Akathist to the Blessed Virgin in Russian

Of all the extensive hymnographic material of the Orthodox Church, the akathist genre is probably the most widespread and popular. National love for akathists is deserved – this prayer appeal to believers can be read independently both at home and in the Temple. By offering prayers and thanksgiving to the saints, we thereby honor them – glorifying faith and miracles that God revealed to us through them.

Akathist to the Blessed Virgin in Russian

In our online store Psalm. you can order several types of akathistists to choose from — from small pocket versions to the most complete akathist of the currently published edition — the publication itself occupies several volumes and includes most of the well-known akathists in the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Akathistnik itself is a wonderful and wonderful gift, both for personal use and for a kind prayer memory to your close relatives and friends!

One of the most complete akathistists to the Most Holy Theotokos. The book contains more than 70 akathists.

“The full canonical akathistnik” in five volumes contains akathists, who at various times were officially approved in the Russian Orthodox Church; their total number is 243 (as of March 2018). The procedure of approval (approval) of akathists was not quite the same in different centuries and decades; over time, the conditions of prayer texts also changed.

At the moment, the present five-volume book is the only and at the same time most complete edition of the canonically approved akathists of the Russian Orthodox Church.

A great akathist with dozens of different akathists, in different needs, many of our great saints and icons of the Mother of God. The excellent quality of the publication makes it an excellent gift and an indispensable companion of every Christian.

Akathist – a genre of church poetry and hymnography. Praise songs are dedicated to the glorification of the Virgin, the Lord, the saints, or some kind of celebration.

The proposed publication contains more than two hundred akathists included in church use.

The first volume consisted of akathist to the Most Holy Theotokos.

The second volume is devoted to akathists to the Lord God, the Lord’s and the Mother of God great feasts, as well as the Holy Heavenly Forts in the Heights.

The third volume contains akathists to saints – saints of God, glorified in the bishop’s rank, confessors and martyrs who suffered for Christ and blessed – Christ for the holy fools.

The fourth volume contains akathists, who are dedicated to the saints – holy saints of God, glorified in monasticism, pious – holy pious princes and princesses, as well as the righteous – clergy and laity, who have achieved holiness in the world.

Akathist to the Blessed Virgin in Russian

A medium-sized edition in a beautiful hard cover, a Russian font with accents for convenience. The edition contains canons and akathists for each day of the week (

In this collection you will find prayers for different occasions to the Lord, the Mother of God, in honor of the Great Twelve Great Feasts, as well as the Heavenly Forces and the holy saints of God. These prayers are written in the form of the canon – one of the oldest genres of church songwriting. The canons are included in the services of Matins, Compline, Prayer and Requiem, they must be read at home.

Akathistnik Let every breath praise the Lord.

The small-scale edition includes well-known akathists dedicated to the Lord in the invasion of sorrow, as well as to the holy saints of God. For convenience, the book is equipped with a ribbon bookmark.

In this book, at the request of readers, akathists are gathered in honor of the holidays. They are written in the XIX and early XX century. Although they are inferior to ancient holiday services in depth of thought and poetic beauty, however, those who love akathists or cannot be in the temple can read the house to honor the holiday, especially since the authors borrowed a lot from the liturgical texts.

The texts of all the Akathists of this publication correspond to the texts received from the Publishing Council of the Russian Orthodox Church and recommended for publication.

Akathist consists of certain songs – kondak and ikos, which alternately follow in the order of their priority. If in the condak the events are disclosed briefly, then later for the condac Ikos these same events unfold in more detail. In fact, the akathist retells the full life of the saint – all significant events that have happened to the saint will be shown without fail – the language of church poetry describes his faith, miracles and feats. They read the akathist standing up (exceptions are made for the weak and sick people), since his literal translation of the Greek language is “not sad”.

If you look at the history of the akaphist, as such, initially the akathist was only one – this is the well-known akathist to the Most Holy Mother of God, (The Great Akathist further, in imitation of him began to appear many other church-hymnographic texts. This can be praise and prayer to the saint, either to the Lord Jesus Christ, or to a significant church event, in any case, the structure of the construction of an akathist will always be solemn and beautiful.

Akathist to the Blessed Virgin in Russian

Now these wonderful songs of praise are reissued every year – you can easily buy a collection of akathists, where, for example, there will be akathists for the Twelve Great Holidays, all significant and famous saints (for example, akathist to John the Theologian,

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