30 day cleansing

Killing about parting is the holy duty of any girl. We are looking for benefits from this difficult situation.

Change bedding

Beat all bad

You can go to yoga or pilates to relax. I imagine that you are trying to get rid of him with dirty feet.

Refresh makeup

Refreshing your appearance, you again felt welcome. Yes, the ideal Smokey can not be because of a broken heart, but it will definitely help to keep from tears for a while.

Kill about parting no more than 15 minutes

Obsessive thoughts are inevitable. So let yourself pop a little. However, for this it is necessary to establish control over the situation.

30 days cleansing

No, this is not a rigid diet on kefir. To contact the former young man in contact within 30 days. You can live well without him. If you feel that you do not want to dial his number, so that you do not hesitate, ask how he is doing, think whether it is worth going back. Deep down you know the answer very well. Read the book, read the book, take a walk (just not by his house).

Click delete

Therefore you can find all the bridges online. Vkontakte / Skype / ICQ, follow on Twitter. You do not need constant pop-up messages, as a reminder of your relationship, please advise yourself.

Explain to your friends what is required of them.

It doesn’t matter if you want to go and have a drink, or you don’t want to hear anything about a man for at least a year, make sure your friends know what you expect from them. If girlfriends are planning a grand trip to the club to cheer up.

Give yourself confidence

I never did. Scientifically ride a snowboard or cook an incredibly complex dish according to the recipe. If you really remember that you are really very cool.

30 day cleansing

Spend time with pets

Studies show that communicating with animals helps heal emotional wounds. If you do not have your pets – sign up for a volunteer in a shelter or ask your friends to walk their friends on weekends.

Go on a trip

Many people, after parting, finally feel free and ready to go anywhere. But it is important not to do this too soon. First you need to give yourself some time for depression.

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