After shave irritation in the bikini area

Such a delicate question as irritation in the bikini zone torments almost every girl. After all, sooner or later it will have to face and learn how to cope. Tolerate intolerable itching and redness is beyond anyone’s power. And for an effective solution to this problem, it is worth getting some practical advice and putting it into practice or at least listening to them.

Severe irritation in the bikini area

I want to always look neat and beautiful, especially on the beach or just for myself. Therefore, tirelessly watching the vegetation on the body, almost every girl tirelessly gets rid of it. And no matter in what ways. The main result. And he often happens to be such: severe irritation in the bikini zone. After this, there is no time for beauty and tidiness. There is an obsessive desire to itch all the time. In order to eliminate such a desire, they often resort to various alcoholic tinctures, which leads to even greater problems and adds burning sensation.

Severe irritation in the bikini area could cause several factors:

  • Improper preparation for the procedure.
  • Refusal from the use of emollients.
  • Use of non-sterile instrument.
  • Excessive dry skin.

In principle, this is an exhaustive list of the main provocateurs of irritation. Much less likely to cause irritation can be viruses and infections. In this case, the wrong machine or hair removal tool is not to blame.

You can remove strong irritation in the bikini area, if you listen to the following tips and no longer make mistakes.

How to get rid of irritation in the bikini area

So, the question has matured. And it should be solved quickly and most importantly effectively. How to get rid of irritation in the bikini zone will be prompted by experts who have many years of experience in solving this issue.

  • The correct process of shaving. The skin before the procedure should be well steamed. Quality shaving foam is applied to the surface of the bikini area. A sterile, or at least a new instrument is the procedure for shaving hair growth. This will help protect the skin from excessive microtraumas. Thoroughly rinse the foam off with cold water and apply aftershave. A slight irritation in the bikini area may be present, but if you temporarily do not disturb the skin, it will completely disappear.
  • Preliminary preparation of the skin for the shaving process. To do this, you need a pair of aspirin tablets and hydrogen peroxide. From tablets and liquid to prepare a small amount of ointment and applied to the skin, soon to be cleaned. Massage well. Thus, the skin is perfectly cleansed of germs and there is preparation for almost a sterile procedure. After shaving, wipe the skin with a small amount of lemon juice.
  • Electric razor. In this case, the procedure significantly reduces the number of microtraumas and the irritation in the bikini area does not bother.
  • After the procedure, you can use children’s: powder, oil, cream and other wisdom applied to children under the diaper.

The above recommendations help prevent irritation in the bikini area. But what if it had already clearly manifested itself. In this case, you need to note the following tips.

  • Apply Panthenol to the affected area.
  • Overlay appliqués from chamomile decoction.
  • Use tea tree oil.
  • Chlorgegsedin applications.

It is important not only to know how to get rid of the irritation in the bikini zone, but also how to prevent it from appearing, in order not to face such a delicate problem in the future.

After shave irritation in the bikini area

Every self-respecting girl knows perfectly well that irritation after shaving in the bikini zone is practically the norm. Rarely for whom everything goes absolutely smoothly and no problems cause discomfort. Therefore, those who want not to have any problems in this matter should learn to properly shave an intimate place. But, experts unanimously argue that shaving is the wrong way to clean up. Not only does it deliver a certain discomfort, but the effect from it is short-lived. Having the opportunity to move to a more humane way to cleanse the skin, it is worth using it. Moreover, the frequent shaving of the bikini area leads to an increase in the amount of hair.

Irritation after epilation in the bikini area

Almost always, irritation after epilation in the bikini area occurs as a result of improperly selected cream for the procedure or strong pressure. Before carrying out an epilation it is worth trying cream on other sites of skin. Often it causes severe irritation and redness even on less sensitive areas of the skin. This is the first mistake. The second is the lack of preparation of the skin in the procedure and application on the dry. In addition, pretty ladies often hold a spatula against the growth of hair, which leads to the occurrence of microtraumas.

After shave irritation in the bikini area

Irritation after depilation in the bikini area

This condition is extremely rare. Irritation after depilation in the bikini zone is rather an exception to the rule. And if it came under the influence of laser beams, then literally in a matter of hours it will disappear without a trace. It should be noted that this is the most effective way to combat unwanted hairs on the body. Ten procedures are enough to get rid of this problem forever.

Irritation after shugaring in the bikini area

This picture happens quite often. But, irritation after shugaring in the bikini area is most often caused by an active effect on the skin in the process of tearing out the hair follicles. Just a day later, the redness will become less pronounced and will almost disappear. The main problem of this method of bringing the bikini area in order is pain. And although the professionals have already worked out the procedure, it delivers a lot of discomfort.

How to remove irritation in the bikini area

If an irreparable mistake has been made and irritation is taking place, then it is worth fighting with it. To tolerate intolerable itching to anyone unpleasant. Wanting to know how to remove irritation in the bikini area, it is worth taking note of simple, but more effective means:

  • Hydrogen peroxide.
  • Lemon juice.
  • Baby cream and powder.
  • Sudakrem.
  • Panthenol.
  • Saline
  • Oil and tea tree infusion.

Applications and lubrication will cope with the problem very quickly. At least the next day, the sensation of itching will disappear and the redness will almost disappear.

How to shave a bikini area without irritation

The answer to this question was presented above. But, wanting to know how to shave a bikini area without irritation, you need to remember that it should be well cleaned beforehand. It is advisable for these purposes to use children’s cream or bathing agent. Razor should be well washed, but it is preferable to use a new machine. After the procedure, the skin should be well treated with lotion. The secret of success is simple and should be used.

Irritation in the bikini area passing thing. First and foremost, the key to success lies in the correct procedure. Therefore, if shaving has lost its relevance and delivers only discomfort, it is worth trying something else. The benefit of the procedures, the modern beauty industry has developed a lot and you can adopt them.

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