Anal without enema

Sex is a very intimate, personal and delicate matter. He always assumes hygienic standards that must be respected by sex couples. After all, first of all, it is a factor that determines the attitude towards oneself, and then – towards the partner. So we show our respect or, on the contrary, show disrespect for the partner.

Before sex, we always take a shower, try to use gels and creams, foams and mousses, after which our skin will be not only clean, but also delicate, fragrantly smelling and silky. But this refers to the traditional, so let’s say, classical intercourse. But more recently, we have discussed in some detail with you another type of sexual intercourse – anal sex.

And about him it is worth discussing one more detail, because since this type of sex, even if it is already well-spread and widely elected in pairs, is nevertheless not as commonly used as vaginal.

And because for it we exist a mass of its subtleties and nuances. But if you and I have already discussed all these touches, then we haven’t paid much attention to hygiene during anal sex. Let’s talk about it.

In principle, in hygiene before anal sex There is absolutely nothing complicated. Everything is accented only on one moment – cleansing the intestines. It is, so to speak, an inner, deep cleansing, which is necessary besides the traditional shower or bath.

But many couples and many people ask the question:

  • Do I need to do an enema before anal sex?
  • Is an enema required before anal sex?
  • If this procedure is necessary, then how to do an enema before anal sex?
  • How to make an enema before anal sex?
  • How useful is anal sex in general?

Anal without enema

Let’s talk about this …

Cleansing enema before anal sex

The very first question that worries all women before anal sex, is it worth doing a pre-enema?

Before answering this question, you need to think about how the human body works, or rather, we will talk about the physiological structure of the intestine. Man has an internal sphincter and external sphincter. The external sphincter is a ring that a person can touch from the outside.

Internal sphincter located inside (hence its name), it has an average length of thirty millimeters. The internal sphincter performs such a basic function as a barrier. It is a kind of barrier to prevent an involuntary eruption of the containing in the rectum.

If you do not have any intestinal disorders, and you do not urgently want to go to the toilet “for an adult,” and you are a completely healthy person, then the internal sphincter has free space from any contents at a distance of thirty millimeters. This distance is quite enough for the male sexual organ not to stumble upon something unpleasant within you.

Do I need an enema before anal sex?

Being guided by this, girls believe that they need an enema without any need. But it should be noted that if shortly before sexual intercourse you made a “serious” trip to the restroom room, then inside you, on these very walls of the sphincter, some residual contamination may remain.

In this case, the enema becomes more relevant, because without it, you and your partner can get into an unpleasant confusion, which both of you will remember for a long memory.

So how do you do an enema at home for a girl?

It is important to know that the enema before anal sex is very different from the usual medical enema. Do not do an enema under great pressure, as you can damage the walls of the internal sphincter.

And then you can be seriously injured, so you forget what anal sex is, either completely or for a long time for sure.

You can replace an enema before anal with a regular condom, if you hesitate to discuss similar issues with your partner and help each other in such hygienic measures as cleansing through an enema. Then neither your man does not stain his friend, nor you yourself will not be nervous and worry about this matter.

Anal without enema

Enema before anal sex

  1. If you are still doing an enema, then start by smearing its tip with either a fat baby cream or petroleum jelly.
  2. Be very careful when penetrating the enema into the anus (and, of course, during sex itself). During anal sex is best to always wear a condom, it gives you a guarantee that you will not get sick.
  3. The water in the enema should be warm, not cold, at room temperature, about 20-25 degrees. You should not pour into yourself a full two liters of water, 300–500 milliliters is enough.
  4. The water should not be hard, so drinking water is more suitable than tap water. You can also do an enema with warm chamomile decoction: prepare for anal sex and bring benefit to the body.
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