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  • Author: Evelina Shesternenko to the recording “Does it happen to you too?” – a comic school monologue-scene
  • Author: Evelina Shesternenko to the recording “Does it happen to you too?” – a comic school monologue-scene
  • Leonid to the record “Do you have it, too?” – a comic school monologue-scene

Christmas scene for schoolchildren “New Year with Sherlock Holmes”

Ready New Year’s scene for schoolchildren “New Year with Sherlock Holmes.”

Our modern students and aristocratic England of the time of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle are intertwined in it.

Scene – moderately funny, moderately – intriguing, a little bit – criminal detective.

Suitable for high school and high school holiday – that is, for the performance of those children and show those children who know and love Sherlock Holmes. And they know from the book, as a last resort – from the film version close to the book, and not from the modern TV shows, where the action takes place today – they will only confuse.

*** If your schoolchildren have not read about Sherlock, think up an incentive to read – otherwise they will not be able to be cool children and participate in the staging of a cool scene))) Well, and besides – this is really an exciting criminal reading matter)))

I myself first read stories about Sherlock Holmes in 12 years, probably. Later I reread it several times and thought that I remember everything and I know it. However, as a responsible person, I decided to reread at least a couple of stories before writing this scene. But she got so carried away that she read all 4 volumes of Conan Doyle that were at our house.

Moreover, the lights were often turned off, and I read by candlelight or a lantern. So one of the hidden incentives for children to read can be the Internet shutdown and the proposed book))

Christmas scene for schoolchildren

“New Year with Sherlock Holmes”

Scene: Holmes Lounge on Baker Street.

Time of action: for schoolchildren – our days, for the heroes of Conan Doyle – their days. And all this is harmoniously intertwined))


10-15-20 minutes – how to swing))

Reducing time is easy – just remove the secondary characters and their cues.

Extend the time of action – also possible, but not sure that it is reasonable. Is that if you need a full-fledged New Year’s play – then add funny dialogues in the style of sitcom.

Props: described in Action.

Roles and characters

*** I recommend to first consult with teachers of English and foreign literature, as it is more correct to say – Watson or Watson. In the book – Watson, but this is the interpretation of translators.

• Butler – in white gloves

• Lost schoolchildren – 2 people

Man takes hand

• New Year – a boy in a gnome’s hat with the inscription “2017” on the chest and back

• Old Year – a boy in a dwarf cap with an inscription “2016” on his chest and back

• Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

So many roles were invented with the thought that almost the whole class would want to play the New Year scene. Approximately half of the roles are episodic, with few words or completely silent, but adding an important highlight. But if the actors are not enough, the episodic roles can easily be removed or performed by one or two children, quickly changing their uncomplicated image behind the scenes.

Short plot scenes

Sherlock Holmes intends to have breakfast on December 31 at home with friends. Dr. Watson arrived on time, and Inspector Lestrade is delayed, as reported by telegrams (they have not yet invented a mobile phone and the Internet).

Two of our modern students, detached from their excursion group, snuck into the hallway of Mr. Holmes, where they were caught by the Butler.

Then there are funny (in the perception of the audience) explanations and conversations, where each of the parties seems to be understandable, but taking into account the achievements of the progress of their time – therefore it looks a little absurd for the other side. Dr. Watson more or less understands and translates everything …

Let the rest remain for you while the intrigue, the main thing – everything ends well))


Hwill teach a musical background from the Soviet film with Livanov in the title role, the curtain opens.

In the middle of the stage there is a conditional living room: a table, 3 chairs around it, a “sofa” (chairs in a row, covered with a bedspread, a couple of sofa cushions), a bedside table, a violin and a telephone with a telephone, preferably in the old style. On the table – a tablecloth, 3 large linen napkins, 3 flat plates and 3 tea or coffee spoons.

The living room is separated from the conventional entrance hall with two door curtains.

A man sits on one of the chairs, stretching his legs crossed. His face is hidden by the newspaper he is reading. In the hand – the tube. (Find English or any newspaper, but upside down)

Mrs. Hudson enters from the hallway, and Watson follows her.

– Mr. Holmes, Dr. Watson came to you.

She leaves, Watson enters, Sherlock Holmes puts aside the newspaper, turns around to the guest:

– Dear Watson, I’m glad to see you. Please, settle down.

Watson sits in a chair:

– Thank you, dear Holmes. I am pleased that we will again have breakfast together, as in former times. (Takes a napkin from the table, tucks it by the collar) And what will be served for breakfast – oatmeal?

Sherlock Holmes pulling up:

– No, not oatmeal. Dear Watson, you have known me so long ago that, using my deductive method, you can easily guess the menu yourself. Hint: today is December 31, and we have a pre-holiday breakfast.

Watson licked an empty spoon and dreamily said:

– Then, I guess, bacon and eggs.

Sherlock Holmes took the tube from his mouth and stared at the interlocutor at close range:

– Tell me, dear Watson, how do you intend to eat bacon with this little spoon?

Watson sadly turned the spoon over in front of his eyes, put it on a plate, removed the napkin from his neck and said in an offended tone:

Sherlock Holmes jumped up in amazement.

– My friend, it’s easy! We have a soft-boiled egg for breakfast!

– Of course! Because at midnight we will have a festive dinner, but I do not want to miss it because of the hearty breakfast … Mrs. Hudson, serve!

Mrs. Hudson brings on the tray 3 eggs in separate stands, puts them on 3 plates:

– Bon appetit, gentlemen.

Gentlemen politely nod to her in gratitude, she leaves.

Man takes hand

With a sigh, Watson puts the napkin back on and takes the spoon.

Sherlock Holmes :

– Dear Watson, I have to ask you to postpone the meal a little. As you can see, the table is set for three – I decided to afford a big company for the New Year and therefore, besides you, I also invited Lestrade. You have to remember him – this is the inspector from Scotland Yard.

With a sigh, Watson takes off the napkin, lays the spoon:

– Of course, I remember him. This is your longtime rival in some way. But what are we going to do while waiting for Lestrade?

Sherlock Holmes :

– Gentlemen will always find a worthy occupation. For example, they can lead (further choir with Watson) small talk.

Both laughed.

At this time, crouching and looking around, on tiptoe sneak around the hallway Lost schoolchildren. We stopped at the curtains, peeping into the living room through the gap between the curtains.

Watson, enthusiastically:

– You have heard that the astronomical society has published its annual report, and it notes …

Sherlock Holmes raises his hand stopping:

– Dear Watson, I have to kill you. As you know, I perceive the head as an attic, which in no case can be littered with unnecessary knowledge!

Lost schoolchildren, to each other:

– If only our teachers would listen to this, otherwise they would not believe it!

– Head – attic? … What are they smoking there?

The Butler imperceptibly approached with a tray in his hand with his free hand pulling at the ear of one of the Lost Schoolchildren:

– Mr. Sherlock Holmes is smoking a pipe. What are you doing here?

The lost schoolchildren hesitated:

– We get lost. From the tour behind.

The butler pulled his ear a little harder.

Lost schoolchildren:

– Lagged behind the tour is true. But, of course, they did not get lost, but they were specially left behind to come here. Our all at Scotland Yard are gone.

– And we just wanted to Sherlock Holmes on the phone to take a picture.

The butler, eyebrows raised:

– What to do on the phone?

The butler touched the forehead of one child, then the second, then at himself:

– Come with me, gentlemen.

Turns them into the living room.

Sherlock Holmes :

– No, no, we are waiting for Mr. Lestreyd, and we don’t accept anyone else today!

The Butler :

– I assure you, sir, I would never have bothered you over such trifles (casually points hand at children), but these young gentlemen expressed a desire to take a picture with you on the phone (indicates with his index finger the telephone in the room and makes scary eyes). So I thought – maybe Dr. Watson will examine them? I think they have a fever.

• Why Inspector Lestrade is delayed

• What happens to two Lost Schoolchildren?

• Where did the other children go on the tour and where did they go?

• What old and new year do there

• What is the role of Sir Conan Doyle

• In what context do the words “telegram, sms, vibe” sound and why do they shock some of those present

• How does the deductive method work on our heroes

• Our detective story ends well, but how?

You will know all this when you receive the full text of this New Year sketch for schoolchildren “New Year with Sherlock Holmes” to your e-mail by ordering it through My Services.

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Wishing you a happy New Year, whoever you meet with him,

Yours, Evelina Shesternenko.

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