Sore left hand

The human body is a harmonious system of all organs. The malfunction of even the smallest “parts” of our mechanism can lead to disruption in the work of others. One of the symptoms of a problem in the body is swelling of the limbs. The process usually begins with fingers, then goes to the whole hand. If you notice that the ring cannot be put on the finger in the morning, do not disregard the swelling. Observe if everything has recovered in a few hours, which means you can calm down by sorting out the reasons yourself. Maybe you drank tea or compote before bedtime, ate something spicy or salty. Try not to let this happen anymore and double-check the condition of your fingers the next day.

If this happens again, it is better to consult a doctor for advice and identify the cause of the incident. However, if the swelling of the arm does not subside during the day, it is imperative to go to your doctor’s appointment. Such processes are the first “bells” of serious violations in the work of the internal organs – the liver, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid and even the heart.

The article will look at what a person says swelling of the left arm and leg, which organs need to be checked so as not to miss the onset of a serious illness.

What is swelling?

Edema itself is not a disease. However, the appearance of stagnant processes in tissues tells the specialist about the presence of the disease. The causes of edema are in violation of the outflow of blood. The long period of stagnation of blood in the venous vessels causes hydrostatic pressure on the walls. When this fluid is squeezed out, moving into the capillaries and tissue, fills the interstitial space. So it turns out swelling. Consider the possible reasons why the left hand swells. Some of them are evidence of malnutrition, while others report a problem with other bodies and require an immediate solution to the problem.

How to recognize swelling

Swelling of fingers or hands can be recognized by a simple visual inspection. Compare the left and right limbs, putting them close. Well visible swelling to people who wear rings. In the morning it is impossible to remove the decoration or, on the contrary, put on the photo taken at night. Another option for checking the appearance of swelling of a limb is pressing a finger on the skin.

First, a white spot and a dent appears, then the skin flattens out within 30-60 seconds. If recovery takes much more time – this is an urgent signal to go to the doctor.

Swelling of the legs can be recognized either by comparing with another limb, or by putting on shoes that suddenly begins to crush.

The causes of edema

The most common cause of swelling of the left hand is considered to be an overabundance of liquid drunk at night. They appear mainly on the fingers after sleep and pass in a couple of hours. If this happens often, then also do not leave it unattended.

Swelling of the fingers of the left hand may indicate an allergic reaction of the body. This may be skin contact with detergents, washing powder, on cosmetic preparations. If you are taking medications, then read carefully the instructions, maybe in the list of side effects is swelling of the limbs.

A swelling of hands may appear after a large amount of alcohol consumed and overeating. If after the next feast you notice that your left hand is swelling, then think about the right lifestyle, as the problem may concern the kidneys or the liver.

Often, there are swelling of the left arm and leg, however, as well as the right limbs, pregnant women, especially swelling in the last trimester, when the stomach is already large, the older child puts pressure not only on other organs, but also on blood vessels, increasing the onslaught of fluid on adjacent tissue, which causes edema. The legs swell from the pressure of the fetus in the uterus on the veins of the pelvis.

Now narrow, tight-fitting pants are in fashion. Wearing tight clothing can also cause swelling of the legs, as long squeezing of the veins leads to the release of excess fluid beyond the vessels in the tissue.

Swelling limbs may before menstruation. Most often this happens 1 or 2 days before they start. This phenomenon is not observed in all women, but about 8% suffer swelling of the hands during this period.

Bruises and injuries

The cause of edema of the left hand may be bruises, bone fractures or fractures. After injury, you need to put the limb on a hill and put a cold on the hurt place.

To do this, you can use the ice from the refrigerator, just be sure to wrap it in a napkin or towel. If after a night the sore spot is still swollen, consult a surgeon, take an X-ray to rule out a fracture. Also, injuries can cause swelling of the left hand or right hand.

Edema with overweight

Another common cause of edema are extra pounds. Being overweight impedes vigorous physical activity and squeezes blood vessels, creating venous blood stasis. To get rid of such a problem, take care of your health seriously.

If you can not lose weight on their own, seek the help of an experienced nutritionist, more are on the move, sign up for fitness or in the gym. The trainer will select exercises for weight loss, blood will circulate better through the vessels, will not linger, and put pressure on the walls. Thus, problems with edema will pass by themselves.

Chronic fatigue

In the morning, discovered that swollen left hand? What can it say? Nervous overstrain, fatigue from long and tedious work, short sleep or insomnia, irregular meals, wrong day routine, where there is no alternation of work and rest. All this, in the end, will lead to failures in the debugged system of the body.

Sore left hand

Stop! Think about your health! Change the mode of the day, take a few days of vacation, take a trip to the resort and have a good rest. Try to organize proper, fractional meals, arrange snacks even at work. If the swelling does not pass after the rest, then consult a doctor and carry out an examination. Maybe the cause of the disease lies in other organs.

Symptoms of serious illness

If the left hand swells severely, it can signal heart problems (after a stroke or heart attack), with a lymph flow, for example, after surgery. Often, immobilized hands swell from paralyzed people.

If the area of ​​swelling of the hand swells up, this indicates compression of the subclavian vein. This large vessel tells the story of neurology, tumor or injury.

Swelling of the fingers of the left hand, which quickly spread first to the hand, and then rise right up to the shoulder, report problems with metabolism and the excretion of moisture by the kidneys.

An infection of the blood or the beginning abscess may also be accompanied by swelling of the hands.

We list the main diseases that as a symptom have swelling of the hands:

  • Phlebeurysm.
  • Thrombosis.
  • Arthritis or arthrosis.
  • Polio.
  • Syringomyelia.

Hazard Signals

Urgent consultation of the doctor and a serious examination of the internal organs is required if:

  • One-sided edema, for example, only the left arm swells.
  • In addition to the limbs, swelling appears on the neck, eyelids or legs.
  • Asymmetric swelling says about the presence of pathology.
  • The swelling does not subside for a long time during the day.
  • With pressure, the dent on the swollen limb is restored a few minutes.

The presence of at least one of these symptoms should alert the person. Do not postpone the trip to the doctor in a “long box”, make an appointment. Edema doctor engaged phlebologist.

Diagnosis and treatment

After visiting the doctor, you need to undergo a diagnosis of internal organs, and you must pass basic blood and urine tests. They check the lungs, and women can be referred to a mammologist for consultation.

To moisture quickly left the body, prescribed diuretics. However, diuretics have the ability to remove potassium from the body, so the doctor must prescribe potassium supplements to compensate for the loss.

If there are problems with the veins, you need to choose, together with your doctor, compression pads that support the vascular structure.

It will help with the swelling of the left hand to apply ointments or medicinal gels.

Be sure to treat the underlying disease. It is also necessary to reduce fluid intake, this includes not only water, but also tea, coffee, soups, juicy fruits and vegetables. The last fluid intake should be at least 3 hours before bedding. Do not eat spicy and salty, give up completely from alcoholic beverages and products that contain alcohol.

It is necessary to normalize the alternation of work and rest, not to lift weights, to give the hands the smallest load. Rest more, do not be nervous, sleep at least 8 hours.

Exercise stress

For edema, movement is recommended. Heating muscles will lead to better blood circulation in the vessels, which will eliminate the formation of swelling on the hands. The load should not be too large, it will be enough gymnastics in the morning and two hours before bedtime, as well as long walks during the day.

Good contributes to good blood flow swimming. Keep your muscles in proper tone and you will soon forget about edema. Well helps the massage of the hands and fingers. Movement should be gentle, fingertips.

Water treatment

If your fingers swell, then contrast baths will help to cope with the problem. Blood circulation through the vessels improves from a sharp drop in water temperatures, which will relieve veins from stagnation.

You can use a full-body contrast shower. Heat the body first, then turn on the cold water. So repeat several times, and then rub the body well with a towel.

It is recommended during the treatment of edema of the left hand at least once a week to visit the sauna or Russian bath, combining the contrast of temperatures with excellent cleansing of skin pores and sweat ducts.

Helps to cope with edema and salt baths for hands and for the whole body. The temperature should be 42-45 degrees, not less. 300 grams of sea salt should be poured into a full bath. It is recommended to lie in salt water for no more than 30 minutes.

Traditional methods of treatment of edema

  1. Pumpkin juice. Squeeze on the juicer and drink one glass of fresh juice per day for a month.
  2. Cumin seeds poured hot water in proportion: 1 tbsp. liquids – 2-3 teaspoons of seeds. Insist a couple of hours, then drink a little during the day. The treatment lasts one week, then you need a break.
  3. One teaspoon of pine buds is boiled in a glass of water for 15 minutes, then the solution should brew for a couple of hours. They drink in small portions in one day.
  4. One article a spoonful of cherry stems is poured with a glass of boiling water and boiled all for 15 minutes. Drink one-third of a glass 3-4 times a day. It is advisable to brew fresh broth daily.
  5. 4 teaspoons of flax seed is poured with a liter of water in an enamel container. After boiling boil for 5 minutes. And removing from heat, cover with a thick towel or blanket. Thus, the tincture is gradually cooled over several hours. You need to drink half a cup every 2 hours, after having filtered through several layers of gauze. For taste, you can add a slice of lemon.
  6. Take equal parts of herbs – nettle, St. John’s wort, plantain and bearberry, for example, 1 tbsp. l. and mix in a bowl. Then one tablespoon of the mixture (finely pounded better than grass) is filled with 600 ml of water. Put the bowl on the fire and boil for 5 minutes after boiling. Then 1 hour all insist at room temperature and before use, filter through gauze or a fine sieve. It is necessary to drink broth for one day in several receptions.

With the right treatment, the swelling will disappear quickly. It is only necessary to be examined to exclude serious diseases of internal organs. Be healthy!

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