The shoulder hurts the arm does not rise

Not all men are able to write poetry, and women understand this … Send a beautiful letter to your girlfriend, pick up exactly the words that you have long wanted to say to her. And if writing a love letter will cause you difficulties, find the most appropriate sample on our website and put it in a romantic postcard. Believe me, your beloved will definitely appreciate this gesture and will reread the lines of your message filled with love and tenderness for a long time. Presented texts are perfect for a greeting card on Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated in Russia on February 14.

The shoulder hurts the arm does not rise

Short confessions of love to a girl are perfect for sending SMS and as a text for valentine

Darling, I have a beautiful and very tender feeling for you that warms my heart when we are not together. I really want my love to warm you too!

My girl, as soon as I close my eyes, I think of you – I remember your tender smile and your sweet voice. You are the most precious thing in my life, and I will not give you to anyone. I love you, my treasure!

You are the closest person to me in this vast world and I am happy that I met you once and learned what true love is. On the way to your heart I will not stop obstacles. I love you and happy from the thought that one day you will be mine forever!

The shoulder hurts the arm does not rise

My goddess, you are the most luxurious girl in the whole wide world. Your eyes inspire me to the strongest feelings, for which there is no time and distance. Darling, I am always yours!

If kisses were water, I would give you the ocean. If the hugs were leaves, I would have swirled you fall of the leaves. If love were a moment, I would give you eternity.

When I look into your eyes, I can’t find the right words, getting lost from their divine light. They make me speechless every time I try to confess my love to you. Honey, forgive me for this weakness and know, I love you!

Long declaration of love to the girl in your own words – suitable for writing in an envelope

How strange and unusual it is to write ordinary letters in our time, how long ago I didn’t do this, but I decided to write just that … I know that this letter, written by my hand and dictated by my heart, will one day be in your gentle hands and will warm you until we meet. This thought makes me happy, and now I smile … and I want you to smile too! Sometimes it seems to me that I remember all our days and nights … especially the last. Then I enjoyed your every breath, caught your every glance, tried to memorize every curve of your body … How often I caught myself thinking that you were perfect. I remember our tormenting endless goodbyes and the taste of the last kisses. My good, do not be sad … I think only about you, not noticing anyone around. Remember often that I love you, my most desirable girl in the world! And all will be well!

My most desirable, I carefully keep your bright image in my memory. Every word your tender lips say comes to me with a song. Sometimes I catch myself thinking that I don’t hear the words themselves, I just heed the magic sound of your favorite voice. Your look is like a bottomless ocean, in which I want to dissolve and forget about everything. Your touches are like magical rituals that make me want only you and love you forever. Thank you, dear, that you have me!

My baby, you flooded my heart, leaving no room in it for others. I will not regret it, because you are a dream girl! I was not so frank with any person in this world: I entrusted you with my thoughts, desires, feelings … I will do everything so that your beautiful eyes shine with happiness, and tears appear only with joy. This is an incredible feeling when you wake up and fall asleep with thoughts of the dearest person, you gave me, and I am immensely grateful to you for that. I love you, and I want you to remember this always!

My queen, there is no happier man when I am near you, breathing in the scent of your hair. My dear, you are perfect in everything – your look, smile, gait, voice … I look at you and can’t find the right words from excitement. And it seems that when we are together words are not needed. Before you, I didn’t live, breathe, or love. And now I love you and I love insanely!

The sound of your voice, like a melody for my heart, is sweet, gentle and magical. The touch of your hands makes me forget about everything that seemed important before. The expression on your face is a divine picture created by an inspired artist. And I know who inspired him … Darling, I want to dissolve in your beauty and charm, knowing the bliss of infinity.

The shoulder hurts the arm does not rise

Darling, you changed my life in an instant, and I thank you for it, my treasure. You are a gentle angel sent to me from heaven, for your care and love make me better every day. One of your magical smiles can dispel all my fears and doubts, return faith and turn life into a dream. Having met you, I seemed to have found what I had been looking for so long … Beloved, I don’t know the words to express all the nuances of my feelings for you. I love you madly and immensely grateful to you for this love!


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