Pink spots on hands

Sings winter – auket,

Shaggy forest lounging

Around deep longing

Floating in the country far

And in the yard blizzard

Carpet silk spreads,

But it hurts cold.

Like lonely kids,

Snuggled by the window.

Chilling Little Birds

And huddle tightly.

A blizzard with a roar mad

Knocks on the shutters hanging

And angry all the stronger.

And the tender little birds are asleep

Under these snow whirlwinds

At the frozen window.

And they dream beautiful

In the sun smiles clear

White birch under my window

She covered herself with snow like silver.

On the fluffy branches with a snowy border

Opened brush white fringe.

And the birch stands in silence of sleep,

And the snowflakes are burning in the golden fire.

And the dawn, lazily, circling,

Sprinkles branches with new silver.

Creaking steps along the streets of whites,

Frozen on the walls

From eyelashes hung in the eyes

Silence cold night

The wind sleeps, and everything grows dumb,

just to fall asleep;

Clear air hesitates himself

on the cold to breathe.


From transparent ice,

All in diamonds, pearls,

In colorful lights,

Pours around the shine

– Lie down, soft snow,

To the forests and meadows,

On the windows, Santa Claus,

Scatter Crystal Roses

You blizzard chud,

Whirl whirling white

In the field gray!

Sleep, my land, sleep,

Dream magic:

Wait, dressed in brocade,

Bewitched, the forest stands,

And under the snowy fringe,

A wonderful life he shines.

And he stands, bewitched,

Not dead and not alive –

Dream magically fascinated,

All enmeshed, all bound

Light chain down …

Does the sun winter?

On his own beam oblique –

Nothing will tremble in it

He will flare up and shine

Like a bear in a den

The river under the ice lay down,

And the winter sun shines,

And in the field – frosty mist.

All in hoarfrost in sizom astrakhan –

Birch stands behind the bridge

And writes funny doodles

Fox furry tail.

Mama! look out the window –

Know, yesterday, no wonder cat

There is no dirt, the whole yard is dressed,

It is visible, there is a frost.

Not scratchy, light blue

On the branches hung frost –

Look at you though!

Like someone torous

Fresh, white, plump cotton

All bushes removed.

Now there will be no dispute:

For the sled and uphill

Right mom? You can not refuse

And she probably will say:

“Well, rather walk!”

How are you related to me:

The light of the heavens is high,

And brilliant snow,

And sleigh distant

The whole village sleeps in the snow.

Neither gu-gu. Month disappeared for the night.

The kids are all on the ice,

At the pond. Together sleds sled –

Who – in the harness, who – rider.

Wind in the side. Stretched our wagon

Suddenly shouting advanced:

“Hell, wait!” Steel sleds, the laughter fell silent.

Wow, how squirted back!

Like hail Vssypnuyu all from the pond – who where.

Where is the wolf? Yes this is a dog –

Our watchdog! Laughter, crashing, laughter and sense: “Aw, wolf!”

The old izba is covered in snow.

An old granny looks out of the window.

Grandchildren-shalunishkam knee-deep snow.

Fun kids sleds fast running …

Run, laugh, sculpt a snow house,

Voices are ringing around …

In the snow house will be frisky game …

Fingers chill – it’s time to go home!

Tomorrow, drink tea, look out the window –

An already the house melted, in the yard – spring!

The evening is quiet and frosty …

The evening is quiet and frosty.

Only there is no snow and no.

Outside the window included the stars

The house turned off the lights.

From behind the forest the cloud came out

The house is quiet and silent

At night someone is barely audible

I pounded the windows with my paws,

And in the morning in silver

Someone clean and fluffy

On my window lay.

Rushing like the wind on skates

Along the forest edge …

Mittens on hand,

The cap on the top …

One, two! so I slipped …

One and two! nearly tumbled …

One, two! tight on the toes!

The ice crunched, grunted,

The wind is blowing on the right.

Fir-wolves! full stroke –

From the pond to the ditch …

One, two! on a slippery slope …

One and two! funny legs …

One, two! on and on …

In the picture by the winter

Everything is white from snow:

Field, distant hills,

But sometimes they flash on it

In the middle of a cotton field

Snow white fluffy

in the air spinning

And on the ground quietly falls, lies down.

And in the morning the field turned white with snow

Similarly, veil all dressed him.

Dark forest with a hat

And fell asleep under her tight,

God’s days are short

the sun shines a little

Here came the frost –

Snow mountains build kids.

Already a long time farmer

Waited for winter and cold

And he covered the hut with straw.

To the wind in the hut

Did not penetrate the gap,

Blizzards and blizzards did not inflate.

He is now at rest –

everything is covered,

And he is not afraid of an evil frost,

Blizzard groans, clouds drive

To the lake close

Over the sky low.

Trail concealed, whitened

And the little sparrows, the little bird,

The little bird is small, foolish,

From a whiff wants to hide

He wants to hide, but does not know how.

And his wind turns in the sky,

And carries it to the purely pole,

From the slope, into the gloom of boron …

Bitter bitter, Poor little birdie!

Blizzard groans, clouds drive

– hid all the way,

Everything around is white – snow covered up,

Snow covered everything around …


Who draws so skillfully

What a miracle dreamer,

The icy drawing is sad:

Rivers, groves and lakes?

Who put the ornament complex

On the window of any apartment?

This is all one artist.

These are all his paintings.

Frolicking in a wide field

And getting tired of wandering in the woods

Santa Claus from boredom or something,

I decided to get into a warm house.

But scared people

The door was kept locked

And Frost – come what may –

Through the window I climbed to them soon.

But there was a barrier –

There were windows everywhere in the windows

And frost from annoyance

Hurt decided to people.

He estimated with a sly eye,

Brushes took, white, enamel –

And by the morning all the glass windows

Light in the house is not allowed.

Paint all for all by herself.

Polya – the best white,

Dawn – scarlet ink.

All trees are clean

And on the street – guys

As an artist, paints different:

who plays – paints red.

Who is afraid to move –

blue paint is good.

Never ask for it

Until March, ponds are chained,

But how warm are the houses!

In the snowdrifts muffled gardens

Snow showered with birches

In slumbering silence.

Pictures of summer frost

The snow flutters, spins,

And turned into pools

In the cold glass.

Where did the finches sing in the summer,

Like pink apples,

Bullfinch on the branches.

Snow cut skis,

Like chalk, creak and dry,

And cat cat redhead

Merry white flies.

The winter cold smelled

On the fields and forests.

Bright purple lit

Before sunset, heaven.

Pink spots on hands

At night the storm raged,

And with the dawn on the village,

On ponds, on a deserted garden

The first snow suffered.

And today over the wide

White tablecloth

We said goodbye to the belated

Well, the wind! Well, the wind!

How strong and cheerful!

Snow Caps hung

On the fence and bushes.

Where summer sometimes

In daisies tender meadow

Now snow shroud

Tightened everything around.

Waiting for the sunrise

Under the huge moon

Shine, sparkle nature

Silver and gray.

All covered in white

Wind, blizzard and frost.

Why in the winter – not in the summer –

Does my nose redden?

Walter De La Mare

Wind on the terrace

It’s cold in the stroller!

On Andreika – padded jackets,

Andreke’s Striped Scarf

He sits, barely breathing,

In a padded jacket motley.

How to pole, baby

– Get used to the cold! –

And winter comes to us,

And not just summer.

Month in the sky – and night

Yeshe did not touch the shadow

Reigns itself, unaware,

What a day has already started, –

What is even lazy and timid

The beam appears behind the beam,

And the sky is still so completely

Night shines triumph.

But it won’t take two or three moments,

The night will evaporate above the ground,

And in full brilliance of manifestations

Suddenly, we will embrace the world of day …


Around snowflakes fuss.

Don’t sleep, get up early,

Skate quickly get it.

The winter has come!

Frozen sun to the ice

I go to the rink in the morning.

And it hurts my nose

Pink spots on hands

Angry Santa Claus. –

Frozen sun to ice.

Snowballs are flying fast –

Nobody is afraid of the guys.

And a hot fight flared up

Though we are friends with you.

Snowballs are flying fast.

The winter has come –

Around snowflakes fuss.

Do not sleep, get up early.

Skate quickly get it.

Skate quickly get it.

The winter has come!

I walked along the swamp in winter

In galoshes, with hat and glasses.

Vdpyg on the speed swept someone

On metal hooks.

I ran rather to the river,

And he ran into the woods,

He attached two plates to his feet,

He sat down, jumped and disappeared.

And for a long time I stood on the river,

And I thought for a long time, taking off my glasses:

Boards and strange hooks! ”

In the picture by the winter

Everything is white from snow:

Field, distant hills,

But sometimes they flash on it

In the middle of a cotton field

White snow covered us:

And trees and houses.

Windsweet fistula –

Winding track intricate

From the clearing to the hill.

This hare printed –

We set feeders for birds,

Feed them in food,

And pichugi sing in flocks –

White winter. All in the frost.

Snow woman from the cold blue.

No dinner, no dinner.

Snow woman, are you a cold?

– What are you, eccentric, heat I do not need.

With blue cold I live together.

What could be better than frost and frost? The land is white. The sky is blue.

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