Acne treatment at home

Acne is a skin disease that occurs because the hair follicles and sebaceous glands become inflamed. At risk are adolescents and people under the age of twenty-five years, that is, those whose puberty is not over. Acne can occur due to metabolic disorders, malfunction of the sebaceous glands, overwork, lack of vitamins, abuse of drugs or sweets. It is very important to regularly and properly clean the skin, because the stagnation of sebum and blockage of sebaceous glands activates pyogenic microbes that cause inflammation. Most often, acne appears on the chest, face, nape and back.

Home Medicine Tips

If no cosmetics have helped and trips to a dermatologist have failed, people often resort to the help of traditional healers and use what Mother Nature gives them.

Acne treatment at home

When chiryah, acne and acne verbena tincture taken orally. After all, it perfectly cleans the blood. For its preparation you will need a glass of boiling water and a tablespoon of dry grass. You need to insist for two hours and drink two tablespoons three times a day, before meals.

For acne and oily facial seborrhea, St. John’s wort is used. In order to prepare the infusion, it is necessary to pour two tablespoons of herbs with a glass of boiling water and hold it a little in a warm place. Acne will disappear if you make lotions or irrigate your face.

For acne, frostbite and other skin problems, you can use calendula buds. Lotions, irrigation and rubbing are made tincture, which is sold in pharmacies.

Fresh potato juice has anti-inflammatory effect. In order to get rid of acne, burns or even trophic ulcers, you need to rub the potatoes on a fine grater and put a creamy mass into gauze, one millimeter thick. This lotion is fixed on the affected area with a bandage. After a couple of hours it is better to update the bandage.

Many people with phlegmonous acne and rash use infusion from chamomile inflorescences. After preparing the infusion, you need to make a lotion with it.

Excellent result gives the grated pulp of pumpkin, which is used for eczema, burns and acne. On the inflamed areas with the help of a spoon impose the pulp of the pumpkin and for some time take a horizontal position.

In order to purify the blood and get a healthy complexion, you can make an infusion from the grass of wild strawberry, tricolor violet, string and light white. All components are taken in equal parts. The result will be more noticeable if you drink this herbal tea with honey.

Perfectly cleanses the skin infusion, which is made from birch leaves, dioecious nettle, buckthorn bark and flax seed. All components are mixed and poured a glass of boiling water and insist about two hours. Since the rash is often closely associated with constipation, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the skin defect. This infusion is better to drink before eating in big gulps. Constipation will disappear and the person will shine.

You can also make an infusion of Hypericum, burdock roots, chicory and dandelion, trefoil leaves. Three tablespoons of the collection need a couple of hours to insist and drink, like tea with honey in order to purify the blood.

If constipation became the cause of acne, you can make an infusion of birch leaves, elderberry flowers, fennel fruits, licorice roots and violet herbs. All components are laid in the tank for steaming in equal shares and poured boiling water. Insisted all two hours and take three tablespoons four times a day, preferably before meals.

Comprehensive treatment was always considered more effective, so to get rid of acne, you can still make a herbal bath. This will require decoctions or infusions of leaves, bark or buds of aspen, oak, poplar, conifers and various herbs.

In a warm pleasant bath, a person needs to lie down for half an hour, it is advisable to carry out the procedure before bedtime. The body should not be wiped, it is better to take a sheet and fold it four times, soak in broth and wrap the patient. From above you need to put a dry sheet and a warm blanket. The procedure lasts two hours. It is important to remember that the sheet after each procedure should be washed.

There is another interesting recipe. Three times a day before meals you need to put vegetable oil in your mouth and drive it vigorously through the mouth. Under the tongue is a huge number of blood vessels, so in this place the oil should be the longest. The procedure lasts about twenty minutes, that is, until the butter turns white and becomes similar to milk. It is not necessary to swallow it, the oil is spat out into the sink, and the mouth is rinsed. Thus, the blood is purified and, accordingly, the skin.

Where do eels come from

Inflamed sebaceous glands are called acne. Most often they bother adolescents, but may appear at another age. Acne occurs because sebum is produced more and its composition changes, which leads to the rapid proliferation of bacteria in the sebaceous ducts. The reason for this may be unhealthy diet, hormonal disorders and poor hygiene of the skin. If a person is worried about acne, he should eat less fatty, smoked, chocolate, spicy foods, not to drink coffee and alcoholic beverages. With hormonal disorders, dieting does not lose its relevance. If you improperly clean the skin and use fatty creams, acne will be oily and numerous.

The most difficult period in the life of every person is adolescence. Hormonal surges lead to psychological and physiological problems. Worst of all, those with acne appear on their face. In the period of sexual identity, when you want to look attractive to members of the opposite sex, it greatly lowers self-esteem. Not only are adolescents angular and not always proportionally folded, but skin also fails.

Of great importance is the right skin care and nutrition. If you yourself can not cope with the problem, you can visit a dermatologist and an endocrinologist. After all, large eels leave behind noticeable scars.

Home Acne Treatment?

Yeast masks do an excellent job with acne. For their preparation, you need to take twenty grams of yeast and ten milliliters of hydrogen peroxide. The consistency should resemble sour cream. On the problem areas the mask should be applied once every three days, hold for about twenty minutes. Rinse with warm water only. The duration of the course is twenty masks.

You can also grind the dried grass of a train in a coffee grinder and pour boiling water over it. For 150 milliliters of water you need to take 100 milliliters of powder. At the end, add a teaspoon of green or blue clay and mix everything thoroughly. This mask must be kept for twenty minutes. The course of treatment is twenty masks.

The infusion of nettle normalizes metabolism. To make it, you need to take 400 milliliters of boiling water and two tablespoons of dry, chopped nettle. The medicine is infused for two hours, filtered and taken four times a day shortly before meals. To get the best effect you need to be treated for about a year.

Fresh ginger root must be washed, peeled and minced. Then mix it with honey in equal proportions and refrigerate. This medicine should be taken twice a day in a tablespoon an hour after meals. During the year you need to hold a two-week course with a week break.

In the summer, when you can buy cucumbers anywhere, and for little money, you can make cucumber masks. For their preparation need only one cucumber and a glass of boiling water. The cucumber is rubbed on a small grater and poured boiling water, you need to insist two hours. Then you need to put on the gauze the resulting mass and leave it on the face for half an hour.

In general, the skin needs to be cleaned daily. Once a week you need to do nourishing masks. In order to accurately buy cosmetics, you must consult with a cosmetologist or a dermatologist about what cosmetics are right for you.

In order to be beautiful and healthy, you need to eat right. The nervous and endocrine systems are being shaken by fried and smoked products. In order to feel good, you need to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and steamed dishes. Often, the skin is damaged due to the fact that the person has constipation. In order to get rid of this problem, you need to drink plenty of water and not forget about bran.

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