What to give for the new year to parents with their own hands

Parents’ wedding anniversary is a responsible and long-awaited event. Any gift should be chosen with the soul and love for their loved ones. Even the most inexpensive gift can bring joy, the main thing is to find the right one.

Parents are the main people in our life. On the anniversary of their life together, we want to make not just a pleasant, but also a useful gift that will be remembered for a long time.

Fortunately, in the shops and on the websites you can find a lot of interesting things – from pleasant things and beautiful souvenirs to large household appliances.

How to choose a gift

    Decide on what parents really need..

Perhaps they dreamed of a functional coffee maker or bread maker.

In some cases, you can ask what the parents really want. It is much more correct to give the thing that will be used than the usual unnecessary souvenir.
Consider age.

What to give for the new year to parents with their own hands

What comes up at 40 will be completely out of place for the elderly couple.
Choose the cheapest gift is not worth it. If there is no money, then it is better to bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers and something for tea.

There are no restrictions on the cost of the gift, but if the parents are not of a very high level of prosperity, a too elegant gift can be perceived ambiguously.

  • Practical gifts are much more useful. – their parents will not put on the shelf and will use in everyday life.
  • Do not give something that will be completely useless.
  • For example, an expensive gift is expensive brandy, but if a person does not consume such drinks, then there is no sense in this gift.

    Gift options by year

    Usually gifts are timed to indicate the date of cohabitation.

    What to give for the new year to parents with their own hands

    • At 20 years old it will be a china wedding
    • in 25 – silver,
    • 35 – coral,
    • in 50 years – gold.

      For a porcelain wedding a great gift will be beautiful tea or dinner service.

    Choose high-quality porcelain.

    If the set of dishes is expensive or something like that already exists, then you can find a porcelain electric kettle on sale – this is a great solution for those who love eco-friendly dishes.
    If you want to make a gift for 25 years of life together, then a suitable option would be silverware.

    In addition, you can offer custom-made jewelry: bracelets, rings or other options.
    It is not necessary to make one common gift.

    You can bring your father a beautiful tie, and a mother’s pearl necklace, this option is suitable for the 30th anniversary of living together.

    Common gift for parents

    Round dates are usually celebrated in a big way, which means that the gift must be appropriate.

    • If parents have not been on vacation for a long time, then they will be a pleasant surprise. trip to the tourist base or to the sanatorium.
    • Older people will appreciate theater or museum ticket.
    • An interesting option is boat trip and even the organization of the holiday itself using water transport.

    What to give for the new year to parents with their own hands

    Interesting and useful gifts for the housewarming!

    If you know where the parents met, held the first date or other memorable dates, then you can organize a trip there and a beautiful holiday with an unexpected meeting, like in your youth.
    As a general gift you can offer carriage ride, drawn by a pair of horses, out of town or within the city, if conditions allow.

    Such a romantic walk will surely unite the couple even more and will bring aesthetic pleasure.

    Son’s present

    Men love practical gifts, but choosing the right thing can be difficult.

    For a son, it is perfectly acceptable to come on a holiday with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    • Mom will love the live orchid in the pot, and
    • Father – a thing related to his hobby: fishing gear, tools, sports equipment.
    • Son may well arrange country trip and picnic in nature.

    An unusual gift will be pedigree book with photos of relatives, as well as memorable events from the parents’ youth.

    Such a book will become a family relic and will be inherited.

  • Give as a pleasant surprise audio CDs with your favorite music since the youth of parents, and the spouses of the older generation turntable for vinyl records.
  • Daughter’s present

    A woman is much better shows imagination during the search for gifts.

    • On the anniversary of living together parents can give
    • two identical plaids of natural wool,
    • warm blanket,
    • orthopedic pillows or
    • beautiful pillows.
  • Suitable as a gift and two warm terry robes, especially if the anniversary falls on the winter period.
  • Older people can offer
    • warm bedside rugs,
    • large chic bedroom rug or
    • beautiful night curtains.
    • A wonderful gift will be photo collage, where characters will be family members or just the parents themselves. It can be done independently or entrust printing to a professional.
    • Parents will certainly appreciate dinner for two in a good restaurant.
    • Pleasant music of their youth, candles, quiet atmosphere – such an evening will be surely remembered and will mark a new stage in their life.

      If you go to visit the parents of a boy or girl

      Some difficulty is the need to make a gift to parents of the future or current spouse.

      If you are not yet familiar, you should not make too unusual gifts – they may be misunderstood.

      Find out what parents love.

      • Mother bring a bouquet of flowers or a real potted plant,
      • Father – expensive cigars or cognac (before finding out whether it is used).

      Parents of the spouse can make a pleasant surprise by purchasing them

      • TV in good quality
      • coffee maker
      • Multicooker or other appliances.

      A gift that is universal is large basket, where fruit, tea and sweets are put. It is a kind of a sign of respect and it does not carry a strong semantic load, therefore it is impossible to offend them.

      Budget gift options

      There are families for whom buying expensive items is a problem, however, it is not acceptable to go on a holiday with empty hands.

      From inexpensive gifts you can offer the following options:

      • coffee grinder and, accordingly, a bag of coffee beans to it;
      • a beautiful photo frame with a photo of the spouses attached to it;
      • a couple of beautiful coffee cups;
      • spouse print pillows;
      • candlesticks of unusual shape;
      • natural stone products: onyx is quite affordable;
      • cake or box of delicious chocolates.

      Choosing a budget gift, you should not take something quite cheap. Parents can easily bring a set of several varieties of tea or coffee, packed in beautiful packaging.

      From practical gifts can be advised modern thermoses – it is convenient to take them to work or to brew delicious tea in them at home.

      Original gifts

      If you want to surprise your parents with something unusual, then you will have to try.

      • Spouses love to drink tea, then give them a real samovar with beautiful painting.
      • For lovers of souvenirs as a gift Money Tree, and also various figurines – symbols of love and happiness.
      • Arrange for parents wedding photo session in nature or in another unusual setting. This will not only be a gift, but will remain a memory for children and grandchildren.
      • The family coat of arms made by a professional craftsman is a truly unusual and original gift. He will take his permanent place in the house, and parents will know that their children honor family values.
      • The most original and unforgettable gift will be flying in a balloon. Excursion over the city will be expensive, but it will be remembered for a long time. Flight can be combined with a photo session.

      DIY gifts

      Handwork is always appreciated. Making a gift can be trusted even to children or come up with something yourself.

      • Parents will appreciate hand knitted plaid, created by daughter or grandchildren photo album.
      • Now popular is a product like topiary, – it opens the space for creativity, and to make it simple enough, you just need to pick up consumables.
      • Younger children or grandchildren can create their own beautiful volume postcard.
      • If you have a printer or the ability to contact the printing house, then order for parents commemorative newspaper. On several pages, you can tell the story of the life of a couple by filling out as a real print edition.
      • Song composed by yourself, be sure to enjoy and can even become a family anthem. If there are no abilities to verses, then they can always be ordered by the author, or simply sing the favorite composition of the parents.
      • As a gift for the wedding anniversary can be offered homemade cake. It will be inexpensive, but it will be made with the soul and will surely please the parents.

      Video: Topiary – a money tree with your own hands!

      To buy something just because it is necessary, does not make sense. A gift purchased without a goal, even the most expensive, will deliver less joy than the one that was created with love, even if its value is small.

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