On which hand the line of life

Watches as a tool for determining time have long ago reliably settled down in human reality. Romantics and pragmatists, artists and businessmen, men and women, adults and children – everyone wants to know the time at the right time. How many minutes have passed, how many are left, and more – which models and which brand shines on the hand of a friend, lover or competitor.

On which hand the line of life

Since ancient times, when a person guessed to stick a wand into the ground and another wand began to measure equal intervals of time on the sand, disputes do not subside – what should be the clock? Wrist, or desktop, or wall, or, finally, outdoor? Why does every diamond on the bezel or gear in the mechanism invariably make the holder’s accessory proudly puff out his lip, and his cheeks swell?

In fact, it is these that are the main questions when choosing clocks, and not how many laps this or that hand made and how many exact serifs or overhead indexes it crossed.

Why do people still wear watches?

Putting the dates on the contract, a successful businessman inadvertently flashed the famous chronometer in front of future partners … And only with this elementary gesture he threw an extra zero to the contract in the total amount of the contract. Magic? No – the trivial use of knowledge of human psychology.

Or the fearless mountaineer, having conquered the next peak, suddenly starts waving his hand in front of the camera with the most accurate and mega-protected device that enjoys undeniable prestige among fans of extreme “walks”. Is he going to mark the exact time of his ascent? Marks, of course … But! The main thing for this courageous man has always been and is the eyes of the woman he loved, who gave him this watch.

And fashion? Fashion … Yes! Fashion! With a graceful movement, a young, attractive girl brings something to her eyes, from a distance, not even very much like a time meter … The faces of those around you were illuminated for a moment with the glow of a game of precious stones. She wants to know what time it is? Ha! Most likely, she is interested in the reaction of a young man behind the wheel of that prestigious car. An ancient question like the world – and you deserve me?

And if we want to mention their involvement in the club of the football team? To emphasize the passion for the sport, the direction of music, the genre of art? Attitude to the people, culture, country? Remind yourself of the iconic events in life?

Here they are hours – so familiar, so clear – and so mysterious in our soul.

And, it would seem, where is the time at all?

You would think that we are for refusing the accuracy, additional functions, or everything else that is already so familiar in the accessory that is supposedly not important for a watch. Opposite! Increased accuracy, double time, chronograph function, lunar calendar, power reserve indicator, determinant of atmospheric pressure or altitude, depth gauge, impact resistance, high water protection, electronic time indication, sapphire crystal, two-sided anti-reflective coating and much, much more – all this and there is one of the manifestations of your Self, which forces you to choose, buy and wear these, rather than any other watches, on your hand.

What are the types of watches?

  • Three-piece suit or tailcoat, business setting, the smell of whiskey, big money and politics – what kind of watches do we choose? Of course – classic. Men’s or women’s, not the essence, on a steel bracelet or an elegant leather strap, interspersed with stones or with a design filled with minimalism.
  • The noise of the wind, the whisper of the sea, the rustling of the sand; roaring height or pressing depth, strained muscles and looking at the horizon or at a chosen target, special functions or indicators … Clearly – this sports or specialized clock.
  • Complicated color combinations, juggling of forms, unexpected intersections of lines, circles and squares … All this is simply obliged to relate to the suit, shoes, hats and – um. – by car. And today everyone admires you, tries on your image, shares real or even invented moments of meetings with you, but tomorrow … And the grandmothers near the entrance between the gossips are perplexed over your fantastic outfit. Yes, and it happens. That’s where fantasy can roam … So what is it? Of course, fashion watches or in other words fashion watches.
  • And the simplest – but not the cheapest, let’s say. Before you are precious stones, diamonds, gold or platinum inlaid with handwork, unrestrained imagination of masters of processing valuable materials, when time itself is not so important or even, rather, hardly noticeable … That’s right, this watch is jewelry.
  • Of course, all this is the ideal extreme situation for determining the type of clock – which one to choose at the moment, here and now. But everyone tries them on themselves. Do you understand, yes?

    Why do watches cost as much as they cost?

    Gadget accessory on hand for the price of a good car. Who is not surprised? Anyone who is not familiar with the device clockwork and the history of the industry. The appearance of diamonds, gold on the dial and case, the prestigious name on the logo is impressive. But is this enough for such a high price? Of course not. But if you look under the “hood” of a time measuring device, then a lot will become clear. Moreover, already quite a lot of models directly and directly show the device of their gut through specially made windows or apertures. And the transparent back cover of any accessory will probably soon become a generally accepted standard.

    So what are we paying for when buying an expensive watch in Kiev? In addition to the prestige of the company or the name of a fashion designer, of course. Thousands, without exaggeration, filigree details, the incredible complexity of the mechanism, the latest innovative technologies in materials and elements of caliber will make the designer even the coolest car envy. We are not afraid of comparison, but nevertheless, the complexity of the design of the clock mechanism is able to compete with a fairly large aircraft.

    Therefore, buying expensive watches in the Dnieper, do not hesitate to tell your friends about their device. Believe me, the work of the creators of your accessory is worth it.

    Why we offer to buy watches from DECK

    Now imagine yourself in front of a real watch-shop’s showcase or on the pages of an online store filled with a huge number of models of various brands from the well-known universal CASIO to the unique Roger Dubuis chronometers, which are more expensive than a steamboat. How to choose? Submitted? And to buy a watch that would fully fit your Self, and not to overpay, and to be confident in the origin of the accessory. And also – different forms of payment, delivery, guarantees, certificates. Head is spinning.

    And here you need to relax – in fact, there are no difficulties of the above. You simply go to our DECA stores located in large and not very Ukrainian cities, or you can contact us by phone, or go to the online store on our website, and that’s all the difficulty of going through the maze of choosing watches that only fit you, take our consultants. Your case will only nod, agreeing or not. Guaranteed.

    Do you like to go to boutiques in Kiev? You will be offered a specialized watch store, for example, in Ocean Plaza, Gulliver or Dream Town.

    Do you respect Odessa, Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv? – no questions, we will meet you there.

    The twenty first century gives its possibilities – any city of Ukraine’s beloved covers the possibility of free delivery of watches from the DEC trade network.

    Let’s just say – total …

    Despite the emergence of many different gadgets, people in the foreseeable future will not give up the clock on their hand. Status accessories, beautiful or charismatic solutions for designers, super-precise or super-durable models for extreme tests. Not to mention the incredible work of jewelry makers.

    The prestigious brand of smartphone is a convenience, status or opportunity only for a year or two. It is fashionable, but … What will you tell or give to your grandchildren?

    After all, watches, shoes and a car are a spear, a skin and battle coloring of a modern person.

    Prestigious models of leading world brands are forever.

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