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Speaking about permanent make-up, it is impossible to omit the subject of tattooing lips. Today we will describe it in more detail, with photos of the stages of this procedure. We will also acquaint you with the reviews on the tattoo of the lips of the fair sex, which have already performed this type of tattoo on themselves. Lip tattooing makes lip care much easier. You can forget what lipstick and gloss are for up to 5 years. We think it will interest many girls as well as the desire to learn how to increase the lips. Lip care, especially proper care, requires constant financial investments.

Lip tattoo saves your time and money and you don’t need to know how to choose a lipstick. Having made it, you will not regret in any way. You are even more interested, then get ready to learn more about this procedure.

Lip Gloss DIY

Permanent lip tattoo

Permanent tattooing of lips is carried out using specialized techniques. Dye pigments, non-toxic in origin, safe and not allergic, are implanted into the skin surface. We can say that this procedure is similar to a tattoo, the difference is that the ink is injected only 1 mm under the skin.

Prior to the procedure, the specialist will offer you to choose the desired shape and color of the lips. Next, put the contour and perform the entire tattoo as a template.

Lip tattoo can be divided into several types:

Lip tattoo with shading

Tattoo is performed with a smooth transition from a darker contour color to the natural color of the lips. This technique is called shading. The thickness of the feathering is no more than 5 mm, sometimes even less, so the transition looks very natural.

Lip contour tattoo

The names of this type of tattoo speaks for itself. Tattoo is applied only to the contour of the lips. Also the client chooses the desired form. With this tattoo you can use lipstick and glitter, which with the contour will look clearer and brighter.

Full tattoo lips

This type of tattoo is suitable for those who want to forget about the use of lipstick and shine for many years. This type of permanent tattoo is performed with full filling of lips with paint. Lips get a well-groomed, attractive appearance.

Lip tattoo photo before and after

Lip tattoo photo before and after

Full tattoo lips

Photo of lips after tattoo

Permanent makeup (tattoo) lips

Permanent lip make-up with feather

Lip tattoo effects

Now let’s talk about the possible consequences of lip tattoo.

Beauty requires sacrifice, and that is a fact. If you have a tendency to rash herpes on the lips, you should take preventive measures before performing a permanent tattoo of the lips. The beautician will certainly ask you about the inclination to herpes, and with a positive answer, he will definitely prescribe a special healing ointment, which you will need to use both before and after the procedure. If there is no tendency to herpes, it is still better to anoint yourself with a special antiherpetic ointment for prophylaxis. Herpes is the most common side effect with lip tattooing.

In addition to herpes, a crust and swelling may form on the lips after the tattoo. Therefore, it is necessary to use healing and anti-inflammatory drugs, which the specialist will also register with you.

Lip Gloss DIY

Lip tattoo reviews and comments


Good day to all. I did a permanent tattoo of lips about 7 years ago. I was very pleased with the result. The paint brightened only about a year ago, I will soon update the tattoo and I will not stop in the future, because tattooing the lips is great. The view is always like on the cover of a magazine, and this is self-confidence and good mood. I just want to advise, do this procedure with a good specialist, do not feel sorry for this money, the procedure is done once and for a long time, so do not save, because you can get to an incompetent person in this matter.

Tattoo master’s comment:

Good article, but I want to make some additions, in view of his extensive experience in this field, namely, in the implementation of permanent lip makeup and other types of tattoo.

Lip tattooing is a very painful procedure. When deciding to do it, you need to be ready for it. It is possible to use anesthesia. Discuss these points with your master. Anesthesia, there are many to date.

You should also know that the final beauty on your lips after doing the tattoo, you will see in about three weeks. The pigment in the lips will take that shade that will last for a long time. The color of the paint you choose yourself, consider such a moment that the final color of the tattoo will be 50 percent lighter than your choice. If for any reason, the result of the tattoo does not suit you, or is satisfied, but not completely, return to your master after complete healing, everything can be corrected.

The main thing is not to panic, everything is adjusted!

Lip Gloss DIY

Feedback from the girl who underwent lip tattoo procedure:

I am very pleased with the results of the procedure of permanent lip tattoo. I do not understand how I used to live without it. Excellent feeling and always a great view. I advise everyone!

Another tip:

Girls, permanent lip makeup procedure is good, but do not do it for inexperienced masters working in private. Do in the prestigious beauty salons. Three years ago, I made a tattoo through a friend of the master, as they say, at home – the result I was very upset, the color was some kind of thermonuclear, very bright. In the end, still had to redo the cabin.

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