Alcohol and weight loss metabolism

Does alcohol prevent weight loss

If you are dieting to lose weight, can you drink alcohol? Will alcohol prevent weight loss? Now we will understand.

Perhaps you will get some amount of calories from beer or wine, but only because of the impurities in these drinks. It is impossible to get fat from pure alcohol (for example, from vodka), just as you cannot satisfy their hunger. The energy of alcohol is poorly absorbed by the body, the body itself spends energy on the processing of alcohol. Calorie alcohol only in the sense that when it is oxidized, a lot of heat is released, but it is not at all nutritious. However, alcohol can interfere with weight loss indirectly.

First, there are quite a few people who really want to eat from a hangover: this is an individual feature of intracerebral dopamine metabolism, an analogue of the cannabinoid zhora. If this is your case – do not sweep away everything from the refrigerator, but read the article “What is better to eat from a hangover”: from it you will learn what products help you recover from a hangover faster.

Secondly, alcohol reduces the overwhelming effect of the cerebral cortex on the subcortex and thereby disinfects all basic human instincts: aggression, libido, and hunger as well. Therefore, in a drunken state, you can eat more, even if you are determined to lose weight: alcohol causes the brain to violate the restrictions.

Diet spoils not alcohol, but a rich snack.

Studies have shown the opposite result: most alcohol abusers have underweight. This is due to the fact that:

  • most people with alcohol problems are simply undernourished;
  • In addition, ethyl alcohol causes certain digestive disorders and interferes with the normal absorption of nutrients.

Weight gain is usually associated with eating habits against the background of some drinks. Most often, the belly grows with beer lovers, but this is not due to the caloric content of the drink, but the caloric content of the products used with it: chips, french fries, and so on.

Is it possible to drink alcohol for appetite

Sometimes people who do not want to lose weight, but rather suffer from insufficient appetite, may be addicted to have a glass of wine before dinner, or something stronger. In minimal doses, strong alcoholic beverages stimulate appetite and stimulate digestion due to irritation of the mucous membrane and the subsequent release of an additional amount of gastric juice. But if you go over a little, then the harm to digestion will be much more significant: for an average person weighing 70 kg, digestive disorders start after taking 200 ml of vodka.

In addition, regular use of alcohol very quickly leads to alcoholism. If you have problems with appetite, it is better to start a more healthy lifestyle – sometimes this is already enough for a healthy appetite. If not, then you should consult a doctor: lack of appetite can be a sign of problems in the body, and after treatment everything will return to normal.

Is it possible to drink alcohol during Lent

According to religious rules, at the time of fasting alcohol is prohibited (except for days of exceptions). It turns out that giving up alcohol during fasting has not only a religious basis, but also a dietary one: the time of fasting, as a rule, corresponds to one-year periods of deterioration in the absorption of food and (or) a decrease in the detoxification capabilities of the body. Therefore, there is a logical basis for posts. And abstinence from alcohol is always useful, not only in posts. “In posts it is even more necessary than useful,” notes the toxicologist.

Slimming and Alcohol Problems

So, alcohol in itself does not add you extra pounds, although it may adversely affect the diet indirectly. But conversely, losing weight can change the usual effects of alcohol on your body. Here is what one of our visitors writes:

“A year ago I weighed about 80 kg I gained weight with the help of beer and decided to throw off the weight quickly for a month and a half I dropped 15–18 kg on a diet, and after that the problems started no matter how I drank the hangover it was just wild, I would like to ask the specialist that can be the cause of such a change?

The expert of our site, toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko explains the situation by the fact that rapid weight loss significantly changes the body metabolism, including the metabolism of alcohol. After a significant weight loss, the hangover can become not only stronger, but also come faster than usual. If you diligently lose weight, be prepared for various surprises from the body, including a quick and strong reaction to alcohol.

Alcohol and weight loss metabolism

Also pay attention to those who want to lose weight on the psychological side of the problem: the fact is that overeating and alcoholism are close for reasons of appearance and mechanisms of development of the condition (especially for women). And when a person lacks the usual pleasure of eating food (a person is on a diet), the craving for alcohol can increase: the pleasure of alcohol will become a substitute for the pleasure of eating. In this case, you should contact a narcologist: not only about the incipient alcoholism, but also on the problem of overweight.

What is an alcoholic diet

If you are afraid of getting better, drink a glass of wine before eating: wine weakens fear. This is not just a joke: to find out how alcohol forces us to forget about diet – read detailed explanations of the toxicologist Stanislav Radchenko, an expert site

On the Internet you can find descriptions of unusual alcoholic diets for those who want to lose weight: a diet on wine, on vodka, on beer. For example, it is recommended to follow a strict diet for a week and at the same time drink a liter of cold beer daily: the popularizers of this method claim that the diuretic effect of beer contributes to weight loss, the useful substances of natural beer support the body during the diet, the cholesterol level decreases, and during assimilation by the body cold beer is spent calories for warming.

Is the diet effective in beer?

Doctors warn that such a diet is more like domestic drinking. Daily alcohol consumption is fraught with the development of alcoholism, and the benefits of beer for weight loss is not confirmed from the point of view of medicine. The diuretic effect of beer really contributes to the fact that the scales will show a smaller result: after all, the body has lost some amount of fluid. When you want to drink, you will inevitably gain your weight back, and these actions will not affect the amount of adipose tissue.

Alcohol and weight loss metabolism

A waste of calories on the assimilation of cold beer by the body is also from the field of fantasy. Otherwise, the loss would occur from any cold drink or food, and indeed from contact with a source of low temperatures. For example, pressed his forehead to the cold glass in the winter – and lose weight on health.

If you regularly drink beer not as a dubious dietary product, but as a matter of pleasure, then our article “10 useful facts for beer lovers” is especially for you: from it you will learn how to eat beer better, how to avoid the appearance of a “beer belly” and how to quickly recover from a beer hangover.

What is useful Mediterranean diet

Rumors about the benefits of the so-called Mediterranean diet are widespread: it is believed that the frequent use of small doses of red wine has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels. Residents of the Mediterranean coast do suffer less from heart disease than other Europeans.

However, research conducted by scientists did not confirm the connection between the use of red wine and the health of the cardiovascular system. It is more likely that the business of consuming large amounts of fish and seafood is confirmed by the experience of Japan and Norway, where the level of cardiovascular diseases is also low.

What to eat and what not to eat before drinking

This is a trick for those who are going to the party, but already wants to take care of in advance so as not to suffer in the morning from a severe hangover. On the day of alcohol intake and on the day before, it is advisable to discard large quantities of hard-to-digest protein foods (meat, poultry, sausage, legumes): this will help reduce the number of putrefactive microorganisms in the intestine, as well as reduce the load on the pancreas.

Alcohol and weight loss metabolism

In general, on the day of supposed drinking, it is better to avoid overeating: from the overflowing gastrointestinal tract alcohol will be absorbed too slowly, the person will feel able to drink more, and as a result will drink too much. When, finally, alcohol begins to flow into the blood, its amount may be greater than the body can process. Be careful: most fatal alcohol poisoning episodes are associated with overeating.

However, drinking on an empty stomach is also not the best idea, it can threaten with an ulcer. A moderate amount of the right snack will help reduce the impending hangover. For example, honey, lemons, juicy fruits and berries contain many organic acids that improve metabolism. Read more about the right and wrong snack in the special article.

What to eat with a hangover

There are also dietary recommendations for those who wish to improve their health after drinking. The best remedy for rest and recovery after alcohol: two or three days fasting. This will allow to put in order the pancreas after the negative effects of alcohol, and the food will not interfere with the natural self-purification of the body (it will be optimal to also put an enema). Exit from fasting – on fermented milk products.

For those who are most concerned about the condition of the kidneys, it is recommended to follow the therapeutic diet number 7a or 7b after drinking, depending on how much the kidneys are affected. A detailed menu of therapeutic diets can be found on specialized sites. In addition, read the special article “How to restore the body after alcohol” to learn how to treat a heart, pancreas, nerves and everything with a hangover.

Read more about what days of fasting the church still allows to drink alcohol, and whether it will harm the people who fast only for the sake of alcohol in a separate article “Can I Drink Alcohol in Fasting?”

The article was last updated: 2019-01-29

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