Anastasia Kvitko before surgery

Combining glamorous looks with humor and self-irony is not an easy task. But in this way it is possible to stand out among hundreds of lacquered stars of show business, similar to one another. This is exactly what Anastasia Ivleeva, a comedian girl in the form of a stunning beauty, did. She became famous for her short ridiculous vines, thanks to whom she gained millions of followers on Instagram, and further strengthened her popularity by becoming the leading TV project “Eagle and tails.”

Nastina’s beauty is not spoiled even by the numerous grimaces with which she gladly furnishes her videos. Not surprisingly, the fans do not cease to guess: did the outstanding data inherited the girl, or was it a matter of successfully performed plastics? In the comments under her posts, only lazy did not indicate unnatural breasts, enlarged lips, and generally too dramatic changes in appearance that have occurred in recent years. To deal with this issue

Career: from manicurist to TV star

  • Birthday: March 8, 1991
  • Height: 174 cm. Weight:

64 kg

  • Parameters: 97-66-98, breast size: 3-3.5
  • Professional achievements were given to Anastasia very difficult. After school, she began to study at the university, choosing the specialty “Public Relations”, and at the same time worked as a manicurist in the suburbs of St. Petersburg. According to the girl’s stories, the salary was so miserable that instead of a normal lunch, she and her friend barely scraped up a little change on “Snickers”. At 21, Nastya gets a hostess at a nightclub, where she gets her first useful contacts.

    The girl understands that she was created for a better life and in 2015 she moves to Moscow. Big city – great opportunities, but for the sake of a beautiful life I had to sweat. Ivleeva enrolls at the Ostankino television school, while at the same time studying, she works at a car dealership to have money for a rented apartment and other household needs. The hard schedule from 9 to 18 was similar for Nastya to death, but she understood that for the sake of a dream it is worth suffering.

    I discovered the future celebrity in Instagram, where I started my humorous blog with short videos – Vains. Here the beauty fully revealed the creative potential, showing good acting data, and a wonderful sense of humor. Soon Nastya cooperated with other well-known winers – Ida Galich, Margot Dirj, Eldar Jaharov – and began to produce even more explosive videos with them. Well, and then – more:

    • 2016 – participation in the show Can all on the channel U.
    • 2017 – leading on the red carpet of the 5th MusicBox Real Awards ceremony.
    • 2018 – co-presenter of the MUZ-TV music award (instead of Kudryavtseva).
    • 2018 – the launch of its own project AGENTSHOW, in which Ivleeva meets with the stars of the domestic show business.

    Also, the girl starred in advertising Beeline and a large number of music videos. Maxim’s editorial team didn’t overlook the rising star: for the famous men’s gloss, Anastasia was shot twice – in 2016 and in 2018. According to her, the proposals from the publication for shooting in the “nude” style have been received before, even before fame on Instagram and on TV (then Ivleev was found on the questionnaire on the website for the selection of actors). However, taking care of her future career and her reputation, she refused such a provocative start.

    Nastya had several loud novels. The first is with Arseny Borodin, the lead singer of the Chelsea group. She met him in 2011, still living in St. Petersburg. Relations with the musician became especially close when our heroine moved to Moscow. By the way, it is believed that it was Arseny who pushed Anastasia to the idea of ​​keeping his video blog.

    In 2017, the beauty broke up with Borodin and began to meet with another performer – Oleg Miami. Most likely, the first spark was lit between young people during the joint work on the clip “If you are with me”, although this relationship quickly disappeared. But Ivleeva did not miss alone for long: at first she was assigned a romance with her colleague on the Eagle and Tails project, Anton Ptushkin, and later it became known that she was dating rapper Eldzhey. Star couple posted a lot of joint photos, and on the interview with Yuri Dudya Nastya told a lot of details about their intimate life.

    How did Ivleeva’s appearance change and what kind of plastic surgery did she do?

    This comparative collage of photos of 2007 and 2017, Anastasia herself laid out on her wall Vkontakte – apparently, to refute the judgments about the obvious alterations of the person. The main features are really preserved: as a teenager, Nastya was the owner of the same large expressive eyes, full lips, and refined chin. But there are also visible changes: the cheekbones look sharper, the cheeks are gone, the eyebrows are raised, they are much wider and darker, and the lips are even more voluminous. However, no radical differences, which would clearly indicate a plastic face, are really not observed.

    In addition, for a long time Anastasia wore dark shades of hair – from brown-haired to brunette, it was with these flowers that she began to conquer Instagram and won the first hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Now she is blonde, and repainting of hair, as is known, in itself, significantly changes appearance. But let’s sort it out in order:

    At Nastya he was originally neat, slightly upturned – we see exactly the same thing in the current photos. There are minimal differences (slightly back, sharper tip and thinner wings), but we would not say that the reason is in operation, not in the play of light and successful make-up.

    • Conclusion: Ivleeva either did not do rhinoplasty at all, or it cost a minor, almost imperceptible correction.

    And here the changes are visible to the naked eye: although Anastasia was naturally lucky with volumes in the right places, she still could not refrain from fashion trends and took advantage of fillers. In the photo of different years it is not difficult to see how the size and shape of our heroine’s lips changes:

    By the way, Ivleeva’s gorgeous smile is complemented by snow-white, perfectly even teeth. In recognition of the beauty, it is a merit of modern dentistry – the girl has veneers.

    • Conclusion: TV presenter enlarges lips with the help of injections. Most likely, it chokes one of the preparations based on hyaluronic acid – today it is the most popular and safest method to add volume where it is lacking.

    Face sculpture:

    Those who are younger than 35-40 years, in fact, do not need surgical plastics – to create perfect chins, cheekbones, cheeks and areas around the eyes, and at the same time, simple “beauty shots” . And, judging by the photo, Anastasia also could not resist the temptation to work on herself at the beautician. Most likely, with the help of hyaluronic, Ivleev changed the volume of the cheekbones.

    In addition, the girl’s eyebrows are slightly raised, which allows you to demonstrate a young, open look. This effect can be achieved either with the help of a competent brow-master, or by relaxing the muscles you need with Botox injections.

    Also, Anastasia has an almost perfect chin and neck area. But it is rather the merit of natural data, youth and an active lifestyle. As a rule, the lower third of the face weighs fat, age-related ptosis of soft tissues and massive jaw shape. Ivleeva, we do not see any of these negative factors – so the girl hardly had to change anything artificially.

    The star does not speak directly about the procedures performed, but in her interviews she has repeatedly spoken positively about beauty injections. According to her, injections bring obvious benefits: they give the skin vitamin reinforcement, tighten and rejuvenate it, and with age, the fight against wrinkles becomes a necessity at all.

    • Conclusion: to improve her face and remove the first signs of aging, Anastasia uses hyaluronic acid fillers and, possibly, Botox. The girl does not overdoing with injections: her appearance looks natural, and the mimicry remains completely “alive”, thanks to which Ivleeva continues to make cute faces in her Vainas andAgentShow.

    Super-body: exercise equipment or plastic?

    In addition to the attractive face, our heroine is also famous for her stunning figure. It’s not a shame to walk along the red carpet of some music award and appear on the beach in the next issue of “Eagle and Tails”. Gossipers claim that the star at least did a volumetric liposuction, or even completely removed a pair of ribs – however, such speculation persecutes all the more or less well-known girls with a thin waist.

    It is impossible to say unequivocally that there was no plastics here, of course, it is impossible – it is possible that Ivleeva slightly corrected the body contours in one way or another, be it classical liposuction, Vaser or lipolitics. But it should be remembered that at the dawn of her career, she regularly posted photos from the gym to Instagram, moreover, the girl adheres to proper nutrition and has an extremely busy work schedule: you want it or not, but keeps the figure in good shape.

    • Conclusion: narrow waist and elastic hips – this is primarily the merit of Nastya’s works in the gym. True, according to the star itself, now she goes to the gym much less frequently, and she is helped by a crazy work schedule and constant activity. Perhaps that is why now her figure does not quite correspond to the canons of fitness models, but nevertheless retains slender and attractive outlines.

    Anastasia Kvitko before surgery

    Legs, butt … the main thing – chest!

    Ivleevoy bust really attracts attention. This is the favorite object of the operators of the Eagle and Tails transfer, AgentShow and Vine videos – it’s a sin not to take such beauty in close-up, even if it’s just a joke. That’s just the question – whether it is a natural volume or obtained by plastic – for a long time remained open. In many respects, because there are practically no early photos of the teledivs where this part of the body would have been visible: everywhere it appears already with a good third size, as if it was born with it – you are not undermining.

    The intrigue was revealed in one of the issues of the “Eagle and Reshki”, where Anton Ptushkin, co-host of Anastasia, got an appointment with a plastic surgeon in Seoul. He showed the doctor pictures of his partner and asked if this girl needed to increase her breasts? To which the Korean specialist confidently declared that our heroine does not need the operation, since she already has implants.

    The beauty herself never commented on that situation. Only in one interview she indirectly walked through the topic, saying that she was not against plastic surgery, if thanks to this a woman would feel more confident, more desirable and happier.

    • Conclusion: Nastya Ivleeva increased her chest, about 2 sizes. Assumptions subscribers confirmed expert surgeon.

    What does her tattoo mean?

    The body of the famous Insta Diva is decorated with several tattoos. One of them depicts a girl’s face, stylized as a skull:

    On the back of the blonde there is a small butterfly – this drawing Nastya made as a gift to herself, beloved for the 18th anniversary. On each hand of the star there is one color image: on the right – an owl, on the left – a swallow. On the left forearm is also a tattoo in the form of a heart with a small airplane.

    Even on her back, on the right, there is the Sak-Yant sign, which, according to Thai belief, attracts wealth. By the way, similar magically charged drawings adorn the bodies of Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as Michelle Rodriguez. And not so long ago, Nastya nabil on the wrist “360” – the name of the song of her current beloved Eldzhey. But this is not for some Thai magic, but for love.

    • Total: Anastasia Ivleeva did breast plastic surgery, and, most likely, this is her only operation at the moment. The “beauty shots” are not alien to the girl, but she treats aesthetic surgery without prejudice. And if, with age, she feels the desire to pull something up or correct it, we think that she will not have any problems with “lying under the scalpel”.
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