Shorts hands

Masons, until you see, they will curse you in Yiddish.

Shorts hands

We can manage only when we correctly express what the people are aware of!

Two cows are talking: – Listen, in my opinion, people feed us, only to milk, and then kill and eat. – Come on, drop your conspiracy theory, otherwise the whole herd will laugh again!

ZOG (Eng. Zionist Occupation Government, Zionist occupational government, Hebrew race. מֶמֶל ת הַכִּיבּוּש הצִיוֹנִית, Ass (Zh. O. P.) – Russian Abb. Zhydovskoe occupational government) – Zionist occupational government. World, of course. It should be noted that the ZOG never directly orders anyone to anyone – it only strongly advises, recommends and, most importantly, predicts. Anyone who does not listen to such advice for some reason quickly disappears from the horizon.


How people found out the truth

Usually this term is used by those who firmly believe that the policies of the government of this country are strongly influenced by the Jews.

Shorts hands

Suspicions that the governments of many leading states are only puppets in someone’s hands have existed for a very long time (for more details, see Solomon Lurie’s book “Anti-Semitism in the Ancient World”). The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which were heroically stolen by the Black Hundreds, became a world bestseller in the 1920s. At the same time, books of such prominent thinkers as Henry Ford (“International Jewry”, 1920) and Adolf Hitler (“My Struggle”, 1927) were published in millions of copies. Well, after the independent state of Israel was proclaimed on May 14, 1948, all doubts that the shadow puppeteers of the whole world were dead were dispelled in the heads of all progressive humanity finally.

The apogee of the titanic labor of conspiracyists in this direction was 1976, when, due to unclear circumstances, the hands of one American pacemaker Eric Thomson turned out to be irrefutable facts of the existence of a global shadow government. In desperation and not knowing what to do, Thomson poked up an article in which he opened the world his eyes to the truth and revealed the name of the organization that really rules the world: ZOG, ZIONIST OCCUPATION GOVERNMENT!

Shorts hands

Eric Thomson was otpidorashen agents ZOG and now either hiding, or working underground, or something else. In turn, ZOG did everything possible to prevent the article from finding its reader, but thanks to the dedication of the nationalists of the underground heroes, the world learned about the existence of ZOGa eight years later – in 1984, when these very followers of the ideas of Eric Thomson organized the revolutionary Order group. under the leadership of Robert Matthews. Within three weeks they requisitioned about 21 pawnshops. During the arrest, they one and all admitted to The New York Times that the group was raising funds for the war against the US government, which the group called ZOG, or Zionist Occupation Government.

Later a great contribution to the popularization of the term was made by the American organization Aryan Nation. A group of fanatics also distributed several thousand leaflets in Washington in 1992 saying that the world is ruled by ZOG!

Since 1996, the term has gone beyond America and has become quite popular. For example, in Sweden, right-wing radicals say that the local ZOG cell is trying to bring as many immigrants into the country as possible to “dilute the blood of the white race.” Such reputable websites like Jew Watch claim that many Western countries and CIS countries are operated by ZOG.

The structure and composition of the echelons of power ZOG

Like any decent planetary scale control system, the ZOG has a developed (and, of course, secret!) Structure. Nevertheless, some information (glory to the heroes who put their lives on its prey and distribution and tortured for it in secret basements of secret bases), which can be reconstructed with a high degree of plausibility, still leaks out into the outside world (and especially the Internet). real state of affairs.

The central government bodies are, of course, not in Israel, where, although it is zhidy, but, nevertheless, Ad, and in America, they are called the Washington Regional Committee. The entire event is headed by the Mysterious Black Lord (although true patriots, of course, know that his name is Rabinovich, and he does not wear any black raincoats, pretending to be an ordinary immigrant Jew), whose position is called Global Predictor. His closest subordinates and advisers are the Secret Lodge, aka the Supreme Council. Here it already consists of those ministers-capitalists, bankers and other persons possessing power (or modest gray assistants under a representative banker or minister, regularly carrying out all the recommendations – there are already options) who sincerely and continuously want to throw up filth around the world and especially This country.

The next level of management is already executive. Regional, state and local predictors. These are not going to any meeting, make small decisions on their own, and the big ones – receive from the higher command by decrypting the usual, seemingly broadcast, transmissions of the zomboyaschik, at the same time serving and means of zombing, and for all uninitiated looking like some kind of innocent “Field” miracles “or” House-2 “.

And below is, in fact, nothing. All the other billions of the population are only blindly and unconsciously performing what is decided by the ZOG and lowered to a lower level. Tips and recommendations are compiled so skillfully that they function without direct interaction with local laws, cops and political propaganda — they are so attractive and self-sufficient that all the flock they feed performs completely independently, almost at a subconscious level.

How ZOG manages to control the whole world under the condition of total disorganization of humans and the absence of effective planetary-scale control structures to bring hamsters into ecstasy in business or building a bright future remains unclear. Why do people need it, presumably its head, is also unclear. And from this all is only more mysterious, worse and worse!

ZOGa think tank

The only salvation for civilization … is the creation of a world government, where the security of states will be based on law … As long as sovereign states continue to have separate armed forces and military secrets, new world wars will be inevitable.

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