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A hangover can be very dangerous to health and life in general, and not everyone can survive it on their own. Therefore, to alleviate the condition caused by the hangover syndrome, experts recommend to put a drip, in other words, prokapat patient. Such a dropper is a real salvation for drunken alcoholics who are simply unable to stop drinking on their own.

Droppers for withdrawal from binge

If a person abuses alcohol for a long time on a daily basis and in large quantities, then they say that he has a booze. This condition is characterized by severe poisoning of the body. In order to fall into a state of hard drinking, it is not necessary to be an alcoholic, a similar condition can occur in persons who do not have alcohol dependence.

During a binge, a person in a state of hangover again uses alcohol, trying to recover from abstinence ailments and normalize general health. But the improvement that occurred after sobering does not last long, and after that the condition becomes even worse than the initial one (before sober suffocation), and the patient again tries to cure another dose of alcohol.

Detoxification of the body

The dropper is an intravenous infusion method of administering drugs. Typically, the infusion solution consists of several drugs and saline.

Mated for what

The main purpose of the dropper solution is to conduct an emergency detoxification of the body, involving:

  • Acceleration of excretion of substances resulting from the decay of ethanol;
  • Providing a diuretic effect;
  • Elimination of signs of dehydration;
  • Providing the body with vitamins, etc.

In fact, the dropper is a kind of accelerated course of detoxification therapy. On average, such treatment lasts for several hours, after which the patient falls asleep tightly, which is ensured by drugs with hypnotic effects, which are also part of the infusion solution. The composition of the composition is the addiction specialist, based on the patient’s condition and the degree of intoxication with alcohol. On the video goal setting dropper from binge:

Composition and dosage of drugs

Infusion solution, as already specified, may have a different composition. If alcohol intoxication is intense, then the patient’s body is severely dehydrated, which is manifested in characteristic hard to quench thirst. However, it so happens that when drinking a heavy drink, the patient begins to feel sick and vomiting. In such a situation, a narcologist determines which droppers are needed. As a rule, they are prepared with the effect of purification from toxins and with the aim of treating dehydration (detoxification-dehydration infusion).

In the composition of the dropper for removal from the bout there are drugs:

  • Soda solution – 300 ml;
  • Glucose with the addition of insulin – 400 ml;
  • Preparations of detoxification actions like Hemodez or Gelatinol – 400 ml;
  • Polyionic solutions like Disol – 250 ml.

Such an infusion is prescribed with a clear diagnosis, but if the patient suffers from any pathology or the picture of intoxication is not completely clear, then the dosages of the above drugs are reduced to a total dropper volume of 250 ml. Then the infusion volume is gradually increased to 400-500 ml.

Often, the composition of the infusion solution include drugs that have hepatoprotective, metabolic effects and vitamins.

Among the remedies of this group, the following drugs are most often put:

  • Sulfuric acid magnesia – helps reduce blood pressure, has anticonvulsant, vasodilator and sedative effect;
  • Preparations of thiamine (vitamin В -) – the most effective component of the dropper, indispensable for withdrawal syndrome, prevents the development of alcoholic neuropathy;
  • Panangin – provides the body with magnesium and potassium;
  • Unithiol – most often used to detoxify the body during hard drinking;
  • Essentiale is an excellent hepatoprotector that prevents cirrhosis and improves the structural parameters of the organ;
  • Ascorbic acid – increases immune strength, improves thyroid and pancreas activity, improves metabolism;
  • Solcoseryl – has a protective effect on cellular structures, accelerates the regenerative processes in tissues and improves oxygen metabolism.

The composition of the infusion solution always add sedative drugs that remove the state of excessive arousal from the patient. Doses are selected individually by a narcologist to convulse the patient, he calmed down and fell asleep. Usually, benzodiazepine tranquilizers like Relanium or Seduxen are first administered, however, their use requires the utmost care from a narcologist.

Today, the call service of a narcologist to relieve hard drinking is considered to be very common. In this case, a specialist will come to your home and prokapah necessary infusion. The price of this service is about 5000-10000 rubles. The total amount depends on the specific composition of the drip solution, selected in accordance with the degree of alcohol intoxication.


Some patients holding droppers for withdrawal from the binge categorically contraindicated.

Particularly carefully infusional infusions are carried out:

  • Patients with the presence of cardiovascular pathologies;
  • The elderly;
  • With a binge, lasting more than a week;
  • In the presence of asthma or diabetes.

Mated for what

The above patients are advised to undergo detoxification therapy in the inpatient clinic of a drug treatment clinic, because the dropper in such patients can provoke complications, poor condition and side effects. In addition, infusions are not given to drunk patients. Therefore, to call a psychiatrist at home, you need to wait about 6 hours until the patient sober up.

If we talk about the double drip (a kind of enhanced version of the traditional dropper), then it is not intended for patients with renal pathology, because such an infusion implies an increased load on the body, especially the renal system.

Where to spend

It is difficult to say where the drip drip is better – in the hospital or at home. The main thing is that such a service should be provided by a qualified drug treatment specialist who has the appropriate license.

In a hospital

It is safer to put a drip in a narcological hospital, because if any complications arise during the withdrawal from the binge, doctors will be able to provide highly qualified emergency care. This is especially true for patients with chronic alcoholism who have been drunk for more than a week.

In general, digging to get out of binge should be carried out in a hospital for patients with diabetes, asthma, cores, since such persons have drunken states that are characterized by increased severity and duration.

At home

If the hangover is not particularly severe and proceeds without complications, the length of the drunken state is less than a week, and the patient’s comorbidities are absent, then in such cases the drunken state can be quickly and safely removed at home by calling a specialist home.

In other cases (with pathologies, elderly, long drinkers, etc.), it is better to carry out digging in the drug treatment clinic. When calling a psychiatrist, note how the doctor performs the initial examination. He must measure blood pressure and question the patient in detail. During and after prokapyvany next to the patient must be households who monitor his condition. If suddenly there is a sudden deterioration of health, then you need to call the doctor again.

But do not flatter yourself – the dropper does not affect the alcohol dependence in any way, therefore, when the opportunity arises, the alcoholic will again drink uncontrollably. Infusion infusion helps to quickly deal with hangover and stop the drunken state. Therefore, for the treatment of alcoholism, it is necessary to additionally turn to drug treatment.

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