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Municipal shelter for dogs in Solntsevo has more than 1,200 animals. Before getting into common enclosures, each dog undergoes a mandatory quarantine, where it is examined by doctors, sterilized / castrated, chipped, inoculated, provided with veterinary care. And only after these procedures, anyone can take a dog from the shelter for free, absolutely free!

In the shelter there are three sites where our valiant volunteers have the opportunity to walk their dogs. But there are too many dogs and each one needs a separate attention, which only the owner can give her. Not only adult dogs are given to the new house, but also puppies, which you can also take from the kennel for free.

Solntsevo shelter for dogs is located in Moscow. We always need help, but remember: the most you can do is take a dog from a shelter home.

How to pick up a dog from a shelter

You decide to take the dog from the shelter. But you have no idea how this happens? Everything is very simple!

1. At the first stage you can explore the site. Perhaps you will like one of our pets in the catalog.

2. The second step will be familiarity. There are almost 1500 dogs in our shelter, so even if you did not find a suitable candidate in our catalog, we are sure that among the hundreds of dogs there will definitely be one "the same". In order to visit the shelter, you must have a passport or driver’s license. During the first visit, you can take a walk with the dogs, chat live, and also chat with volunteers who will tell all the subtleties of the nature of a particular dog.

3. Finally you have chosen a dog. In order to take the dog from the shelter home, it is necessary to draw up a contract in which the data about the animal, as well as the owner’s obligations to take care of and protect the new friend, are spelled out. For registration of this document requires a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

4. Our volunteers will gladly bring the dog to your home, so if you do not have your own transport, do not despair – there are no unsolvable problems.

5. All our dogs at the moment are guarded by volunteers. They are loved as much as possible in a shelter. Therefore, we are very worried about the fate of our wards. All future and present owners of shelter dogs volunteers make recommendations for care, nutrition and maintenance, as well as at any time of the day ready to answer questions of interest. Accordingly, we periodically ask for photo greetings from the new house to make sure that the dog is doing well, and once again be happy for her.

6. All our dogs are donated, free of charge, but only in good hands. We do not give dogs for rental housing, socially disadvantaged citizens, as well as those who "in Moscow travel, need a dog in a village in Kazakhstan". We are waiting for good, responsible and reliable people who will give our wards a new, happy life!

We recruit a team!

Friends! To bring assistance to dogs to a higher level, we try to create various events and participate in the events of other organizers. Many more ideas float in our heads, for the realization of which we are sorely lacking resources! First of all human. Who are we looking for? Initiative, ambitious, enthusiastic young people with an active lifestyle. And of course, animal lovers who have a great desire to make this world a better place. If you are easy going, "behind" any one kipish, except for the hunger strike, and are ready to take an active part in the life of orphan tails, then you are with us! We are also in search of talented, creative and eager to contribute to the charity of people! We invite to joint work: – designers, illustrators, animal artists, journalists (or just good people writing), producers of hand-made goods for animals, photographers And, of course, not a single idea will be realized without material resources that are never there just for this kind of event. But for the organization of something to help homeless animals, you need to find a place, prepare branded materials, souvenirs, flyers, a stand and a lot of other things. All funds that come to help our tails are spent on food, medicine, treatment and other current needs of the shelter. Therefore, we really need useful "connections"ready to cooperate: – printing houses (printing paper products) – printing houses (printing souvenirs) – pet shops – event venues – manufacturers of pet products – private sponsors (people or companies willing to financially participate in organizing our actions and events in any scale)

If you see yourself, your friend, neighbor or co-worker on these lists, then write

The exhibition was held on "HOORAY"!

Friends! Here is our show of dogs from the shelter "SOLNTSEVO". Thank you all for this wonderful day! Thanks to the volunteers who came and brought their wards. Thanks to the guests who came and talked to the dogs, and also brought help to the shelter. Thanks to the General Directorate and the Prefecture CJSC for assistance in organizing this event! All together we made an unforgettable day – and above all, it is unforgettable for our dogs. They received a lot of attention, walked, and we had the opportunity to see them outside the shelter. We hope that someone from our tails attracted those people who came to choose a friend. Or maybe someone will see the dog of their dreams after the show and will want to take it home. In general, we will not be wordy: it was SUPER! Add your photos from the exhibition to this album: https: //

In the photo our team :)

Dog show shelter June 20

On June 20 we invite all-all-all to get acquainted with our kindest, sweetest and most contacting dogs! Right at our exhibition, you can find a quad-friend, talk with volunteers, learn all about the shelter wards and ask questions. Volunteers will bring with them 30 best friends of the person and an infinite amount of useful information. Of course, we will be happy to see those who have already found their furry happiness in our shelter: dear "moms and dads" of our ponytails, come boast your dogs, talk to us and once again prove that a dog from a shelter is cool! Good weather, positive mood and the sea "mimicity" guaranteed;) You can also participate in the fate of our tails and bring gifts: – dry medicinal food (for liver treatment, for allergy treatment) – canned food for dogs – treats – collars, leashes, glue – brushes, hairbrushes – households. accessories

When: June 20, from

Friends! HUGE THANKS to ALL who participated in our action "Help paw"! We did not expect such a large number of people to respond and come to take part in the fate of shelter dogs. It was incredibly pleasant and unexpected to see familiar faces, and we also enjoyed new acquaintances :) Even before the start of the action, people called, and during all 3 hours the phone did not cease. We have collected a record number of gifts for our tails! All the hotels were stuffed into the car somehow, but it took almost 2 hours to figure them all out, describe and take a picture :) So. The result of the 2nd charity event "Help paw" in numbers. You, our dear helpers, presented the dogs with: – 58.8 kg of dry food; – 17 kg of dry medical veterinary feeds; – 8.17 kg (24 banks) of medicinal veterinary canned food; – 40.13 kg (63 cans) of canned food for adult dogs and puppies; – 41.7 kg of buckwheat groats; – 22 kg of rice; – 45 pcs of diapers; – 13 collars, shleek and leashes; – 23 packs of treats; – 9 pcs bowls; – 6 pcs blankets and towels; – countless consumables (bandages, syringes, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine), detergents, gloves, drops from ticks and fleas, toys for dogs, dietary supplements. It was also donated funds in the amount of 10 000r.

Very dry hands

All these gifts did not fit on one photo, so in order to photograph this historical moment, I had to collect the composition twice :) And then everything did not work out, and behind the scenes there were entire packages of toys, consumables, household accessories, etc. words that could express our appreciation to all who are not indifferent to the fate of orphan tails! One of these days all the gifts will be delivered to the shelter (the first batch will leave tomorrow morning!), And it will be a great holiday for our four-legged friends. Thank you for the opportunity to arrange this holiday for them! And of course we are waiting for everyone, because it turns out that many people really want to help, but they do not dare to come to the shelter. Be sure to come, dogs need human attention and warmth. 2nd Charity Event "Help paw" officially declared closed! Follow the news, this is just the beginning;)

2nd Charity Event "Help paw"

2nd Charity Event "Help paw" – collecting gifts for dogs from a shelter "SOLNTSEVO". When: May 28, 2015 with

We remind you that we accept food only in a sealed form in the original packaging due to the recent poisoning of dogs in shelters. If you have any questions, ask them in the subject line, and we will definitely answer them: http: //

New Year’s action in pet stores "Grasshopper"!

Very dry hands

Pet Shop Website "Grasshopper": http: //

New Year’s promotion in the vet clinic "Wet nose"

Attention attention! New Year rushes to us! Now you, our dear assistants, have even more opportunities to help dogs from the shelter! From November 22 to January 10 in the veterinary clinic "Wet nose" set a magic basket for New Year’s gifts. The gift can be purchased at the pet store at the veterinary clinic, wrapped in a bright wrapper and sign a wish for the dog from the shelter. You can also purchase a certificate for the provision of veterinary services: put any amount on this certificate, so that stray dogs could use this amount – diagnostics, treatment, collection of tests. You will find our magic basket in the veterinary clinic. "Wet nose" at pos. Kommunarka, st. Azure, 7. http: //

Let’s be friends!

Dear guests and regular visitors of the site! Join our shelter in social networks and watch the dog’s life online:

Spring is coming, spring is coming!

Spring is a pleasant time of year, but dangerous for our tailed friends, because after winter hibernation, evil and hungry ticks wake up, which creep out of the soil, to finally eat our pets. Many of these parasites suffer a terrible disease – pyroplasmosis. This disease is fatal to dogs if you do not seek help in time. In this regard, we ask for help in purchasing sprays, drops and collars for our wards:

– Drops and Sprays Fronline

– Beafar collars (for medium dogs 20-30 kg)

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