Ait treatment

AIT of the thyroid gland is defined as autoimmune thyroiditis.

AIT of the thyroid gland is a disease that has become chronic and is accompanied by immune inflammation and the gradual destruction of glandular tissue.

Statistics show: AIT is much more common in women.

In hereditary forms of the disease AIT can be diagnosed even in early childhood, but most often the disease begins to progress only after forty years.

Causes of thyroid gland AIT

Most of the sick patients have hereditary prerequisites for the manifestation of autoimmune thyroiditis. However, even a genetic factor cannot be the cause of the disease.

The following causes can provoke a thyroid gland disease

  • violations of iodine supplementation;
  • improper use of hormonal agents;
  • radiation exposure;
  • severe psychological trauma;
  • bad ecology;
  • the presence of chronic inflammation (tonsillitis);
  • transferred infectious viral disease.

The most common form of the disease, which developed after pregnancy. Her appearance is associated with the onset of activation of the immune system, weakened during the carrying of the child.

Symptoms of thyroid gland AIT

This disease is very difficult to detect, as its initial stage passes without noticeable symptoms. Only occasionally can you notice a temporary growth of the thyroid gland, accompanied by an unpleasant feeling in the throat. There is pain in the joints, constant weakness.

As gland tissue dies, symptoms of hypothyroidism appear:

  • hair and nails become brittle and dull;
  • skin begins to lose its elasticity.

In the morning, there is dry mouth, there are violations of the chair. Women begin interruptions with the menstrual cycle. Men complain of decreased libido, partial impotence.

If AIT is not cured in time, then the disease smoothly flows into hypothyroidism.

Treatment of thyroid gland AIT

The method of treatment depends entirely on:

  • the presence of concomitant diseases;
  • the degree of development of the disease;
  • age of the patient.

Ait treatment

Unfortunately, modern endocrinology does not yet have an exact treatment strategy.

The most frequent use is found in preparations containing synthesized hormones.

If AIT is accompanied by another inflammatory process, then the patient is prescribed glucocorticoid therapy. Sometimes the use of immunotherapy is a place.

In advanced cases (the formation of cysts, a significant increase in the volume of the gland), surgical intervention is possible, the purpose of which is to remove the gland.

After the end of the treatment course, the symptoms of the disease disappear.. But, nevertheless, such patients should always be under the supervision of an endocrinologist, which makes it possible to determine the beginning of the recurrence of the disease in a timely manner.

Diet for AIT of the thyroid gland

Thyroid diseases require a transition to vegetarian food:

  • vegetable proteins;
  • nuts;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • roots.

Ait treatment

Food should include (if possible) fresh seafood:

In foods other than iodine, must also contain:

These trace elements in sufficient quantities contain such plants:

Ait treatment

  • dandelion;
  • beet;
  • turnip;
  • black radish;
  • garlic;
  • eggplants;
  • raspberries;
  • blueberries;
  • gooseberry;
  • dog rose;
  • black chokeberry and many others.

Tea is best prepared from bitter herbs:

A large number of cleaning products should be consumed:

Sprouted grains:

Wild hazelnuts and herbs have a very good healing effect:

Do not forget about herbs:

At the time of treatment should go to the filtered (purified) water.

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