A wolf of a wound is good or bad

Almost every person has experienced the appearance of ichor. What to do if a clear liquid flows out of a wound? Its occurrence suggests that the integrity of the tissue was violated: a person was cut or injured.

A wolf of a wound is good or bad

What is the bastard?

The nodule is a colorless liquid that flows from a wound. After some time, the ichor turns into a film and tightens the wound. Thus, the wound is protected from a different infection.

The medical name of the nodule is lymph. There are no red blood cells in the lymph, but there is a huge number of lymphocytes. Most lymph stands out from small wounds. Its movement is from top to bottom. When a person is injured, a small amount of lymph can flow from the wound or not.

In the human body can contain from one to two liters of lymph. The lymphatic fluid is cleared in the nodes of the same name. Nodes are located at the junction of several vessels in one.

A wolf of a wound is good or bad

However, ichor is not only a colorless liquid. Under the same name may be meant bleeding from a wound or purulent discharge. Purulent discharge will tell that the wound is infectious. The discharge of pus helps the wound to clear faster. During this period, it is important to ensure proper care of the wound so that bacteria do not enter there. Extraction of ichorus is possible from drainage wounds.

The appearance of ichor – norm, if it is, of course, colorless. Its appearance suggests that the immune system of the human body functions correctly and is ready at any time to protect the body from infection. The appearance of a colorless liquid also characterizes the normal functioning of the blood vessels. If lymph is released from a wound, the vessels are not damaged.

There are several varieties of ichor:

  1. Gynecological discharge. A woman can notice such discharge immediately after the end of menstruation, during gestation and during the onset of menopause. If the discharge appears in small quantities, then this does not pose any danger to the woman.
  2. Extraction of nodules from the nose. Discharge from the respiratory tract is also called sukrovitsy. Their cause is the development of inflammatory processes and the appearance of viral diseases. The nodule can be either yellow or clear, or bloody. Discharges include a number of other symptoms that characterize the onset of the inflammatory process in the body.

What wounds does a suckling stand out from?

It is known that ichor stemmed not only from recently received wounds. For example, colorless discharge may also appear in newborns in the navel area. This is a sign of healing of the umbilical region. If a purulent liquid with a specific odor starts to stand out from the navel, the parents of the baby should show it to the doctor as soon as possible. An antibiotic ointment or some other type of treatment may be prescribed for the treatment of purulent blood.

Transparent fluid released from the umbilical region of a newborn requires special care, rather than the release of such a fluid from older people. However, care must not be provided by the children’s clinic or pediatrician. With the procedure the parents of the baby will be able to cope on their own, without assistance.

Careful disinfection of the fluid excretion area is necessary.

It should be carried out several times a day, especially after changing a diaper to a new one, as well as after water procedures, which are usually carried out in the evening. As a means for drying the wound, it is recommended to use not hydrogen peroxide, but ordinary brilliant green oil, which is commercially available in any pharmacy of the city.

It is important to ensure that moisture does not fall into the region of the umbilical ring. This may negatively affect the healing of the wound: it will take longer than it should be.

Sucker can be distinguished from the elderly. This occurs after undergoing surgery. The location of the nodule is the scars left after the operation. In people aged 30-40 years, this phenomenon is extremely rare.

Discharges accompany suture healing after a cesarean section. Disinfection measures are similar to the care of the umbilical region of the newborn. Such discharge will accompany the woman while she is under the supervision of the medical staff in the parent house. Therefore, she will hardly have to worry about how to care for the wound. All the necessary procedures for disinfection fall on the shoulders of the medical staff and employees of the maternity hospital, which will provide the young mother with proper care.

Such appearances of ichor are absolutely harmless. However, it is important to ensure that the wound does not inflame.

Ways to combat the allocation of ichor from wounds

Dumpling is not necessary to delete. Gradually, the discharge from the wound will cease on its own, without participation in the process of the owner of the wound.

In the event that the lymph secretion is accompanied by discomfort or discomfort, the wound should be treated with hydrogen peroxide. Before using hydrogen peroxide, you should carefully study the instructions. It should indicate whether it is necessary to dilute the peroxide with water before use. If you use the drug without first studying the instructions, you can get a severe burn, due to which the wound will inflame even more.

A wound is treated with a cotton swab or bandage. In no case should not peroxide be poured into the wound from the bottle into which it is poured, or you should permanently apply a bandage or a cotton swab dipped in liquid.

Alternatively, it is possible to use a streptocide. It is sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets. Before use, the tablets must be crushed to a state of powder, using a kitchen board and a knife, and sprinkle the wound on them. You can also use sea buckthorn oil or brilliant green.

Absolutely any medications that have a drying and healing property can be used as methods of dealing with ichorus.

If self-healing a wound does not help, you should take the help of a qualified medical officer. He will treat the wound with specialized drugs that cannot be purchased independently without a doctor’s prescription.

For wound healing, you can use special ointment. Adults are given Levomekol, an ointment that promotes not only the rapid healing of wounds, but also the passage of edema after burns. Children are recommended to smear the wounds with “Panthenol”.

The main task is to protect the wound from possible infection. In order to prevent this from happening, all precautions should be observed when sticking a sterile dressing on the wound.

As soon as the ichor ceases to appear, it is necessary to take care not to accidentally tear off the crust on the wound instead of it. The crust performs the same function as the lymph – it protects the wound from the entry of pathogenic microbes into it. If the crust is still torn off, a scar may appear at the wound site.

What to do in case of abundant flow of lymph?

When the lymph flow is abundant, wound dressing with an elastic bandage can help.

If the presented methods of coping with abundant lymph flow do not bring any result, you should immediately contact a medical institution for qualified assistance. Other effective measures simply do not exist. Be healthy!

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