What hand is the red thread tied on

Football is the world’s most popular sports game. Football love everything – from small to large. If your young football player or football fan has a birthday soon and you are wondering about which holiday to arrange for him, pay attention to the football theme. How about a birthday football party?

A football party can be arranged in honor of the birthday of a junior high school student, as well as a teenager and even a high school student. We offer you a rough scenario and some entertainment. The original script is suitable for children from about 8-9 to 13-14 years. For children of a different age, the script needs to be adjusted and finalized.

Preparing for a football party

Invitations. Invitations can be made (or ordered at a print shop) in the form of a soccer ball, T-shirt or football field. You can invite children as valuable athletes to the club with a request to attend the training camp at the address of the birthday boy.

Room decoration. The most suitable colors for decorating a football party venue are white, black and green.

The table can be covered with a green tablecloth by making round coasters a la football balls under the plates. Ceramic, glass or plastic tableware with a football design will be found in the shops – this table setting will immediately transform the room, clearly reflecting the theme of the event.

You can make garlands of paper or fabric.

If there are football magazines in the house, you can cut bright pictures from them and stick them on plastic cups, cardboard triangles or paper cones. It will remain strung on a thread and hang the resulting garlands.

If desired, you can make a wall newspaper, using the same football magazines and photos of relatives and friends of the birthday boy. Cut out funny photos from the magazines with football players and coaches and paste in the faces of friends and relatives from the photos. We glue it all on a large sheet, make funny signatures and hang it on the wall.

The decoration of the football interior can be white and green balloons. On white balls you can draw black polygons, like on a soccer ball.

A treat. As a treat, you can use everything that is somehow associated with football. And the main thing is associated with the fact that they are quickly served in sports bars and actively advertised with the involvement of football players: these are more often chips and pizza. Children love this too. But lest they eat too much of not very useful chips, it is better to serve them not on their own, but as a snack, filling, for example, with a salad (see our recipes for snacks and salads with chips).

The theme will be any buffet snacks. You can even do without the traditional hot, offering the children to choose their own snacks with a common stand.

What hand is the red thread tied on

Cakes are made to order in the shape of a football field or a ball – this is now quite a fashionable “trick”. Artist for the manufacture of such a cake is easy to find in any city.

Holding event

We offer one of the options for building an entertainment program under the code name “The opening of a football club” .

If there are a lot of participants of the holiday (at least 8-10 people), it is worth dividing them into 2 teams by drawing lots. If there are not enough participants, they remain one team.

After the draw, the host announces:

Glorious football players gathered together today with the goal … And for what purpose?

Two events coincided today: the creation of new football clubs and the birthday of one of the football players. I propose to first settle all organizational issues, and then celebrate it. Do you agree? Then let’s get started.

First you have to come up with the name of your football club and write a chanter, but so that it contains the name of our birthday man.

When the task is completed, the children voice their names and shout chants.

After that, the host reports:

Before the club is considered open, you need to pass certification, proving the Football Federation of our region that you are worthy rivals to other clubs. Today I am a representative of the Football Federation and I will conduct a test training session with you in order to understand what you are capable of.

  • If there are two teams, Leading offers compete. Conducted entertainment tests below. Each “test” involves members of different teams. The losing team counts the missed goal, the opponents get one point. At the end, the results are summarized, and the leader announces that the teams have demonstrated a high level, so two new football clubs can be considered officially open. The members of the club, who won in the test, can be given gold medals, and the losers can be given silver medals.
  • If one team, then the fun-tests are conducted within the same team. A participant who wins in each particular “test” is considered to have scored a goal. The number of goals scored is counted. At the end, the presenter also praises the guys and announces the official opening of the club, and gives the children who score the most “goals” to goblets.

You can buy inexpensive identical T-shirts that kids will wear when their “club” or “clubs” are officially opened.

There may be any number of tests from the Football Federation – for example, according to the number of years of the birthday man. Or until the children get tired of playing.

To avoid the rapid burnout of children, take breaks between the “half-time”, that is, between pairs of triples of trials. In one of the breaks, serve, for example, bottled drinks with a cap sport cap.

In the second break yell the comic chants (chants are given at the end of the script).

In the third break, invite the children to paint a soccer ball belonging to the birthday man (especially for this you should buy an inexpensive ball: have the children write their wishes with a pen, and this ball will remain with him forever as a souvenir, reminiscent of a holiday).


1. “Fast fees”. You will need 2 sets of football equipment: for example, 2 T-shirts, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 pairs of visors, 2 wristbands. Kits are folded in separate packages. Two are participating.

At the command of the lead, the participants open the packages, quickly put on their contents and shout out: “Ole-Ole-Ole” and the name of their club. Who will cope faster – he wins. You can hold a competition several times with different pairs of children, not forgetting to count “scored goals”.

2. “Hold the ball.” It will take 2 round balloons. 2 couples participate. Space for each pair must be limited – for example, draw a circle for which they can not go out, or put hoops or paper circles on the floor.

At the command of the lead pair, he throws his ball in the air and tries to hold it there as long as possible, using only his head and legs, but by no means with his hands. The pair that lasts longer without dropping the ball and never going beyond the circle, wins.

3. “Penalties”. It will take 2 blocks of sticky notes for notes. One is yellow, the other is red (or pink). Leaflets in them should not be very much – about 30-50.

Called by one or a couple of participants, they are issued on a block of sticky papers. The presenter does the eyeliner, saying that football players are afraid of yellow and red cards more than schoolchildren – twos and threes. After that, he offers to play “overdue” footballers who receive penalty cards with incredible speed.

At the command of the lead, participants in the game begin to peel off one piece of paper and stick it on themselves or on their partner, if couples participate. At what pair leaflets in the block will end faster, that and wins.

4. “The ball – around the head.” At first, the presenter solves the riddle: “Small, white, with black specks, runs across the field, but not the animal”. Children, of course, immediately understand that this is a soccer ball.

The host says that the soccer ball is the most popular member of the ball family, but he has a lot of relatives. “If you respect a soccer ball (do you respect it?), You should know its relatives. Let’s see how well you know them. ”

Next, the leader shows the teams in turn pictures of various sports balls. If the team guesses, it gets a point. If you do not guess the first time, another team gets the chance to guess this ball. At the end, the number of points scored is calculated.

Images of various balls should be found on the Internet and printed or shown to their children, displaying slides. It can be handball, tennis, basketball, volleyball and baseball. And also a ball for hockey with a ball, a fitball, a ball for American football, a ball for a football polo and others that can be found. Do not forget to add a couple of football balls with an unusual design to confuse the guys.

5. “Removal from the field.” The game is played with all participants at once. You will need a referee whistle.

The cheerful music turns on, the children stand in a circle. The presenter, holding the whistle and the ball, is in the center of the circle. Now he is a judge, but only for a while. Lead throws the ball to any participant and closes his eyes. Children begin to pass the ball in a circle, while the leader does not see who has the ball. At some point he whistles. Whoever turned out to be the ball, gets a free kick – now he will have to not just stand, but dance (or jump, stand on one leg and

The new referee also closes his eyes, the children pass the ball, the referee whistles at any moment and opens his eyes. Whoever had the ball, he is penalized, and the one to the right of the one who received the penalty becomes the judge. The former judge returns to the circle.

If at the moment of whistling the ball is in the hands of an already penalized (dancing) participant, then he receives a red card – he has to leave the game.

The game is dynamic, the judges are constantly changing, players are gradually removed from the “field” one by one. The game is played until two participants remain – the referee and the player. The player (or his team) is scored a goal, and the last judge can be encouraged by giving him a small prize – a new referee’s whistle.

6. “Bombardiers.” Inventory for this game you need to make in advance. You can take the usual drawing paper, easel, wall board for notes or a round target for darts. In general, something that can be hung on the wall or put. It is necessary to turn it into a football field – that is, color it green or cover it with green fabric. Then draw the markup and two gates. And the gate should be depicted as rectangles with closed lines. These will be the targets to which the ball will be placed.

Balls can be cardboard or plastic circles of any size (as long as they fit into rectangular gates). You need to be able to attach them to an improvised field: for this you can use double-sided tape, darts, large clerical buttons and

Participants remember the location of the gate. One by one they are blindfolded and given a ball in their hand. It is necessary to put the “ball” in the “gate”. The team, whose members hit the gate more often, wins.

7. “Penalty.” Everyone can try to score a penalty. A plastic bucket lying horizontally on the floor is used as a gate. The ball can take rag, tennis or small rubber. It is necessary from a certain distance to send the ball to the “gate”, pushing it with his foot. The number of successful penalties for each team is calculated, the one that has this number will win.

8. Mini Relay “Bolomania”. This is a small relay with a ball (football or gymnastics). The teams stand at a certain distance from each other, there is a relay stage – the border (you can put chairs on the border), to which you need to reach and return to pass the baton and the ball to the next participant. Each participant carries the ball in his own way:

  • first – holding the ball only little fingers
  • second – holding the ball between the knees
  • the third – holding the ball between the ankles
  • the fourth – holding the ball in a fully open palm while bouncing
  • fifth – leading the ball.

The team, the first to finish the baton, wins.

If only one team participates in test games, individual races can be held for two people: in this case, each participant himself goes through all five stages in different ways.

9. Football quiz. Questions for the quiz must be harvested depending on the age of the participants and the level of their theoretical knowledge of football. It is better to write each question on a separate sheet and put the sheets in the bag so that the guys pull the questions themselves. If the team responded, it is awarded 1 point. If she didn’t answer, the opponent team gets a chance to answer.

If one team is involved, children can take turns pulling out questions and answering them. Who answers more questions wins.

Sample questions:

1. Keira Knightley played a young football player in the movie “Play as …” How is who? (Beckham)

2. What is the name of the pipe, the sound of which drove many fans who watched the 2010 World Cup in South Africa (vuvuzela) crazy?

3. Nickname football player Ronaldo (Nibbler)

4. With what score did Argentina win Jamaica, according to the famous song? (five to zero)

5. Medical mustards are prescribed by a doctor, and who makes football mustards? (arbitrator)

6. What shoes do footballers wear on the game? (boots)

7. What is the situation when a player scores the ball into his goal? (own goal)

8. In honor of this player called coffee (Pele)

10. In a fairy tale, a boy brought an old man to football. The old man decided to influence the result using magic. What is this old man? (Hottabych)

11. In which city is the most spacious stadium in the world? (in Pyongyang)

12. Trainer with a bird’s name (Guus Hiddink)

13. Which national team became the world champion more often than others? (Brazil)

14. How many times did the World Cup take place in Russia? (never, the first championship will be held in Russia in 2018)

15. What is the width of a football goal in yards? (8 yards)

Chants for a break

First, the facilitator explains:

Now we will shout a little, as is customary in football. I will read the chants, and you will shout only its ending. It will always be the same: this is the word “football.” But! You have to shout it only if you agree with what is said in the talk. And if you do not agree, be silent! At the same time, and check how attentive you are.

Speed, drive, kick and goal The best game … football!

What hand is the red thread tied on

Let’s sit down together at the table Let’s say toasts for … football

Tennis, rugby, basketball Clearly better than …

Thai, Finn, Hindu, Mongol: They all like … football

I am outraged, furious and angry When broadcast …

It is better to wash the floor with a rag.

Trick, tackle, penalty, goal: Very spectacular … football

I am not interested in handball – I love to play … football

I better eat sushi roll, Than go play …

Our birthday is not an artist, Not a tankman and not a chorister, Not a Buddhist, not a parodist, But a real … football player!

After the tests and summing up, the young players can once again shout out the chants of their club and go to the table. After the feast, you can go out to drive football for real.

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