for me and bestow upon me your beneficence. Amen.

    To protect against injustice, the intrigues of the spiteful critics:

    “Lord, Merciful, detain now and good and slow down all my plans around me until the evangelism of my transfer, exile, dismissal, dismissal and other wiles is planned. So the demands and desires of all who condemn me evil destroy. And bring the spiritual blindness to the eyes of those who revolt all of me on my enemies. And you, the Holy Lands of Russia, with your strength for me, develop devilish charms, wickedness and diabolical plans — I am annoyed to destroy my wealth and myself. The Archangel Michael is a formidable guard and a great sword of fire wanting the enemies of the human race to kill me. And the Lady, “The Unbreakable Wall,” called, for me hostile and dirty tricks of the malicious, the barrier of the unbreakable defensive stand. Amen!

    You can also pray in your own words, which come from the heart. Remember, sincere, filled with faith, prayer will surely help you.

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