Alena Shishkova before surgery

Famous beauties from Instagram are notable for their impeccable appearance. But have they always been so perfect? Many girls had to go the whole way to become the embodiment of beauty standards. Some succeed, others fall prey to plastics, and others lose their individuality and resemble dolls released from a single conveyor. Let’s find out how the stars of Instagram looked like before they did the beauty tuning.

Victoria Lopyreva

Miss Russia – 2003 conducted a global work on its appearance. Now she looks very different than at the beginning of her career. The “before” and “after” photos speak for themselves: a new nose shape, plumper lips and fillers did their job.

Anastasia Kvitko

Instagram star Anastasia Kvitko assures that she owes her figure only to Mother Nature and time spent in the gym. But old photos hint at surgery. “I am one hundred percent sure of myself, I would never change my appearance. For example, my nose is slightly crooked, but I love him and that’s my highlight, ”the girl says. Nastya may not have touched her face, but it is difficult to exclude lipofilling, liposuction and mammoplasty.

Victoria Bonya

Victoria Ooh! Soot says, that she not did plastic operations and its beauty completely natural. However, fans of the star believe that puffy lips, delineated cheekbones and a toned face are nothing but the result of the work of the surgeon’s skilled hands and injections.

Sasha Markina

Sasha Markina has become famous in the vast social network not so long ago, but has already won her audience. Of course, not without the help of plastics: a vivid example of the transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Olesya Malibu

Olesya Malibu became famous for her outrageous image: she was so fascinated with plastic that she became a famous freak. The blonde with a magnificent bust and huge lips was the heroine of many television projects: “House-2”, “Let’s get married!” And others. Veneers, numerous injections for lip augmentation, correction of the shape of the nose and chin – and this is not a complete list of tricks that Olesya went for. Fortunately, at some point she decided to stop and returned to a more natural appearance.

Alena Shishkova before surgery

Oksana Samoilova

The wife of rapper Dzhigan and mother of three charming daughters Oksana Samoilova also worked on herself. Now she has the perfect figure, hair, skin, nose, lips and cheekbones.

Anastasia Reshetova

Beloved Timati and the model of Anastasia Reshetova noticeably improved her appearance, but in what ways is the question open. 15 years. Well, now you know everything about me. The difference is obvious, but I think that in their “young” photos, everything looks different, ”the girl noted.

Maria Pogrebnyak

The footballer’s wife, Pavel Pogrebnyak, used to look different from today. There were no these plump lips, and the shape of the nose was completely different … However, Maria always wore white long hair (the key to success with football players). But before tuning the girl was more natural and prettier.

Instagram star Anyuta Rai would hardly have achieved such success if not for plastic surgeons. They radically changed her appearance, “creating” her face (lips, nose, cheekbones) and breasts.

Alena Shishkova

The model, the former girl Timati and the mother of their common daughter Alena Shishkova became famous, including thanks to her appearance. This is an example of competent plastics, which emphasized the personality and beauty of the girl, her cold type and hid flaws.

Nita Kuzmina

The transformation of the former member of “Vacation in Mexico” can be called impressive. She skillfully beat her exotic appearance, making lips, cheekbones, nose and chin.

Svetlana Bilyalova

It was plastic operations that helped Svetlana Bilalova to build a career in an advertising model. Bloggers are confident that it has increased breasts, lips and changed the shape of the nose (at least).

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