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This article will describe in detail about the most popular tie knots, their types and ways of tying.

It is hard to believe, but there are about 85 types of tie knots.

Although, men most often use only four methods: the Windsor knot, Poluvindzor knot, Four-In-Hand and Pratt.

To expand our outlook with you, below will be shown in detail in the photo and video, how to tie your favorite knot.

17 types of the most popular tie knots

Before you begin to study the material, remember that in honor of this attribute of clothing every year is celebrated the unspoken holiday “Day of the Tie”, and the technique of tying knots, see this link.

1. The node Four-In-Hand. Also known as “Simple Tie Knot”, “Four Tie Knot”, “Italian Tie Knot”.

The knot is considered universal because it is easy to tie, and it looks nice and neat.

The knot is unpretentious neither to the material, nor to the length of the tie, but it holds its shape especially well on a wide tie made of dense material.

You can easily tie it up – in just 4 steps, so it is especially popular among beginners.

2. Half Windsor Knot – “Poluvindzorsky tie knot” or simply “Tie knot Poluvindzor.”

This knot, formed from the Winzdor knot, is preferred by most men.

It looks neat, has the shape of an even triangle and medium in size. It is larger than the Four-In-Hand node, but smaller than the Windsor node.

This knot is suitable for many ties, regardless of their width and the fabric from which they are made, but ideally it looks on thin material and fabrics of medium density.

3. Full Windsor node – “Windsor Tie Knot” or “Windsor Tie Knot”.

It is a tie with a Windsor knot most often worn by men in everyday life.

The shape of the node is a symmetrical wide triangle. The Duke of Winzdorsky, whose name was given a tie, preferred ties of dense matter, on which a wide tie knot looked good.

It is practical to wear and easy to tie. But for men who want to look original, it is better to learn some other ways to tie a tie knot.

Wide-set oblique collar looks great in combination with such a node.

In order for such a knot to look beautiful, the tie must be 4 cm longer than usual. Despite the massiveness, it is comfortable to wear, because the neck with such a node is not crushed.

4. Nicky knot – “Nicky tie knot”. Also known as the New Classic Tie Knot, Olney’s Tie Knot or the Free American Tie Knot!

The knot is elegant, because its triangle is narrow enough and turned upside down. The material should be medium in gravity, and the tie – long.

The shape of the node resembles a pyramid; it looks like a Plattsburgh node. Ties with a pattern in combination with this knot look sophisticated and luxurious.

Tying it is not so easy, it takes time and some skill.

5. Bow-Tie Knot – “The bow tie”

A butterfly dressed on an elastic band and a bow tie tied with his own hands, at first glance, have no difference, but a person who understands this question sees a difference.

You will feel comfortable if you master the technique of tying a bow tie.

For these purposes, the best knee, imitating the neck, which is commensurate with her girth. This knot is combined with a wing collar – it is a stand-up collar, having bent corners.

If you have a simple plain collar, a bow tie will suit you too.

6. Oriental knot -“Eastern tie knot.” Also called “Small tie knot”, “Oriental tie knot”, “Asian tie knot”, “Red tie knot”.

The Eastern knot is small in size, and it can be tied up in 3 steps.

The knot is elegant, looks great on voluminous ties made of heavy types of fabric: wool, knitted, woven, etc.

Beginners should not learn this knot, because you need to use it.

Otherwise, it may be unleashed at the most inappropriate moment, or it may not look very neat.

7. Kelvin Knot – “Kelvin Tie Knot”

If you slightly complicate the Eastern node, the Kelvin node will appear, which is named after the famous physicist and mathematician.

It is necessary to wind the wide end of the accessory around the knot again. The result will please – in front of you will appear a small elegant knot, a clear, dense and symmetrical.

Tie stitched out. The knot is considered to be wrong, but the seam is not visible, but is completely hidden under the collar.

8. Pratt node – “Pratt tie knot.” Also called “Shelby Tie Knot”, “American Tie Knot”.

Knot Pratt bears the name of its inventor, who worked in the American Chamber of Commerce.

He received his second name, Shably, in honor of the famous American reporter, who unwittingly made him popular, constantly being on the air in a tie with just such a node.

Americans prefer to wear this knot. He is a low-key, moderately wide and has its own peculiarity: a short tie is also suitable for him.

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But on too long accessories such a node will not look. It goes well with narrow-collared shirts.

9. St Andrew knot – “St Andrew Tie Knot”. Also called “Saint Andrew Knot” or “Saint Andrew Knot”.

The name of the knot was in honor of the Apostle Andrew, crucified on an oblique cross.

This knot is tied like this: crosswise. It belongs to the universal, you can try it on different ties.

Definitely, it will look good if the tie is woolen and solid.

St. Andrew is suitable for everyday clothes, and for a suit for the celebration. It looks presentable in combination with wide collars.

10. Balthus node – “Tie Knot Balthus”.

Balthus is the largest knot in size. It is large, wide, cone-shaped.

He came up with his Swiss artist, whose name he bears. The inventor of the knot presented his “innovation” in a somewhat strange way: the wide end of his tie lay on his chest, and the narrow end reached his waist.

If you give preference to this knot, then practice well to be able to tie it, otherwise it will look unpresentable and sloppy.

The knot turns out beautiful from light and thin fabrics.

11. Hanover knot – “Tie Knot Hanover”.

“Hannover” is a knot forming a symmetrical triangle. It refers to large nodes and more than Windsor.

Nodes of this type are suitable for collars with a wide neckline.

If you ignore this rule, the shape of the knot may be distorted or sticking out the collar.

12. Plattsburgh node – “Plattsburgh tie knot”.

Plattsburgh is a wide knot in the shape of an inverted cone that is suitable for light and medium weight materials.

If you have a well-worn but beloved tie, then with the help of this knot you can “bring it back to life”.

The form Plattsburgh refers to asymmetric nodes.

13. Grantchester node – “Grandchester Tie Knot”.

Grandchester looks like a big knot. For him fit a long tie.

It is large even in those cases when it is made of a narrow tie and light fabric.

In order to tie it up, you need to learn 9 steps, which not everyone will like.

Granchester is better to choose men of small stature. It fits best with the Shark collar.

14. Victoria knot – “Victoria Tie Knot”.

The knot is wonderful against the background of a thin, lost tie. In appearance, “Victoria” looks like a simple knot.

The difference is an additional thickening, since the fabric of the tie is wrapped around the loop 2 times.

Thanks to this, “Victoria” is optimally suited for tying thin or well-worn ties.

15. Node Eldredge – Aldridge Tie Knot.

If you want something extravagantly spectacular, then learn the 15 steps needed to create an Aldridge site.

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It is difficult to perform, but your efforts will be rewarded.

Invented in 2007 by Jeffrey Eldredge, the knot resembles a fishtail and has impressive dimensions. The popularity of the site brought the Internet.

Men who have chosen Eldridge for themselves should be careful, because the knot is rather “capricious”.

16. Trinity node – “Trinity Tie Knot”.

Trinity is an unusual knot that appeared not so long ago, but it is becoming more and more popular every year.

It has an asymmetrical form, which maintains interest in this node.

A person who has learned to tie him draws attention to himself, stands out from the crowd.

To acquire the necessary skill you need to practice a little.

17. Christensen Knot – “Tie Knot Christensen.” Also called “Cross tie knot” and “Square tie knot.

Christensen is suitable for shirts with a high collar. He looks beautiful on both a narrow and wide tie.

The knot is effective for ties made of wool, cashmere or other dense fabrics.

It is easy to fix, it has a small volume and is conveniently pressed.

Basic rules for wearing a tie

1. The end of his tie should reach the belt buckle.

2. You can not refuel a tie in his pants.

3. It should be commensurate with the width of the jacket’s lapels, but should not be wider.

4. If you prefer to wear the collar unbuttoned, then it is better not to wear a tie.

5. The tie does not need the simultaneous use of both hairpins and pins – your image will turn out to be “overloaded”. Use any of these elements, but only one.

6. Match the knot to your face type. So, for example, if you have a narrow face, it is not worth a massive knot to introduce disharmony into the image.

7. It is considered that the colors of a tie should be darker than a shirt. Otherwise, your appearance will resemble a gangster or a musician of a particular style.

8. It is not necessary to combine such colors of a tie and clothes as a cage, a strip, patterns of the same size. For example, your suit is in a thin strip, then a tie may have a wide strip. You put on a bright shirt, then the tie should be calm tones.

9. First, get a costume, and already to him – a tie.

The existing rules, as well as the concept of “fashionable tie knot”, can be considered subjective, relative. You must have come across the fact that there are men who wear a tie in defiance of the existing rules and look quite presentable and nontrivial.

For a tie that adorns a delicate female neck there are no strict rules and restrictions – wear them as you like.

Try on the accessory not only for costumes, try to wear it to a T-shirt or even to a dress. Experiment, find new unusual images for yourself!

This tip is not just for the female half. Men also want to look great, beautifully dressed.

After all, there are so many seductive women around.

Enjoy yourself with new costumes, shirts, wear incredibly stylish ties to them and happily celebrate this unusual holiday!

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