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WhatsApp is a shareware application for communicating with your friends on your phone. Most recently, it became possible to download WhatsApp to a computer, which greatly expanded the already huge audience of this program. There is no version for PC on the official site yet, but in a separate article we will tell you how easy it is to install and configure this messenger. But first, let us tell you what other devices Watsup works on.

What phones support Whatsapp

The application supports almost all platforms, ranging from iOS to the mysterious Blackberry firm, which has not yet been able to conquer the Russian market. And this is what the list of operating systems looks like by popularity:

    Vatsap for Android very quickly became the leader in downloads and overtook the iPhone and iPad, although it appeared on the system with a green droid much later. This, by the way, is easily explained, because there are now 3 times more devices on the Android platform than on iOS. And, perhaps, soon Internet traffic from this OS will even overtake Windows 7.

What to take hands

Whatsapp for Nokia is gaining momentum very quickly! The phones of the Finnish manufacturer led by Microsoft support were still able to occupy their share of the market. A variety of models is simply amazing, so everyone who uses the phone of this manufacturer, download Vatsap for free on Nokia is a must. Unfortunately, Finns have not only a diverse line of phones, but also as many as 4 different operating systems. Therefore, in order to choose the version correctly, it is best to go to the section and read the installation instructions.

What to take hands

The application for the iPhone now will surprise no one, but the fact that you can download WhatsApp for iPad will be news to many. Yes, there is no full-fledged version yet, but if you use both the phone and the tablet from Apple, installing it on the iPad will not be difficult.

How to download an application on old models

WhatsApp Messenger does not only support the latest operating systems and devices. Even if you have an old Samsung or a phone of a little-known brand, all the same, most likely, you will be able to install Watzap and communicate for free. Because even the oldest models support Java, and the developers have not avoided it. In order to install a java application, you need to upload 2 files to your phone: jar and jad, and then simply launch it on the device.

What to take hands

We hope that on our unofficial website you will find the version specifically for your device and will be able to use this indispensable application. Since SMS has long been a thing of the past along with push-button telephones :) enough to pay mobile operators for each SMS. Use watsup messenger, not paying a penny.

Video on how to use Vatsap:

Free features

  • transfer of video of any duration in compressed form! The quality is a bit lost, but this is done for faster data transfer;
  • sharing music tracks between phonebook contacts;
  • voice messaging. Just click on the microphone button next to the text line and hold the time you need;
  • send photos and any images to your friends. You can send not only photos taken earlier, but also those that you just made;
  • Automatic synchronization of all phonebook contacts with Vatsap contacts. A very handy feature that allows you to avoid hammering in each contact again;
  • free registration in Russian! Those 30 rubles, which we wrote above, you pay only after a year of use. It is very simple to register, but for newbies we have written a detailed manual;
  • editing and complete deletion of correspondence. Sometimes it happens that the phone falls into the wrong hands, and it is better to hide some personal information;
  • You can not only delete the vatsap, but also restore all the data during the next installation. In this case, all the dialogues will be restored! support bada samsung and devices with two sim cards (dual sim);
  • auto update to latest version. No need to re-download watsap, it will be updated as soon as a new version is released;
  • functioning on all tablets of the company Apple and Samsung.

It is simply impossible to tell about all the advantages, as the program is convenient and unique in its own way. There are, of course, competitors in the form of similar programs, such as Viber and Skype, but they are still far behind in terms of speed and ease of sending messages. This explains why Whatsapp is becoming more popular.

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