Adult vomiting and temperature without diarrhea

What are the reasons?

There are several main reasons for vomiting, diarrhea, and temperature in an adult. The most common is an infectious (intestinal infection). This is a well-known salmonellosis, dysentery, rotavirus infection, cholera (very rarely) or diseases caused by cholera-like bacteria, as well as many other diseases caused by viruses, bacteria or fungi. There are similar states:

a) when eating low-quality products (more often – lactic acid products, products with pastry cream, raw eggs, less often – borscht, soups) that have been standing for a long time in the refrigerator;

b) when using boiled water;

c) if you do not wash your hands before eating.

An adult can become infected with rotavirus infection while caring for their sick child if they do not wash their hands before eating: this virus is “insidious” because it can be transmitted not only if particles of feces fall into the hands of a healthy person, but also saliva and urine the patient.

Other diseases with the same symptoms

Acute pancreatitis, cholecystitis, appendicitis are also accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and temperature in an adult. It also manifests poisoning with toxic substances, which are complicated by inflammation. The most common – eating unchecked mushrooms. Some insect bites (such as a black widow spider) can cause similar symptoms. How to distinguish a surgical disease in which vomiting, diarrhea, temperature in an adult, from infectious? This is a very difficult question, which doctors need to solve. It is advisable to turn to a surgeon for the beginning (as a more “scary” doctor). An infectious disease doctor can help not only with the diagnosis, but also with the taking of crops for bacteriological research, then in a few days (during which you take the medicine) the result will be known, which microbe came to you and which drugs it is sensitive to.

Vomiting, diarrhea, temperature in an adult with an infectious disease are usually multiple, and there is always a connection with the use of low-quality product. The feces may be green (with salmonellosis), yellowish in the form of mashed potatoes (with escherichiosis), copious watery (with cholera-like diseases, rotavirus infection). Vomiting – firstly eaten by food (the one that came into the body of the latter – is not always the food that caused the disease), then – water or bile. The temperature rises to different values. The stomach usually twists, swells, it does not hurt much. If you press with your hand, and then release the place on your stomach that hurts, it usually becomes easier.

Mushroom poisoning

Here, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and temperature appear after eating mushrooms collected by the person himself, bought raw or dried. Marinated mushrooms in the factory packaging can not cause poisoning. Eating inedible mushrooms is life threatening. An urgent need to contact the hospital to introduce an antidote and hold other activities. It is poisoning with mushrooms that can cause death from renal and hepatic failure.

In this case, vomiting, diarrhea, temperature in an adult are complicated by abdominal pain. They can be encircling (in acute pancreatitis), localized to the right under the ribs (with cholecystitis) or in the lower abdomen (with appendicitis). There are other diseases that are treated in a surgical hospital, accompanied by similar symptoms. Abdominal pain – the main symptom for diseases requiring surgical treatment. Vomiting and diarrhea, usually small, pass quickly.

What to do first?

Adult vomiting and temperature without diarrhea

If there were such symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, fever, you need to remember a few rules:

1) Do not drink Imodium, Loperamide or similar drugs: with the help of diarrhea and vomiting, the body tries to cleanse itself of toxin. By closing this way out, you allow the infection to enter the bloodstream, causing more serious complications.

2) If there is a clear connection with the use of low-quality products, you need to wash the stomach with water at room temperature (drink about a liter – cause vomiting, and so several times).

3) Drink a sorbent, for example, activated carbon – dissolve 10 crushed tablets in two glasses of water. Smekta, Enterosgel, White Coal, Sorbex are preferable: they and the stomach are not as “scratched” as “Activated Carbon”, and do not stain the feces in a dark color, which is why you might think of intestinal bleeding.

Adult vomiting and temperature without diarrhea

4) Put an enema (preferably with a sorbent).

5) Drink water. This is a must. You must return to the body the fluid that he lost with feces and vomiting. Plus, you need to use the volume that you need for life (about 30-40 ml / kg of weight). That is, with excessive diarrhea, you need to drink at least 6 liters per day so that your kidneys do not “stop” from dehydration. Drink a little bit but often. If this is not possible (due to vomiting or nausea), you need to go to the hospital, not waiting until you stop urinating.

6) If you have not been in contact with a child with a rotavirus infection, the child does not hurt, it only “twists” and hums the stomach, you can drink “Nifuroxazide” or “Norfloxacin”.

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