Alena Shishkova let them speak

Their love is gone, and the money ex-lover left. Which celebrity was lucky with the divorce – in the compilation Woman’s Day.

Katya Osipova · September 29, 2018

These beauties once made the right choice: they started dating a successful businessman, gave birth to a child from him, and even signed a contract. And let the relationship did not work out and the spouse moved to the status of ex, but now they are not afraid either for themselves or for their son or daughter, because from the former there is an impressive state …

Julia Baranovskaya, TV presenter

Former common-law husband: Andrey Arshavin.

We lived together: 9 years.

Children: son Artem, 11 years old, daughter Yana, 8 years old, son Arseny, 4 years old.

Julia Baranovskaya began dating football player Andrei Arshavin when he was not yet as famous and rich as he is now (but in marriage his condition has noticeably improved). Their relationship developed rapidly, and very soon the couple began to live together, and then their first child was born. Later, Andrei was invited to play in England, and he moved to London with Julia and the children. There their family life and cracked. Footballer gained popularity, began to receive impressive fees, and at some point he was not up to his wife. He decided to leave (according to rumors, to another woman) and left the former with nothing. But she was not taken aback and filed a lawsuit against Arshavin in English

Elena Podkaminskaya, actress

Ex-husband: Alexander Plyatseva.

Lived in marriage: four years.

Children: daughter Pauline, 6 years old.

The relationship between actress Elena Podkaminskaya and the president of the Association of Trading Companies and producers of electrical household and computer equipment, Alexander Plyatsevy, began very nicely. They met at the Theater of Nations, where Elena played in the play, and he came there as a spectator. A man fell in love with an actress at first sight, and then began giving her luxurious bouquets of roses and inviting for dates … Three years later they had a wedding, and a year later they had a daughter, Pauline. Elena and Alexander looked like a model couple. But once something went wrong … Despite the fact that the family was well off, Podkaminskaya could not leave a career. In 2012, the TV series Kitchen with her in the lead role, and she instantly became known to the whole country. Helen began to be invited to all kinds of talk shows, and she agreed. At some point, Plyatseva began to be jealous of his spouse and to work, and to the fans. They broke up.

The divorce process stretched out for a while. Former lovers shared property. The fact is that during his lifetime with an actress, a businessman acquired several apartments and did not want to give them to the former. As a result, he sold one apartment, others signed for relatives. But Elena still got something. Including monthly alimony, which can not deny his beloved daughter.

Alena Shishkova let them speak

Katie Holmes, actress

Ex-husband: Tom Cruise.

Lived in marriage: 5 years.

Children: daughter Suri, 10 years old.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise were considered the most beautiful couple in Hollywood. Yes, and rich. Only the wedding cost the actors $ 2.5 million! Unfortunately, after five years of married life, Katie filed for divorce because of Tom’s irresponsible interest in Scientology. It is not known what the celebrity would have left after the break with the betrothed, if before the marriage her father, divorce lawyer Martin Holmes, would not help her conclude a contract with Cruise. His conditions, it should be noted, turned out to be very interesting: Katie should have got everything, and Tom – nothing! So and

Victoria Ooh! Soot, model and presenter

Former common-law husband: Alex Smurfit.

We lived together: 6 years.

Children: daughter Angelina Letitia, 4 years old.

Victoria Bonya met the son of Irish billionaire Alex Smerfit in the company of mutual friends in Moscow. Their romance began immediately. And after a while they decided to live together and have children. “Alex has always dreamed of becoming a young father,” Victoria explained to journalists at the time. Their daughter Angelina Leticia was born in March 2012 in the best clinic in Cannes (by the way, in the same one where Angelina Jolie herself had given birth). Then everything was like a fairy tale. Soot and Smerfit and their daughter finally moved from Moscow to Monte Carlo, traveled around Europe and America, shared in cute social network photos. But at one moment it was all over. Russian TV presenter began to come to Moscow more often and stopped posting pictures of Alex on Instagram. And then completely announced their separation.

However, the couple broke up peacefully. Without scandals and intrigues. Smerfit left Bona and her daughter a spacious apartment in Monaco, and his alimony is enough for a luxurious life. He, we note, is not only the heir of his father’s huge corporation, but also has a business in Europe (read more HERE). And if we add to this the income of Wiki from advertising projects, its own line of swimsuits and seminars on personal growth, then in terms of money, it remained a big plus. No wonder a celebrity almost every week with a friend is resting in Spain, now in Italy, now in the Emirates. True, Bonia does not intend to rest on his laurels. In her immediate plans – acting courses in Los Angeles.

Alena Shishkova let them speak

By the way, long before she met Alex, Victoria said that she wanted to leave Russia to conquer Europe and America. And now, it seems, now her dreams have begun to come true …

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